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Astound Vs Spectrum: Which One You Choose For Home Internet?

Nowadays, people not only look for connectivity from an ISP but also a range of entertainment options. Astound and Spectrum are two prominent contenders in the market that cater to many needs.

But, Astound Vs Spectrum, which one dominates the digital realm? Both ISPs are well-known for their communication and entertainment services. Besides, they have their unique offerings and features that set them apart.

As a result, it becomes somewhat confusing to choose between these ISPs. This article will delve into a comparison of Astound and Spectrum to help you make informed decisions. Read on to know more.

Astound Vs Spectrum: Overview

Astound Vs Spectrum: Which One You Choose For Home Internet?

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN is an American telecommunication company based in Princeton, New Jersey.1 It started in 1993 as a provider of broadband Internet, cable TV, and telephone services on the West Coast.

By 2018, it had become the country’s sixth-largest cable service provider. What brings Astound Broadband to the table is some of its incredibly priced promo offers. In addition, Astound doesn’t enforce data caps, contracts, or termination fees.

On the other hand, Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider in the US. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including cable television, internet, home phone, and mobile services.

With extensive network coverage, it has become a household name nationwide. However, Spectrum has a few extras you’ll hardly get from other ISPs. Their plans are pretty competitive, and there are no data caps or contracts.

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Key Takeaways Based on Our Research

  • Astound Broadband is the nation’s sixth-largest cable service provider, while Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider.
  • Astound serves several of the country’s top 10 metros, whereas Spectrum is a household name serving in 46 states.
  • Spectrum basic plans start at $49.99/month and can go up to $89.99.
  • Astound plans start at $25 and can go up to $60/month.
  • Spectrum has thousands of free public Spectrum WiFi hotspots across the country.
  • Astound Broadband offers services under other brands, including enTouch, Wave, and Grande Communications.
  • Spectrum provides $500 to new customers looking to switch so that they can subsidize any early termination fees.
  • Sadly, Astound’s monthly fees jump considerably after the promo period.

Astound Vs Spectrum: Finding the Differences

TechnologyFiber optic technologyHybrid Fiber – Coaxial (HFC) network2
Connection TypeCableHybrid fiber – coaxial cable
Release DateJanuary 24, 2018September 20, 2016
Download Speeds300Mbps – 1500Mbps300Mbps – 1Gbps
Upload Speeds20Mbps10Mbps – 35Mbps
Coverage11 states46 states
Latency (Ping)18.92ms29.13ms
Contracts TypeNo contract No contract
Data CapsNoNo
Package Prices$25/mo. – $60/mo.$49.99/mo. – $89.99/mo.

Spectrum Internet Vs Astound: Speed and Performance

These days, we need faster speed for complex tasks, such as downloading large files, video conferencing, and streaming videos. Spectrum and Astound both have made this easier with their lightning-fast internet speeds.

Both ISPs offer gig speeds through their respective fiber network. That being said, most ISPs may not provide the speeds they advertised. Speeds fluctuate based on several conditions. That’s not the case with Spectrum and Astound Broadband.

With Spectrum, you get a maximum speed of 1000Mbps, which is enough for the heaviest users. Spectrum’s tiers plan has speed up to 300Mbps, which is still excellent for all.

Conversely, Astound plans top out at 1500Mbps, which is more than enough for many households. The speeds with Astound vary depending on its 11 markets. In some locations (e.g., Central Coast, CA), you may find up to 2000Mbps speed.

The speed with Astound also varies depending on when you are using it, how many devices you use, etc. The only lacking with both ISPs is their lower upload speeds. However, there are no limits for data usage on both ISPs.

So, you can use as much bandwidth as you like. Speed is only half of the equation. Even the fastest connection is useless if it doesn’t work when needed. Luckily, Spectrum and Astound are on par with their closest cable competitors.

Spectrum Vs Astound: Internet Plans and Pricing

Spectrum has three plans to choose from, including 300Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1000Mbps. All the plans include unlimited data, a free modem, antivirus software, and no contract requirements. You’ll hardly find these perks with other ISPs.

What’s more? Spectrum allows customers to have free WiFi from thousands of their free public WiFi Hotspots. If you’re in the middle of a contract with another ISP and planning to switch to Spectrum, don’t worry. Spectrum has your back.

Spectrum will provide you with $500 to subsidize any termination fees. The pricing is within the means but for 12 months. After the promotional period ends, you may experience a price hike, which is still tolerable.

Spectrum Internet Plans and Pricing

PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPromotional Price for 12 mo.Standard PriceData Caps
Internet Ultra500Mbps20Mbps$69.99/month$99.99/monthNo
Internet GIG1000Mbps35Mbps$89.99/month$119.99/monthNo

Astound isn’t greedy either, as it delivers competitive speed for little cash. They have a range of internet plans, including low to really high. Unfortunately, Astound doesn’t offer the same plans and pricing across its eleven markets.

We are considering the plans available in their New York market. Here, Astound’s low-tier plan starts at 300Mbps and goes up to 1500Mbps. All the Astound plans have two years of price lock. The Price increases significantly after this period.

Astound Plans and Pricing in New York

PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPriceData Caps

Astound Broadband Pricing per Month in Other Locations

Location2000 Mbps1500 Mbps940 Mbps800 Mbps600 Mbps500 Mbps300 Mbps100 Mbps
Central Coast, CA$80N/A$65N/AN/A$45N/A$25
Chicago, ILN/A$70$60$50$45N/A$25N/A
Evansville, INN/AN/A$60$50$45N/A$20N/A
Boston, MAN/AN/A$65N/AN/A$45N/A$25
Anne Arundel County, MDN/AN/A$50N/AN/AN/A$25N/A
Lehigh Valley, PAN/A$65$55N/A$45N/A$35$25
DC MetroN/A$60$50N/A$40N/A$25N/A
Austin, TXN/A$60$50N/A$40N/A$25N/A

Astound Internet Vs Spectrum: Availability

When it comes to availability, Spectrum is a clear winner. Astound Broadband is a regional internet provider with coverage in around 11 states. It serves mainly in the Northeast and Midwest.

California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Oppositely, Spectrum is a national internet provider with coverage in 46 states. Here is where you can get Spectrum around you.

Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Astound Broadband Internet Vs Spectrum Internet: Bundle Deals

Both Astound and Spectrum offer a range of bundle deals, including internet, TV, and mobile plans. However, Astound has more bundle deals than Spectrum, which has limited deals with limited internet plans.

Astound Broadband Internet

Astound Internet + Mobile Packages for 1 Line

Internet + Mobile PackagePrice
300Mbps + 1.5GB$40/month
Unlimited Plus$75/month
600Mbps + 1.5GB1.5GB$55/month
Unlimited Plus$90/month
940Mbps + 1.5GB1.5GB$65/month
Unlimited Plus$100/month
1500Mbps + 1.5GB1.5GB$75/month
Unlimited Plus$110/month

Astound Internet + TV Packages 

Internet + TV PackagePrice
300Mbps +Basic TV + Showtime TV$53.37/month
Basic + Preferred TV + Showtime TV$114.75/month
600MbpsBasic TV + Showtime TV$68.37/month
Basic + Preferred TV + Showtime TV$129.75/month
940MbpsBasic TV + Showtime TV$78.37/month
Basic + Preferred TV + Showtime TV$139.75/month
1500MbpsBasic TV + Showtime TV$88.37/month
Basic + Preferred TV + Showtime TV$149.75/month

Spectrum Internet

PackageChannel CountPriceMobile Plans
Internet (300Mbps) + TV Select125+ Channel$109.98/month for 12 monthsUnlimited nationwide calls for $19.99/month
Internet Ultra (500Mbps) + TV Select125+ Channel$129.98/month for 12 monthsUnlimited nationwide calls for $19.99/month
Internet Gig (1Gig) + TV Select125+ Channel$149.98/month for 12 monthsUnlimited nationwide calls for $19.99/month

Spectrum Vs Astound Broadband: Equipment & Installation Fee

Spectrum equipment and installation costs are within the catch. Since each spectrum plan comes with a free modem, this saves approximately $10-$15/month on the modem. But you have to rent a router for $5/month.

You can also buy your modem and router. Spectrum allows self-installation, for which you need to pay $24.99. Moreover, they provide professional installation for $59.99. Read how to lower spectrum bill?

On the other hand, Astound charges a considerable amount for modem, WiFi, etc. Here is a breakdown of what you need with Astound Broadband service;

  • Standard WiFi and a modem combo (DOCSIS 3.0) – $8/month
  • Standard WiFi and a Gig modem combo (DOCSIS 3.1) – $10/month
  • Whole Home WiFi – $9.95/month
  • ero Secure+ –  $9.99/month

Suggested Modem specs for Astound

Internet SpeedsDOCSISMin number of downstream channelsIdeal number of downstream channels
Up to 250Mbps3.0824
500Mbps and Up3.116+32

You can either rent the above equipment or buy it. Moreover, Astound offers professional installation for $79.95. You can avoid this fee by buying a self-installation kit. If you sign up for the service online, Astound waives the fee.

Astound Vs Spectrum Internet: Customer Service

As the name of Astound suggests, its customer service is astounding. In fact, they won 5th place in PCMag’s Reader’s Choice Award3 in 2022 over big names such as Xfinity and Spectrum. Astound got an overall customer satisfaction rating of 7.9.

The reason for Astound being a favorite among users is its no-contract facility. On top of that, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you ever ask for technician help and the technician is late, Astound will pay you $20 for the inconvenience.

On the other hand, Spectrum got a customer satisfaction rating of 6.6 from PCMag’s readers. Even though Spectrum has low visible fees, it has a lot of hidden fees under the table.

They charge $5 over the phone and a $5 reconnection fee. When you plan to switch to an Internet Gig plan, they will charge $19.99 for equipment upgrade. However, you may not have to pay these most of the time.

But when you pay these amounts, it gives an overall poor experience. Moreover, the price hike in 2nd year of service is notable, which can be $20+. Many customers don’t expect such a massive price hike in year two.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, this Astound Vs Spectrum comparison is not a like-for-like face-off. Both are actually two opposites by feature and by nature. Whereas one (Spectrum) is a nationwide ISP, the other (Astound) is regionally based.

However, we can consider Astound as the winner for its speed, plans, and pricing, and excellent customer ratings. If Spectrum is the only cable provider available in your area, you have no option left but to choose Spectrum.

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