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Fidium VS Spectrum: Which is the Best Internet Service Provider?

A speedy and reliable internet connection is crucial to maintaining everyday online activities. As Fidium vs Spectrum, both are renowned and fast internet service providers, the overall comparison between them can assist you in finding the better one.

However, if you don’t know the comparisons of Fidium vs Spectrum, then don’t worry. Here, my writing article is about Fidium vs Spectrum, where you will find in-depth comparisons of Fidium vs Spectrum.

So, study more to learn the overall comparisons of Fidium vs. Spectrum!

Fidium Fiber vs Spectrum: A few words

What is Fidium Fiber Internet?

Fidium VS Spectrum: Which is the Best Internet Service Provider?

Fidium fiber is the most advanced, fastest, customer-centered, and consumer-based fiber broadband internet service. It is a brand name from Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc., and provides symmetrical multi-gig speeds with exceptional, friendly, and flexible service. 

Fidium fiber internet has a proper balance between upload and download speeds and is available in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Fidium fiber offers affordable prices, no gimmicks or bundles, and data caps with reliable & flexible service that can make your family and pocket wallet happy. It is high time to expect more from your internet provider, and I hope you will get it.

What is Spectrum Internet?

Fidium VS Spectrum: Which is the Best Internet Service Provider?

Spectrum is a cable internet, traditional TV service, and home phone to residents that are mainly available in major cities in the United States like Los Angeles, New York, and Austin. It has hybrid fiber coaxial cables to provide download speeds like fiber.

Spectrum offers a reasonable price with fast and reliable services, comprehensive area coverage, and approximately 30 million households. Though Spectrum upload speed is so low and even in peak hours, it will be a better option if you find a substitute for fiber.

Fidium Fiber vs Spectrum: Internet Speed Comparison

Fidium Fiber vs Spectrum: Internet Speed Comparison

Fidium Internet Speed

Fidium internet provides a 2-Gig fiber internet plan to ensure speedy and reliable service. It offers the same upload & download speeds that range from 50 Mbps to 2000 Mbps (2 Gbps). The lowest plan of Fidium provides 50 Mbps of upload speed, and the highest plan provides 2 Gbps upload speeds that are higher than what Spectrum recently offers.

Spectrum Internet Speed

Depending on online activities, you can choose three download speeds, 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps, with Spectrum cable internet. But you will find that Spectrum internet upload and download speeds are different. The upload speeds of Spectrum internet are 10 Mbps to 35 Mbps.

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Fidium vs Spectrum: Plans and Pricing


You can count on affordable pricing with Fidium fiber internet that can save your pocket money. You will get an excellent price during a promotional period of 1 year. In the promotional period, the cost range of Fidum fiber internet is $35 to up to $70 per month, depending on your plan.

The 2 Gig plan of Fidium fiber is comparatively expensive, and most customers will likely want to avoid it. 1 Gig speeds are more appropriate for just about any home internet user.

After the expiring promotional period, you will see a substantial rise in monthly costs with Fidium fiber internet. After the promo period runs out, the cost range will be $55 to $95 per month, which is typically better than average pricing for every speed tier.


On the other hand, Spectrum internet delivers three plans with different speeds that depend on your online activities. It offers affordable prices with high speed that make your daily online work easy and comfortable.

Spectrum internet will give you a better rate and speed even in the lowest plan. Spectrum delivers all the internet plans with a starting price of $49.99/month for one year. But, after one year, it increases the cost of your plan package by $25.

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Fidium vs Spectrum: Customer Service

Fidium fiber Customer Service

Every customer support center has some criticism where Fidium is not exceptional. But, it is comparatively better than Spectrum on overall support. So, if you face any problem with your internet, you need to go to a support center agent much more quickly. It is crucial to note that getting a Fidium contract & support is more accessible than other internet service providers.

Spectrum Customer Service

On the other hand, Spectrum gets average marks when comparing customers’ pleasures. You will find that Spectrum customer support could be better. But, now, it has tried to enhance its customer service to acquire customer satisfaction.

Fidium vs Spectrum: Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of Fidium vs Spectrum will assist you in picking the right one between them as your requirements. So, let’s find out the pros and cons between them.

Pros and Cons of Fidium Fiber Internet-

Fidium Fiber: Pros

  • Connection with other tools and software permits for seamless workflow
  • It is easy to navigate for user friendly 
  • Mobile app access
  • Unlimited data
  • Affordable price with the fastest speed and no hidden fees or contracts
  • Customizable reports and dashboard to fit definite needs & preferences

Fidium Fiber: Cons

  • Limited customer support service
  • Bad report on reliability & consistency in some cases
  • Limited customization options for active & advanced users

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Internet-

Spectrum Internet: Pros

  • Reliable speed for each cable internet plan
  • Much area location
  • Unlimited data
  • Reasonable price with no data caps, contracts, or hidden fees

Spectrum Internet: Cons

  • Customer support rating is average
  • Low availability in remote areas
  • Installation and activation fee is expensive for gigabit service

Is Fidium Fiber Good?

Fidium fiber is a reliable, reasonable, flexible, and friendly internet service provider. It offers high-speed internet to work from home. Let’s find the reasons why Fidium fiber is good.

  • The base of Fidium fiber is dependable service and support with no gimmicks or hidden fees.
  • Cutting-edge fiber technology direct to your small business or home.
  • Fidium delivers the best service and is always looking for new ways to give its customers more control and personalization.
  • It provides exceptional service from your first contract to all future interactions.
  • Simple, easy, and hassle-free installation and provides the best internet performance.
  • It has no required bundles, data caps, hidden fees, or contracts.
  • It is attuned, helpful, and dependable internet service and they connect people & provide incredible customer service for everyone.

Is Fidium fiber part of Consolidated Communications?

Yes, Fidium fiber is a part of Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc., which is dedicated to business, moving people, and communities by providing advanced dependable communication solutions. Consolidated is a renowned broadband and business communications provider that serves users, companies & wireline & wireless carriers over 23 state service locations in the US.

Fidium vs Consolidated: Key considerations

Fidium is a brand of consolidated communications that is new and customer-centered and provides gigabit fiber broadband service. Consolidated Communications internet provides special offers for every type of consumer. They give the fastest-speed internet and a dependable connection to consumers in over 20 states with different speed levels and pricing to meet your demands and budget.

Consolidated Communications’ internet remains simple with three flexible packages. Cost rates range from $35 to $70/month, depending on your demand for download speed. In specific areas, particularly rural locations, some of the higher data speeds may not be available or need to be more dependable.

The first tire package of Consolidated Communications provides a download speed of 500 Mbps for $35 per month, while you will get 250 Mbps at $60 per month with the second tire package. And, Consolidate third-tier package provides consumers with a 1 Gbps download speed for $70 per month.

Spectrum Internet is a comparable ISP that provides plans from $49.99 to $89.99 and download speeds from 200 to 940 Mbps. So, with Consolidated Communications, you will get more rates than Spectrum.


Fidium fiber and Spectrum are famous, reliable, and fastest internet service providers. Pick one between them depending on your needs and what you demand from your online activities. A comparative discussion of Fidium vs Spectrum can assist you in removing your confusion about which provider will suit your demands.

However, don’t worry guys! In our above discussion, you will find an in-depth comparison of Fidium vs Spectrum. We hope our article will assist you in making the right decision as per your requirements.

So, follow our above discussion to choose the better one From Fidium vs. Spectrum!