How to Get Internet On Amazon Fire Tablet Without WiFi?

Since the inception of the Amazon Fire tablet, users have been inquiring about one thing. That is, how to get internet on Amazon fire tablet without WiFi? Users are having difficulty using the internet on Amazon fire tablets without WiFi.

In fact, it wasn’t really possible to use internet-related Amazon fire features at first. The good news is now there are lots of hacks available to use the internet on Amazon fire tablets. Let’s find out different ways to set it up.

Can Amazon Fire Tablet Work without WiFi?

Generally, you shouldn’t be able to use your Amazon Fire tablet if it doesn’t have an Internet connection. Amazon fire tablet won’t connect to WiFi without a sim card. A Sim card is essential for using mobile data. 

Similarly, you need a Wi-Fi connection to use the internet on an Amazon fire tablet. But can Amazon fire tablet work without WiFi? Yes, you can still use internet content with a WiFi connection.

Even you can get access to internet-based content without an internet connection. In that case, the contents need to be pre-downloaded. There are tons of methods to try.

By using those surefire methods, many users are now taking advantage of the internet on Amazon fire tablets. We’ll explore all the possible ways to get an internet connection below.

How to Get Internet On Amazon Fire Tablet Without WiFi
Get Internet On Amazon Fire Tablet Without WiFi

How to Get Internet On Amazon Fire Tablet Without WiFi?

Amazon fire tablets are most popular for their online features. You can play online games, watch movies and TV shows, and read books. However, Amazon Fire tablets differ from Android tablets in that they require the internet to access their content.

Does the Amazon fire tablet work without WiFi? Since Amazon Fire tablets are internet-only devices, it surely requires the internet to access internet-based content. 

You can still access internet-based content on Amazon fire tablet differently, such as;

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1. Using Amazon fire tablet mobile data:

Earlier, Amazon fire tablets did not accept SIM cards. Since those tablets did not have a SIM card feature, they could not use mobile data. Those models of the Amazon fire tablet are connected to WiFi but not the internet. 

Fortunately, Amazon fire tablets have the feature to insert a SIM. Therefore, you can use mobile data with a SIM inserted inside the Amazon fire tablet. Mobile data will enable the Amazon tablet to watch movies, and TV shows, play games online, etc. 

2. Using the internet from another device through a hotspot:

Is your Amazon fire tablet not allowing you to insert a SIM? Don’t worry; using a hotspot, you can still use the internet from other devices. You can easily connect your Android or iOS hotspot to an Amazon fire tablet.  

How to hotspot Amazon fire tablet? All you need is a device with a hotspot feature and an internet connection. Then, connect it to your Amazon fire tablet. This is how to connect an amazon fire tablet to an iPhone hotspot and an Android hotspot as well.

3. Switch to the Amazon data plan:

Wondering, can you play games on amazon fire tablet without WiFi? The answer is no. You will need an internet connection through mobile data or a hotspot. If you need access to both, there is still another assured trick.

That is the Amazon data plan through which you can enjoy online streaming. The fact is you have to subscribe to get this feature and pay for it annually. With the Amazon data plan subscription, you can use 250 Mbps per month. 

Sadly, the Amazon data plan feature is unavailable on all Amazon fire tablets. You can use the feature with Fire HD 10 or advanced Kindle fire tablets. Besides, the data plan offers limited data for enjoying digital content. 

4. Enjoy Pre-Downloaded Contents:

No internet connection at home? That’s alright; you can stream online videos and play games on the Amazon fire tablet. So how to use Amazon fire tablet without WiFi? Well, you can stream pre-downloaded content on your Amazon fire tablet.

Indeed. You can download videos when you access the internet and watch them later offline. Also, you can play many games offline. Download those exciting games and play them when there is no WiFi available.

How to Get Internet On Kindle Fire Without WiFi?

Amazon fire tablets and Kindle fire tablets are almost the same but different in display. Besides, Kindle fire is purely dedicated to reading online. It comes with digital features which require an Amazon account to get access.

So obviously, you’ll need an internet connection to access the digital content. But do you need WiFi to read on Kindle? You do not only need a WiFi connection to read on Kindle. All you need is an internet connection, no matter how.

It is good to have Kindle connected to WiFi but the internet is no longer a problem. The ways to connect Kindle fire to the internet are the same as Amazon fire tablets. Such as;

  • Connect Kindle fire to mobile network
  • Connect Kindle to phone hotspot
  • Use Amazon’s data plan
  • Read Kindle books offline

How to connect Kindle fire to the mobile network?

Kindle fire 7 and earlier models did not have the feature to insert a SIM card. As a result, people could only use WiFi to access internet-based content. Later on, customers demanded SIM card feature use mobile data.

Responding to customer demand, Amazon has now added the feature. You can now insert a SIM card and connect Kindle fire to the mobile network. Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting Kindle fire to the Mobile network.

  • Swipe down from the top of your tablet’s screen to reveal the Notification menu.
  • You will find the Wireless option on the Notification menu.
  • Click on the Wireless option to show the sub-menu, including Bluetooth, mobile network, or WiFi. Choose the mobile network option. 
  • A screen will appear, including the Data Enabled option. Turn on the data. 
  • Swipe the lock icon from right to left. 
  • Enter the security pin of your Kindle fire tablet. After doing so, your mobile data will be enabled.

How to connect Kindle to a hotspot?

Many think that Kindle won’t connect to a hotspot. But can Kindles connect to hotspots? Definitely, it can. Wondering how do I connect my Kindle to my mobile hotspot. Connecting kindle to a hotspot is straightforward.

In fact, it is the common way to get internet on Kindle fire tablets. Here is how;

  • Purchase a data plan on your smartphone.
  • Swipe down the Notification bar on your smartphone and enable Mobile Data from the menu. 
  • Now click on the Mobile Hotspot option. It will make your mobile network visible to nearby devices. 
  • Swipe down the Notification bar on your Kindle fire tablet. Click on the Wireless option, and it will search for the nearby wireless network. 
  • Your mobile network will appear in the list and now connect to the network. 
  • Enter the password, which you’ll find in your smartphone hotspot’s details. 
  • Enjoy streaming and reading books on your Kindle fire tablet. 

Can Kindle connect to iPhone hotspot this way? Surely, the Kindle iPhone hotspot option is also possible. This way, you can connect your Kindle fire to any hotspot-enabled device. 

Use Amazon’s Data Plan

If you are using the advanced models of Kindle fire, you can use Amazon’s data plan to get internet. Amazon’s data plan allows using of up to 250MB of data every month. So all it takes is to subscribe to the annual data plan, and you are all set to go. 

Read Kindle Books Offline

Despite the Kindle fire network error, you can still read Kindle books offline. In addition to the Kindle network error, low or poor connection can prevent you from using the internet on Kindle. 

Whatsoever the reason, you can still read books, watch videos, and play games. All you have to do is to download the content beforehand. However, the only issue here is that you’ll be limited to accessing only pre-downloaded content.

Bonus Tips to Get Internet on Amazon Fire Tablets

  • Go, and use free WiFi available at Starbucks, shopping malls, and other cafes and restaurants.
  • Connect to a VPN to get internet on Kindle fire. There are many VPN options available to use on Kindle fire, but you will have to pay for them.
  • Use free WiFi at different cafes and restaurants with an Amazon Prime membership.

What If All These Methods Fail?

If the method mentioned above fails to connect your Kindle fire to the internet, you can try the following troubleshooting.

  • Check if your Amazon Fire tablet is in Airplane Mode
  • If you cannot connect to the mobile network, check the SIM.
  • Check if you need the latest version of Amazon fire software.
  • Restore the factory settings.
  • Restart your Amazon fire tablet.

How to Register Kindle Without WiFi?

Registering Kindle fire links the device to your Amazon account. This helps to transfer the contents you purchase on Amazon to the Kindle fire. It also allows lending e-books to other registered Kindle users.

However, registering a Kindle device can be done without requiring WiFi. Follow the step-by-step guide to register for Kindle without WiFi.

  • From your computer, sign in to your Amazon account. Go to the Manage Your Kindle screen.
  • From the Your Kindle Account menu, tap on Register a Kindle.
  • In the corresponding field, enter your Kindle’s serial number. You’ll find the serial number on your Device Info.
  • Tap on the Register button to link your Amazon account to Kindle fire.

How to Connect Kindle Paperwhite to Hotel WiFi?

When you travel and stay in a hotel, connecting your Kindle to the internet has become a concern. The easy way to access the internet is to connect to the hotel’s WiFi. Though it is simple to connect to hotel WiFi, sometimes things get complicated.

If you are a new user of Kindle fire, here is a step-by-step guide for you to get started.

  • Go to the Notification bar or Settings menu in your Kindle fire.
  • Tap on the WiFi option to search for nearby WiFi networks.
  • The WiFi with the strongest signal belongs to your hotel.
  • Ask the hotel staff for the password and enter the password.
  • Press connect to connect your Kindle Paperwhite to Hotel WiFi.

Final Thoughts

There you go! Having no WiFi is not a problem hereafter for Amazon Fire users. Now you know how to get internet on Amazon fire tablet without WiFi. The Amazon fire tablet still enables lots of options to use the internet without WiFi.

All the options mentioned above will connect you to the internet. You can try any of these to access internet-based content. If you cannot connect to the internet, you can still enjoy the content at home or on the go.