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Fidium Fiber Vs Comcast: Pros & Cons – Which Provider Best For You?

In today’s technology-obsessed world, you’re probably familiar with many brands that offer broadband Internet services. Two of these popular names are Fidium and Comcast. Fidium vs Comcast – which one is better for you?

So, you have just moved into a new neighborhood where both Fidium and Comcast are available. Now you have a crucial choice to make between Fidium Fiber and Comcast. 

However, you barely know about these two. Don’t worry; we can help. We will describe Fidium and Comcast in detail in this article. Let’s find out what you can expect from these two leading internet providers in the country.

Overall Comparison between Fidium vs Comcast:

  • Fidium Fiber upload speeds surpass other residential ISPs.
  • Xfinity allows personal modem/router use.
  • Both Xfinity and Fidium offer exceptional service in the New England region.
  • Both cover urban and suburban locations with competitive pricing.
  • Xfinity plans have 1.2 TB or unlimited data.
  • Fidium offers unlimited data.
TypeFidium FiberComcast (Xfinity)
ISP TechnologyFiber to the home (FTTH)Fiber / DOCSIS 3.1 (Cable)
Download Speeds50 – 2000 Mbps200 – 2000 Mbps
Upload Speeds50 – 2000 Mbps10 – 35 Mbps
Data CapsNo1.2 TB or Unlimited
Monthly Price$35 – $95$25 – $120
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days

What is Fidium Fiber?

Fidium fiber is a customer-focused fiber broadband service owned by Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. Consolidated Communications launched this fresh brand for consumers in 8+ states across the US.

Consolidated Communications are on track to accomplish roughly one million fiber locations by the end of this year. They are now available in 150 communities and looking to grow more. 

Fidium fiber is founded on reliable service and support with literally no hidden charges or gimmicks. In return, it is committed to delivering dependable high-speed, cutting-edge fiber technology at competitive prices to your home.

Recently, Fidium fiber has been widely recognized for providing symmetrical 2-Gbps speeds throughout the Fidium all-fiber networks. The speed is almost twice the speed delivered by other internet service providers.

Because of the symmetric nature of the Fidium fiber, it is accepted by those who need faster upload speeds. It has synchronous UP/DOWN speeds where 930Mbps up and 930Mbps down speed.

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What to Expect from Fidium?

First of all, you can expect very reliable services from Fidium. The service is provided using glass cables which are not prone to electrical interferences. Besides, the speed is highly consistent compared to other network services.

Fidium has many attractive offerings for customers to deliver them the ultimate internet experience. The 2-Gigs speeds are one of them. It is planned for the heaviest data users who need the fastest home internet.

With 2-Gigs, you can connect multiple smart devices simultaneously, join video conferences, stream ultra-high definition videos, and more. The Fidium fiber also has a 1-Gig plan, but 2-Gig is dedicated to those requiring the fastest internet.

With 2-Gig symmetrical fiber internet, Fidium launches WiFi 6 to deliver the best home internet experience. The combination of 2-Gig and WiFi 6 makes it a great choice than all.


  • Exceptional service from your first connection to the end
  • Super-fast speed 24/7
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Easy and trouble-free installation
  • No hidden fees – you get what you see


  • Speed may not be as advertised
  • A bit pricier than many internet service providers

Fidium Fiber Internet Plan Offers:

Let’s look at what you can expect from Fidium fiber internet:

  • Affordable pricing: 1-Gig costs $70 per month, 250 Mbps costs $60 per month, and 50 Mbps costs $35, which includes equipment.
  • No contracts: you can change your plan whenever you wish.
  • No bundling: pay for only those services you need.
  • No data caps: so you never run out of data
  • An innovative entire: Home mesh WiFi experience featuring a best-in-class WiFi 6 gateway and a maximum of two extenders.
  • Attune WiFi whole: home management app that provides network visibility, time-of-day access control, age-appropriate content settings, speed test, etc.
  • In-built customer portal with self-service options
  • Real-time: hands-on network monitoring that solves issues to ensure the best performance

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What is Comcast?

Comcast is the world’s second-largest broadcasting and cable television company. Comcast or Comcast Corporation runs two primary businesses; Comcast Cable Communications, LLC and NBCUniversal.

Comcast Cable Communication has been doing business under the Xfinity brand since 2010. It provides high-speed internet, video, and phone services to residential customers and businesses.

How Did the Xfinity Brand Emerge from Comcast?

Initially, Comcast formed Xfinity in an attempt to eliminate this whole brand confusion. There is some ambiguity in this regard. Basically, Comcast began its journey with the name American Telecommunications Company around the 1960s.

Later it changed its name to Comcast Holdings. Initially, they increased many customers by providing excellent cable TV services.

Simultaneously, some found their customer service terrible. Because of this, they changed their name to Xfinity. Since then, Xfinity has become the tradename for Comcast’s residential internet, video, and phone service.

What to Expect from Comcast?

Comcast (Xfinity) offers the town’s fastest and most reliable internet service. Their exclusive Supersonic Bundle offers unlimited Gig-speed internet at a highly affordable price. 

Comcast provides the best internet experience utilizing DOCSIS 3.1 technology in many areas. The speed of Comcast is adored mostly by gamers because of its high-speed streaming.


  • Reliably fast internet experience
  • Ultimate control over the WiFi network
  • Advanced security to protect your devices from cyber threats
  • 24/7 real-time support
  • Affordable pricing


  • Speed is claimed to be on/off in some areas
  • Customer support is dubious

Comcast Internet Service Offers:

  • Unlimited Gig-speed internet up to 1-Gig
  • xFi Gateway boosts WiFi performance for all your devices
  • Monthly data starts from 1.2TB at +$30 per month to unlimited at +$25 per month
  • Internet speeds of 50 to 1200Mbps using xFi gateway and xFi complete
  • Connect all your favorite apps with Xfinity Flex 4K streaming TV box
  • Plan management and speed tests are available on the Xfinity App
  • WiFi equipment included for 24 months
  • xFi Pod for whole-home coverage
  • Up to $200 in Visa Prepaid Cards for students

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Fidium Vs Comcast (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Fidium Vs Comcast: Pros & Cons – Which Provider Best For You?

Now that you know about Fidium and Comcast in detail. Let’s compare Fidium and Comcast side-by-side to know their differences.

Fidium Fiber Vs Comcast (Xfinity) (Internet Speed)

Generally, Fidium offers the highest internet speed ranging from 50Mbps to 2Gbps. They mainly offer what they advertise. Comcast (Xfinity), on the other hand, offers 1Gbps or higher in some areas.

Comcast cable can even get up to 1200 Mbps in some areas. The Fidium router provides a modern WiFi 6 gateway with an option to expand the coverage using WiFi extenders.

Comcast Xfinity uses an xFi gateway to boost WiFi performance. The lowest plan offered by Fidium has an upload speed of 50 Mbps. It is higher than Comcast (Xfinity), which is a maximum of 35 Mbps.

Cable internet those uses DOCSIS 3.1 technology is best to fiber-based internet. Thankfully, both Fidium and Comcast (Xfinity) use the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

Fidium Fiber vs Comcast (Latency Performance (Ping))

Latency is generally no big deal with both Fidium and Comcast. The Fidium Fiber offers a ping of under 10ms measured to Cloudflare’s Public DNS Servers (1.1 .1.1) or to Google ( This is relatively lower than what Comcast offers.

So, Comcast offers a stable ping of 10-20ms which is very impressive. For gamers, the low latency offered by Comcast is preferred over the Fidium fiber. Popular games have a connection of 30ms or less in latency.

Fidium is also a good choice for gamers concerning latency. Moreover, both Fidium and Comcast don’t use carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) but provide an accurate routable IP address. Actually, both are ideal for lag-free gaming.

Comcast is still slightly more stable than Fidium, so it wins in this case.

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Fidium Fiber Vs Comcast (Pricing)

Fidium is a bit on the pricier side when it comes to pricing. Nonetheless, Fidium comes with a promotional period of 12 months. Pricing ranges from around $35 to $70 per month during the promotional period.

After the promotional period expires, the monthly pricing ranges from $55 to $95. Comcast (Xfinity), oppositely, comes with a 24-month price guarantee without needing any contracts.

Comcast doesn’t charge any introductory pricing. Depending on the plan you choose, Comcast’s pricing ranges from $39 per month to $79 per month. However, the 2-Gbps plan of Fidium is more expensive, which is fair because of its high speed.

If you are a home internet user, a 1-Gbps plan is enough for you. With Comcast, you can get a Flex 4K streaming TV box with no added cost. Overall, Comcast is slightly cheaper than Fidium.

Fidium Vs Comcast (Customer Support)

Regarding customer support, no internet service provider is above criticism. Fidium and Comcast are no exception. Both offer above-average customer support. 

Nonetheless, Fidium has a good reputation than Comcast when it comes to customer support. Fidium users can reach an account representative faster than Comcast users. 

Getting technical support takes almost the same time in the cast of both Fidium and Comcast. Still, the support from Fidium is easier to get in contact compare to Comcast. 

Fidium or Comcast – Which One to Choose?

The fact is, which one is most important to you? The price or speeds? If high upload speeds matter to you, the symmetrical nature of Fidium fiber makes it a perfect fit. 

When it comes to the download speeds, both are almost the same. You can choose any of the two for your smart home. However, you should stay with Comcast if you need a stable and reliable connection. 

This makes Comcast a suitable choice for emergency tasks, for example, working from home or running a business. Comcast will be a more reasonable choice than Fidium if the price is an issue for you. 

Moreover, Comcast offers an impressive latency which is between 10-20ms. Comcast is a better choice if you use the internet for real-time communication, like Zoom or Google Duo. For this reason, Comcast is also a perfect fit for gamers. 

Wrapping Up

Thus far, you have learned the difference between Fidium vs Comcast. Comcast offers better pricing for the most part, whereas Fidium offers faster upload speeds. Both offer a faster internet experience in most cases.

So, which one should you opt for? We leave this decision up to you. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Fidium Fiber and Comcast?

Fidium Fiber is a fiber optic internet service provider, while Comcast is a cable internet provider. Fiber optic internet is generally faster and more reliable than cable internet. Fidium Fiber also has a higher upload speed than Comcast, which is important for people who use their internet for things like video streaming or online gaming.

Which is faster, Fidium Fiber or Comcast?

Fidium Fiber is generally faster than Comcast. Fidium Fiber offers up to 2000 Mbps download speeds, while Comcast offers speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. However, the actual speed you experience will depend on several factors, including your location and the number of people using the internet simultaneously.

Which is cheaper, Fidium Fiber or Comcast?

Pricing with both Fidium and Comcast is about average. Fidium Fiber’s basic plan starts at $35 monthly, while Comcast’s basic plan starts at $25 monthly. However, both providers offer a variety of plans, so it’s important to compare prices before you sign up.

Which has better customer service, Fidium Fiber or Comcast?

Fidium Fiber and Comcast both have mixed customer service reviews. Some customers have praised both providers for their helpful and responsive customer service, while others have complained about long wait times and unhelpful representatives. It’s important to read customer reviews before signing up for either service to understand what to expect.

Which is more reliable, Fidium Fiber or Comcast?

Fidium Fiber is generally more reliable than Comcast. Fidium Fiber has a lower customer satisfaction rating than Comcast, but it also has fewer outages. This is likely because Fidium Fiber uses fiber optic internet, which is more reliable than cable internet.

Which is better for gaming, Fidium Fiber or Comcast?

Fidium Fiber is better for gaming than Comcast. Fidium Fiber has a higher upload speed than Comcast, which is important for online gaming. Fidium Fiber also has lower latency than Comcast, meaning there is less lag when playing online games.