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How to Avoid Verizon Activation Fee? Waive Activation Fee

Are you searching for how to get Verizon to waive the activation fee? If yes, today’s presentation is best for you. To get the Verizon activation fee waived, you need a legal reason why you waived it. Or, you can negotiate with the Verizon support center to get the fee waived.

Can I Avoid Verizon Activation Fee? The straightforward answer is No, cause It’s a one-time fee. Every customer is charged Verizon activation and upgrade fees. Unfortunately, these cannot be waived. But technically it’s possible.

Verizon is one of the world’s famous & leading telecommunications companies which offers wireless products and services. It can waive the activation fee that, depends on its representative.

However, you need Verizon to waive the activation fee, but you may not know how you can get it. Don’t be upset! Today’s writing is all about “Verizon waiving activation fee.”

So, stay here & study more!

Verizon Activation Fee: Why does it Charge?

Verizon is one of the most famous wireless network operators in the United States. It has expended extra costs to run the phone services like paying for customer aid staff, tower charges, and more.

An activation fee is the type of fee Verizon charges to finance their trades and for phone plans & maintenance. They will lose revenue from you if they waive the activation fee. Therefore, it can be troublesome to get it quickly.

If you want to get Verizon Wireless to waive the activation fee, you have to manageable or have negotiation skills to manage the representative or supervisor. Here, it would help if you had a logical reason to get the activation fee waived.

Verizon Waive Activation Fee: Is It Possible?

Yes, technically it’s possible to waive the Verizon activation fee, but It can be complex for you to waive the activation fee because it is a company-wide fixed. But, it is not impossible as some people get the chance to have the fee waived. Verizon already waives the activation fee for all.

Recently, everyone can enjoy Verizon wireless upgrade fee waived with activation. But, it is up to Verizon’s authority. So, you can take the time to get waived and present a perfect reason to them why you need it.

How to Avoid Verizon Activation Fee?

There are four best ways you can follow to get Verizon to waive the activation fee that will assist you in saving your wallet money. Let’s find out what the ways are.

1. Call the Retention Segment

Verizon Waive Activation Fee

You will contact the Verizon support center after setting a logical reason to get the fee waived and grow enough confidence to manage & discuss a waiver. They will transfer you to the user retention section if you tell them you are eager to stop your services.

The retention segment has no intention to cancel your service, and they have been well trained to retain you in services. They can offer you fee waivers, discounts, or other offers to resist you from canceling.

You will tell Verizon support that you want to cancel Verizon’s service because of the expansive activation fee. Here, you can present why you can’t afford the activation fee you have established before.

If you are a long-day customer of Verizon, it can assist you in getting the waived fee. So, don’t miss to refer to it when talking to the retention section. You can contact the waive activation fee if you are lucky and confirm.

2. Online Activation

If your discussion is not okay, then one way can reduce your Verizon activation fee that is better than nothing. The way is to activate your phone online at Verizon((Here you can activate your phone at Verizon: https://www.verizon.com/support/how-to-activate-device-video/)). They will reduce your activation fee if you deal online because there is no need for a middleman or employee who start or set up your phone.

You can automatically waive the activation fee by buying a new smartphone from Verizon. Here, the activation fee of $35 is waived instantly, and no need Verizon activation fee waived promo code and no strings attached.

The same case occurs when upgrading your phone online at Verizon. You are also not to need a Verizon wireless upgrade fee waived promo code for an online upgrading system. On online upgrade, Verizon will upgrade the fee waived or half of the fee.

3. Get Your Phone

The simple way to avoid the activation fee is to purchase a phone off-contract with Verizon. It means you will pay the total price for your phone when buying it from a store. Here, Verizon has no finance on it or monthly installments.

The most significant advantage in purchasing a phone of your own is to get the activation fee waived. You can activate your older phone until you don’t have a SIM card in it. You will get a Verizon network for the older smartphone as part of the Bring Your Device (BYOD) activation plan.

You need not pay any activation fee when activating your phone through the BYOD activation plan. But, it can be more expensive for you to get.

4. Change Carriers

You can change your carriers to avoid the activation fee of Verizon services. You can go for new runners with no activation fee—the carriers like T-Mobile plans and other small carriers as straight talk or consumer cellular you can choose.

Small carriers’ user experience and coverage will not be as good as Verizon’s, but they don’t charge an activation fee on their connection. Smaller carriers have less cost of the tower or other equipment than larger carriers. 

And the small carriers have no overhead costs like larger carriers. For this reason, the small carriers have no activation fee on their network. So, you can select these small carriers to avoid the activation fee.

Verizon Wireless Upgrade Fee: Can you avoid it?

When buying a new device like a phone or tablet, a substitute attached to your account means an upgrade. On the other hand, if you change your current device to another phone, that refers to BYOD. So, the charges for both services are not the same.

Verizon now charges $30, which was $20 the previous year. You must pay a fee when buying a device at retail price. You can also pay it by using Verizon’s device payment program. So, you should be aware of it.

Recently, many subscribers have had one question: why need an upgrade fee? According to Verizon, the upgrade fee is used to run the expanse of giving subscribers the fastest & most stable 4G LTE network. Therefore, avoiding the upgrade fee may be difficult for you.

Verizon Activation fee & Upgrade Fee: What is the difference between them?

Verizon charges a one-time fee of $35 when you activate or upgrade your mobile phone on the Verizon network. Each device of Verizon sets differently, and the fee is charged regarding the device type. 

Here, let’s know the main difference between the activation fee & upgrade fee.

  • You will pay an activation fee as a one-time charge to activate a new line of service on the Verizon connection.
  • You will pay an upgrade fee as a one-time charge to change a new device on the Verizon network. This fee returns if you return the device within 30 days of buying.

Verizon Upgrade fee Waived: How to get it?

Every user who wants to upgrade their device will pay an upgrade fee that Verizon hopes. Therefore, most of the time, Verizon hardly agrees to waive it. However, if you want to waive your upgrade fee, you need to be more manageable & intelligent about it.

Here, I will suggest you some instructions to get the upgrade fee waived by Verizon. Let’s find out what they are.

  1. You can apply or request an unlocked Verizon phone when you want to upgrade to a new device. After that, you can use your actual SIM card, which gives you a better signal. If you follow this trick, you will not have to pay an upgrade fee.
  1. You have to acquire the courage to talk to the support center representative. In most cases, they will not agree to waive the upgrade fee entirely. It can be 30% or 50%, which is not so bad, and you will be free from extra fees. It will work if the representative is gentle with you. However, this trick may not work for all. But, it is vital to wish that the upgrade fee will waive for you.
  1. Upgrade yourself to get the fee waived. To complaints of some subscribers, Verizon modified the structure of the upgrade fee by including a self-service for those who can maintain it themselves. Therefore, if you want to pay half the upgrade fee, you can choose the self-service option and upgrade yourself.
  1. If the representative is unwilling to support you in waiving the fee, you can request to speak to the retention section. The better side of this department is that they are monitored with more authority to make changes. Moreover, they provide specific incentives through the company to assist them in keeping customers.
  1. If you are a long-term user of Verizon and up-to-date with your bills, you can present it. It is the most fundamental reason to waive your upgrade fee. But, if you do not want to do this, you can use the self-service to get the 50% cut.

Final Words

Verizon is one of the world’s most influential technology & communication companies. It takes Charge of activation & upgrades for the well-being of customers in the long as for network expansion, development of customer care & more.

But, there are some ways you will find to waive the activation fee. In some cases, Verizon can waive the activation or upgrade fee to Verizon representatives.

So, follow our instructions to get Verizon to waive the activation fee!