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How to Lower My Spectrum Bill? – Make it Possible!

How to Lower My Spectrum Bill? - Make it Possible!
How to Lower My Spectrum Bill?

Are you interested to know how to lower your Spectrum bill? In today’s article, I will discuss how you can save a little money on your Spectrum bill.

The internet has evolved into a fundamental requirement in the United States. But, the sudden price hikes on the monthly bill have increased concerts among internet users. So, they are wondering how to lower Spectrum bill in 2024.

However, let’s not waste time and dive into the discussion:

How to lower My Spectrum Bill?

There are certain methods to lower spectrum bills. Let’s find out these methods below: 

  1. Contact Spectrum and negotiate a lower rate. 
  2. Avoid unnecessary Spectrum Plan Services.
  3. Reduce equipment Fees.
  4. Become a new customer
  5. Get Low-income subsidy
  6. Switch to a different ISP provider.

Contact Spectrum and negotiate a lower rate:

Can you call Spectrum and negotiate a lower rate? Yes, you can contact Spectrum and ask for a lower rate. But before that, you will need the following documents:

  • A copy of the Spectrum bill (most recent). 
  • The case number for any previous Spectrum disputes you’ve had.
  • Speed and price for competing internet/cable providers in your area.
  • The promotional rate you registered for.

 You will have to call the Spectrum service center or chat with them. Call them as voice support representatives have greater authority to make the most cost-effective changes to your bill.

So, when you call the Spectrum service center, what should be your Goal or what should you say? Well, when I called them, I did the following:

  • Firstly, I start talking with customer service, and they sent me to an agent with pricing power (Retention). 
  • Then I tried to convince them that if they didn’t give me a better deal, I couldn’t but have to cancel the current plan. 
  • I have told them about the internet prices of other internet service providers in my area. 
  • During the process, I was calm, but I told them about my frustration with Spectrum company’s price raise. 
  • Finally, I described my request to Spectrum Customer Service, and they offered me 200mbps at $54.99 per month. That was the intermediate pricing, so I accepted it. 

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So, if you get the same offer as me, you should accept it. On the other hand, if they don’t revert your account to the base internet plan ( $54.99), you should follow the below:

Discontinue unnecessary Spectrum Plan Services:

This is one of the simplest methods for lowering your Spectrum bill. For example, you must discontinue extra services like home phone and cable TV packages.

First, look carefully at your bill; you’ll see line items for each additional service, fee, and equipment. Generally, sports packages are the main reason people stick with Spectrum. In addition, getting sports on the internet has become very easy. Moreover, aside from league passes and direct subscriptions, several streaming services are dedicated to sports and live TV.

Interestingly, if you search premium channels such as Starz, you can search “Streaming” in google and the name of the channels you like to watch. As a result, you can get these channels through a direct subscription, drastically reducing your TV costs.

Furthermore, if you aren’t using premium channels like HBO, you can unsubscribe and save up to $15 monthly. Sometimes, you may get these channels for a few months without paying any money.

Moreover, it would help if you also investigated whether your Spectrum TV services provide you with more channels than you require. Therefore if you change your plan lineup and drop seven channels, you can save $30 or more monthly.

Again, if you are willing to accept more drastic changes, you can downgrade from a silver or Gold plan to select program. This will reduce your channel count, but you will have only virtual channels like BBC, and you can save more than $60 extra expense.

Reduce Spectrum equipment cost:

You may be paying too much for Spectrum-rented devices. First, you must determine how many receivers you are paying for versus how many you currently use. Then, if you find any receiver you are not using, you can return it and save $6.95 per month. 

Generally, the wifi router fee is one of Spectrum plans’ most significant hidden charges. You will get a free modem when you sign up for Spectrum. This process is ambiguous. For example- your internet connection is only translated by the modem for your home devices. But you will need a wifi router to connect via wifi. So, the catch is that Spectrum charges around $5 monthly to lease the wifi router, and every year it will cost you $60. 

Return the leased Spectrum wifi router and get your own.

In addition to improving internet performance, using your router will save you $60 per year on Spectrum internet. Moreover, it will protect you from increased rental fees, which has undoubtedly occurred with large cable companies.

Become a new customer:

If the above-mentioned fails to lower spectrum bills, then another way you can follow. You can be a “New customer” and take the facility of loopholes in the Spectrum Corporate process. How can you qualify as a new customer? Well, follow the below steps:

1. Sign up using your roommate or spouse’s name:

This is one of the most straightforward methods, and it is sometimes suggested by Spectrum agents if you visit one of their stores. You must cancel service, call your roommate or spouse, and sign up using their name, email address, and number.

Remember that if you have leased Spectrum’s router/modem, you must return it first. In addition, if you are using your own, pretend that the previous tenant left the modem when you call and provide the MAC address (on the back of the modem). This is how they activate the new service if you have your modem. If Spectrum believes you are a new customer, you can receive a “new customer” promotion for an additional 12 months.

2. Sign up through a reseller with a new email address and phone number:

If you try to sign up with Spectrum directly at the same address, they may notice you. However, go through one of their authorized resellers. You will have a similar promo rate if you sign up directly with Spectrum. But it will be more difficult for them to cancel the order or notice that you’re an existing customer.

The trick is that you must obtain a new phone number and email address. MySudo can provide you with a free virtual phone number if you need a family member or friend to assist you with the phone.

3. Cancel Spectrum connection and wait for 30 days:

Lastly, cancelling for 30 days is inconvenient to get a new customer rate. You are then regarded as a new customer and can sign up for the promotional rate over the phone or in a Spectrum store. This is the most straightforward method if you can survive on mobile tethering or a hotspot for a month.

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Get Low-income subsidy:

Low-income plans offered by Spectrum can be the last option you can follow. But, during this plan, they dramatically lower speed than their standard service. That’s why I don’t suggest this plan.

However, Spectrum “Internet Assist” plans are only supposed to be available if you already participate in one of the following public assistance programs

  • Community Eligibility Provision of the NSLP.
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Supplemental Security Income.

You will have to call Spectrum directly and ask whether you are eligible for this plan. In addition, if your address qualifies, you will get the internet assistance plan. Moreover, using this plan, you will get 30Mbps internet and be charged $17.99 monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Spectrum keep raising my bill?

    Local taxes or fees may have changed. In addition, purchases of video-on-demand and pay-per-view content and long-distance calls made without a Spectrum Business Voice International Calling Plan can alter your monthly bill.

  • How to lower Spectrum bill 2024?

    Ask the agent in customer service whether there are any ways to reduce your bill. They will then examine their system to see if it allows them to give you a discount.

  • Will Spectrum lower my bill if I complain? 

    Yes, Spectrum will lower your bill. But it would be best if you negotiated the bill with Spectrum.

Final words

So, now you know clearly how to lower the spectrum bill. Generally, suppose you call Spectrum service and tell them about your frustration about the price hike and explain them properly. In that case, I hope you will get promo offers or intermediate prices.

But, if you can’t get any help from Customer care, avoid unnecessary Spectrum plans, reduce equipment costs, become a new customer, or get a low-income subsidy.