Frontier Vs Verizon: Which Internet Provider Is Best for You?

Frontier Vs Verizon - Is Frontier Internet better then Verizon
Frontier Vs Verizon – Is Frontier Internet better than Verizon?

While living in a place with two mighty ISPs like Frontier and Verizon, finding the best is challenging. Things get even more confusing when they both have similarities. Comparing two ISPs has never been easier. Frontier vs Verizon is no exception.

Frontier is one of the few ISPs with a growing fiber network and well-established DSL network. Conversely, Verizon offers a 100% FiOS, fiber optic network and an average DSL network.

Frontier is one step ahead here. Its fiber-optic network delivers fast speeds at fair pricing, whereas DSL opens the door for a 5G home network. But, their DSL service can vary depending on your location, so that it can be hit-or-miss.

However, speeds or pricing are not the only things to consider. There are many factors to remember before one can be declared the best. First, you must understand what is ideal for you between Verizon Fios vs Frontier.

Perhaps, that’s where we can help. This article includes every detail about Frontier and Verizon. We will compare them one-on-one. So, you get a clear insight into everything they offer and decide the suitable one.

Frontier Communications– Know the History

Frontier Communications– Know the History

Originally based in Minneapolis, Frontier has been there since 1935. From that moment on, the company has expanded its services nationwide. Earlier, it mainly used to serve rural areas, but currently, it’s ruling the large metropolitan markets.

Frontier has successfully gained a significant amount of customers with its top-notch services. It offers broadband internet, phone and digital television services, and computer technical support to 29 states in the United States.

Frontier Internet Services

Frontier mainly offers fiber optic internet and DSL services to U.S. residents and businesses. Between these two services, fiber internet service is the best bid. It is fast and reliable. However, fiber internet service is only available in some places. 

Particularly it is not available in rural areas. Luckily, they have DSL internet service in those areas at an affordable service. However, if your area has Frontier fiber internet available, it’s better to go for it.

Pros & Cons of Frontier Internet


  • Variation of speeds, from low to really high
  • Available in 29 states across the U.S.
  • Excellent access in rural areas
  • Unlimited data usage
  • No contracts included
  • 2-year price lock


  • Hidden fees
  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • Limited fiber internet availability

Verizon – Know the History

Verizon – Know the History

Verizon is one of the largest wireless network operators in the U.S., established in April 2000. The company currently has more than 143 million subscribers across the U.S. Verizon started its wireless journey with a 4G LTE network in 2008. 

Then in December 2010, they launched an emerging 4G LTE network in 39 markets. Verizon managed to cover 99% of the United States population by January 2020. Currently, they are well-known as a 100% fiber-optic network.

Verizon Internet Services

Though Verizon offers DSL and fibre-optic networks, they are mainly accepted for fully fiber networks. In fact, it is one of the first Internet providers to provide fiber-optic services. Why not? It constantly tops the chart for its lightning speeds!  

Only some people can expect to get Verizon FiOS internet services everywhere. For those, Verizon continues to expand its 4G LTE and 5G network. They also provide DSL as a better alternative.

Pros & Cons of Verizon Internet


  • Fast and reliable speeds
  • Symmetrical download speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts
  • No early termination fee
  • Satisfactory customer service


  • Equipment and installation fee included
  • Limited availability

Frontier Vs Verizon – The Ultimate Comparison

Between Frontier Communications vs Verizon, which one to opt for? Let’s compare these two ISPs one by one. So, you can decide which one is good, Frontier FiOS vs Verizon FiOS, for your household needs.

Verizon Fios Vs Frontier – Compare Plans and Prices

Let’s start with the basic one we first look into as an internet service provider. 

Verizon Internet Plans and Pricing

Verizon’s internet plans are reasonably priced. Your monthly bill will likely stay the same. Besides, it comes with three internet packages for you to choose from. These actually come as bundle packages, including various perks.

Some plans have a 12-month free subscription on Disney Plus, while others offer 200TV channels. At $20 per month, you can even get home phone services. Also, you can get extra 200Mbps for downloading and streaming at $40.

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What else? The gigabit package costs only $40 extra than the low-speed package but offers up to 940Mbps download speeds. The low-speed package isn’t actually low as you might think.

The low-speed plan offers 300Mbps upload and download speeds, costing 49.99/month. Moreover, Verizon has a DSL plan for areas where Verizon FiOS is unavailable.

Verizon Fiber Plans and Pricing:

PlansDownload SpeedPrice with AutoPay and without selecting 5G mobile plansData Cap
Internet 300 Mbps300/300 Mbps$24.99/month for a limited time, but then $49.99/monthUnlimited
Internet 500 Mbps500/500 Mbps$44.99/month for a limited time, but then $69.99/monthUnlimited
Internet 1 Gig750-940/750-880 Mbps$64.99/month for a limited time, but then $89.99/monthUnlimited

Verizon DSL Plans and Pricing:

PlansDownload SpeedPriceData Cap
Verizon Double Play (High-Speed Internet + Phone)0.5Mbps-15Mbps$74.99/monthUnlimited

Frontier Internet Plans and Pricing

Frontier has better deals when it comes to fiber plans. But the prices for fiber plans are vague. Frontier also has a DSL plan at a relatively low price. However, the DSL plan can be slower than Frontier fiber plans because it can reach up to 25Mbps.

Frontier fiber plans are not as high-priced compared to the speeds it provides. Their fiber plan starts with 500Mbps which is okay for smaller families. The price starts from 49.99 per month.

Nonetheless, the gigabit plans can be as high as 5Gbps, which costs about $154.99 monthly. It’s quite fair for the speed you get compared to other ISPs. Not to mention, the Frontier DSL plan costs only $49.99 per month.

You can expect download speeds as slow as 6Mbps and as high as 25Mbps. Well, this speed is insufficient for families of more than two people. This option is only recommended when your area doesn’t have Frontier fiber plans.

Frontier fiber internet plans and Pricing:

PlansDownload & Upload SpeedPrice including AutoPay
and Paperless Bill
Data Cap
Fiber 500500/500 Mbps$49.99/monthUnlimited
Fiber 1 Gig1000/1000 Mbps$69.99/monthUnlimited
Fiber 2 Gig2000/2000 Mbps$99.99/monthUnlimited
Fiber 5 Gig5000/5000Mbps$154.99/monthUnlimited

Frontier DSL cable plans and pricing:

PlansDownload SpeedPriceData Cap
Frontier Internet45-115 Mbps$49.99/monthUnlimited

Who Has the Best Internet Speeds?

Internet speed plays an essential role in deciding between two ISPs. Here, Frontier has a range of internet speeds ranging from low to really high. Depending on your internet usage demand, you can have a good deal. 

Verizon, on the other hand, offers a variety of plans. Their fiber plans have speeds as low as 300Mbps to 1000Mbps. Frontier plans have better speeds than Verizon plans. Frontier may be your best bet if you are online 24/7 and need a high speed.

Internet Service ProviderDownload Speed RangeMonthly PriceData Cap
Frontier FiOS500 – 5000 Mbps$49.99 – $154.99Unlimited
Verizon FiOS300 – 1000 Mbps$49.99 – $89.99Unlimited

Frontier Fios Vs Verizon Fios – Compare Coverage

Frontier Fios Vs Verizon Fios – Compare Coverage
Frontier Fios Vs Verizon Fios – Compare Coverage

The following essential thing is to know whether Frontier and Verizon are available in your area. Frontier internet is available throughout most parts of the U.S. To be specific, it is available in about 29 states across the U.S.

However, you will find it in the west coast, southeast, northeast and Midwest areas. West Virginia, Illinois and Connecticut are its main service region. The Frontier DSL internet is also available mainly in the countryside.

Conversely, Verizon is available in around 10 states. You can find it in metropolitan areas of the Mid-Atlantic, including New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

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Verizon is on a mission to take its service to suburban and rural areas. If you are from somewhere other than the Northeastern U.S., Verizon has 5G home internet for you. It covers a few cities, including Chicago, San Jose and C.A.

People living in rural areas can get Verizon 4G LTE home internet services. Also, they offer DSL internet service to people living outside major cities. They have more than 49 million people using Verizon DSL internet service.

In fact, Verizon has been ranked as the 4th largest DSL provider in residential areas. Verizon may have more limited coverage than Frontier regarding Fiber internet. But, they are one of the best in their service area for DSL internet.

Frontier Vs Verizon – Comparing Customer Service

Verizon Customer Experience

Verizon is ahead of the field when it comes to customer service. It has a better reputation for its reliable internet connection. But that’s only applicable to the gigabit connection. 

Real stories from a prime customer

A Verizon customer named ED. T. has been using the service at his 1400 Sq. ft. home. He uses the internet for work-purpose, while his wife and daughters use it for gaming and streaming. 

Verizon Customer Experience

Except for the rare lag issues, his daughters can play online games, and his wife can watch YouTube videos. It may not be absolutely perfect. But they have been using it without any significant issues.

Once, their Verizon Fios G1100 installed on the side of the house had been flooded out because of a heavy storm. A Verizon customer care representative was there the next day to replace it with a new one.

Even Ed’s home has all smart devices, like a Roku, a Google thermostat, etc., driven by Verizon internet plans. On top of that, he pays $20/month less for all these services. Overall, Ed’s family gives Verizon service 9 out of 10.

Verizon always amazes their customer with their highly responsive customer service. Another issue most ISP users face is not getting the advertised speed. Verizon always satisfies their customers in this case.

A Verizon FiOS customer claimed despite paying for 200Mbps, she gets up to 330Mbps at times. The speed never slowed down. In fact, Verizon delivers higher than their advertised speeds. They get even more than what they pay for.

Though Verizon mostly gets complaints about its DSL internet service, not fiber. It happens mostly during peak hours. So, mostly they have positive reviews from customers.

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Frontier Customer Experience

Unfortunately, Frontier customer service could be better despite providing high-speed internet. What could be the possible reasons? Customers have mostly claimed it to be very unresponsive.

A real story from a fiber customer

A Frontier fiber customer named Hannah is using Frontier’s 500Mbps plan in her 2950 Sq. ft. single-floor home in a family of six. The main hub is though provided by ARRIS NVG468MQ; they use two WiFi boosters to reach every corner of the home.

Frontier Customer Experience

They use Frontier internet mostly for work, streaming and gaming purpose. She claims to have rare lag issues, but it sometimes pops up while streaming multiple programs.

Hannah got a better download and uploaded speed overall. But, one thing she noticed was that Frontier increased their monthly rate without prior notice. This drives her to give Frontier an 8 out of 10 overall rating.

Overall, Frontier has no issues regarding its speed and reliability. The problem is with their customer service. They must work on improving their customer service.

Frontier Fios Vs Verizon Fios – Compare ARRIS NVG468MQ Vs G1100

Let’s compare the two most popular Frontier and Verizon gateways, ARRIS NVG468MQ and G1100. However, they both have similar features. So let’s compare some of its functionalities head-to-head.

  • Power usage – Frontier and Verizon typically use 12W with both 2.4GHz, and 5GHz enabled. So, it’s a tie.
  • UI arrangement – It has been arranged similarly, but differences exist. For instance, on the G1100, the port forwarding seems more functional. 

You can generate advanced ranges following port forwarding rules. Conversely, on the ARRIS NVG468MQ, you must create multiple rules if multiple ports are available.

  • Logging – Both fail here because of not having good logging. For instance, ARRIS’s firewall log is not configurable and only lists IPs, not ports.
  • NAT loopback – ARRIS fails to implement a NAT loopback proxy. On the G1100, it works perfectly. ARRIS requires fixing the issue with a new firewall update. 

Frontier Communications vs Verizon – Compare Service Fees

Activation and termination fees

Frontier charges a one-time activation fee of $85, whereas Verizon charges $99. If you order online, both ISPs waived this activation fee. However, Frontier charges a $10 termination fee when you stop using their services. 

Data allowance

“NO DATA CAP” is one of the marketing policies of ISPs these days. But is it really? Though most ISPs are sneaky when it comes to data caps. Luckily, not so with Frontier and Verizon.

In fact, Frontier has no data throttling in addition to a data cap. Even Verizon internet has no data caps. They put no data limits, especially for FiOS customers. Thanks to Frontier and Verizon for this opportunity.

Equipment rental fees

Verizon FiOS charges an equipment rental fee of $15 monthly on 300Mbps and 500Mbps plans. The good news is their 1Gig plan doesn’t include any equipment rental fees. On the other hand, Frontier has no equipment rental fee included.

Contract terms

There is no long-term contract in both Frontier or Verizon. They offer monthly plans. So, you can change the plan anytime you want.

Frontier Vs Verizon – Who Is the Winner?

All things considered, it is better to leave the decision up to you. Our information should be enough to decide which is ideal for your situation. You are lucky if you live in Suburban areas covered by Frontier FiOS.

You can use Frontier FiOS on multiple devices in your large household requiring gigabit speeds. Moreover, they have DSL plans for rural customers. The speed may vary on your location.

However, Verizon has good fiber plans with high-speed internet, particularly in states. The cherry on the cake is that Verizon delivers what they promise. Besides, their plans are symmetrical and affordable.