GoNetspeed Vs Frontier: A Battle for Broadband Superiority

GoNetspeed Vs Frontier: A Battle for Broadband Superiority
GoNetspeed Vs Frontier: A Battle for Broadband Superiority

Now that fiber internet is rolling out far and wide, Frontier and GoNetSpeed are drawing everyone’s attention. The packages and prices that both GoNetspeed and Frontier offer can’t be beaten. But how do GoNetspeed Vs Frontier compare?

GoNetspeed is incredible if you are lucky enough to live in their install area or future install areas. On the other hand, Frontier’s reliability, speed potential, and overall value are top-notch.

So, which one should you go with, GoNetspeed or Frontier? That’s where we can help. This article will make a side-by-side comparison between Frontier Vs GoNetspeed. So, you can decide what suits your preference.

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GoNetspeed Vs Frontier: An Overview

In today’s fast-paced digital world, access to reliable, high-speed internet is essential for individuals and businesses. Many dreamt of downloading and uploading large files within seconds.

As internet usage grows exponentially, the competition between internet service providers (ISPs) intensifies. Most current ISPs cannot provide what dedicated fiber networks like GoNetspeed and Frontier can.

If you are looking for fast internet speeds or service that is never capped, look no further than Frontier and GoNetspeed. Their service is second to none. We tested both ISPs and researched based on various metrics; here, we share our findings.

Key Takeaways Based on Our Research

  • GoNetspeed is a 100% high-speed fiber internet provider serving thousands of residential and business customers.
  • Frontier offers fiber optic-based internet as well as DSL service. Their fiber internet is a better deal.
  • GoNetspeed service can mostly be found in Massachusetts.
  • Frontier fiber is fast and has great prices, but it is only available in some places. 
  • GoNetspeed offers faster internet using optical fiber.
  • Frontier DSL service is unpredictable as its speed and performance vary widely depending on your location.
  • GoNetspeed has expanded its fiber network throughout the Northeastern US. It is one of the largest independent ISP in the East.
  • Frontier fiber internet is available in 15 states, whereas Frontier DSL is available in 25 states.
  • Frontier has no data caps and no contracts. So, you get unlimited data on all internet plans.

GoNetspeed Fiber Vs Frontier Fiber: A Brief Comparison

TechnologyLatest fiber optic technologyIndustry-leading fiber-optic technology
Connection TypeFiberFiber and DSL
Release DateApril 27, 2022 May 2009
Download Speeds200Mbps – 1Gbps500Mbps – 5Gbps(Fiber)
1 – 10Mbps (DSL)
Upload Speeds10Mbps – 35Mbps500Mbps – 1Gbps (Fiber)
Up to 20Mbps (DSL)
Latency (Ping)Low20.68ms
Contracts TypeNo contract and hidden chargesNo contract
Data CapsNo No
Package Prices$49.95/mo. – $75.95/mo.$49.99/mo. – $154.99/mo.

Frontier Fiber Vs GoNetspeed: Speed Comparison

Frontier Fiber is far ahead of GoNetspeed when it comes to speed. With lightning-fast internet speeds, Frontier Internet has earned the top among many ISPs we analyzed.

When you sign-up for Frontier Fiber, you get download speeds ranging from 500Mbps to 5000Mbps. It will suit any needs you could have. Moreover, Frontier Fiber offers upload speeds ranging from 500Mbps-1Gbps.

The upload speed is still better than any other ISPs. In the speed test, we got around 846Mbps download and 792Mbps upload speed for the 500Mbps plan. This indicates Frontier offers more than it advertised, which is a good point.

Frontier DSL plan is less reliable in terms of speed. While its fiber-optic service provides competitive speeds, DSL connections may not match the performance and reliability of GoNetspeed fiber offerings.

However, GoNetspeed offers symmetrical download and upload speeds ranging from 200Mbps to 1Gbps. Also, they deliver what they advertise. Still, Frontier Fiber has better speeds than GoNetspeed, ranking at the top for their fastest download speeds.

GoNetspeed Internet Vs Frontier: Internet Plans and Pricing

Affordability is often a deciding factor for consumers when choosing an ISP. GoNetspeed pricing is competitive, considering its fiber-optic offerings. They offer three straightforward plans, including 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps.

Promotional prices are available for GoNetspeed residential customers. After the promotional period, you must pay $10 extra for each plan. Also, GoNetspeed plans don’t include data caps or hidden fees, making it easier for users to understand their monthly bills.

GoNetspeed Internet Plans and Pricing

Gonetspeed Internet - GoNetspeed Vs Frontier
Gonetspeed Internet Plans
PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPromotional PriceData Caps

Frontier’s pricing can vary depending on the technology available in a given location. Fiber-optic plans are generally more expensive than DSL plans. They offer four fiber internet plans ranging from 500Mbps to 5Gbps and a DSL plan.

Their 500Mbps plan offers better speed for medium to large-sized families. It supports more than a few people simultaneously working, streaming, and gaming. If you use the internet for freelancing, home business, and streaming, consider the 2Gig plan.

Frontier Fiber Internet Plans and Pricing

GoNetspeed Vs Frontier - Frontier Fiber Internet Plans
Frontier Fiber Plans
PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPriceData Caps
Fiber 500500Mbps500Mbps$49.99/monthNo
Fiber 1 Gig1000Mbps1000Mbps$69.99/monthNo
Fiber 2 Gig2000Mbps2000Mbps$99.99/monthNo
Fiber 5 Gig5000Mbps5000Mbps$154.99/monthNo

Frontier DSL Internet Plans and Pricing

PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPriceData Caps
Fiber DSL1 – 10 MbpsUp to 20Mbps$49.99/monthNo

Frontier Vs GoNetspeed: Availability

One of the key considerations when choosing an ISP is its coverage area. Frontier has a more extensive coverage area due to its long-standing presence in the ISP industry. Frontier DSL and Fiber internet are available in around 40 states.

Besides, its fiber internet is available in over a dozen states, including Connecticut, California, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, and Texas. They expect to reach 10 million locations by the end of 2025.

Unfortunately, GoNetspeed internet is not available as much as Frontier. It is available in selected regions across the US, focusing on expanding its fiber-optic network into new markets.

GoNetspeed is serving residential and business customers in Alabama, Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia. Among all, it is mainly available in Massachusetts.

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Frontier Fiber Vs GoNetspeed Internet: Latency

Frontier’s latency can vary based on the technology available in a particular area. In regions where Frontier provides fiber-optic internet, users may experience lower latency, similar to GoNetspeed’s.

In areas where Frontier offers DSL connections, latency may be slightly higher due to the nature of DSL technology. As we tested, Frontier got an average latency of 20.68ms. It could be lower for activities like online gaming or video conferencing.

GoNetspeed, being a fiber-optic ISP, typically offers lower latency than DSL services. Its fiber-optic network may experience lower ping times, which is especially beneficial for online gaming and real-time applications.

GoNetspeed Vs Frontier Fiber: Equipment & Installation Fee

GoNetspeed typically provides its subscribers with the necessary equipment for their fiber-optic internet service. This includes a fiber-optic modem or a router, for which they charge a rental fee. But they don’t charge a penny for installation.

Like GoNetspeed, Frontier Fiber typically provides the necessary equipment for its fiber-optic internet service. This includes a fiber-optic modem and router. While they offer a modem at no additional cost but charge $10/month for the router.

Moreover, Frontier offers expert installation for fiber internet, which costs $50. Frontier DSL is more expensive than fiber, costing you $95. Also, they charge a one-time activation fee of $85 and a disconnect fee of $10.

GoNetspeed Fiber Vs Frontier: Bundle Offers

GoNetspeed offers bundle deals combining their fiber-optic internet service and services like TV or digital phone service. The bundle services may vary depending on the specific promotion and the location where GoNetspeed operates.

Frontier is a larger ISP with a more extensive service footprint. This means they might have a broader range of bundle offers available in different regions. Frontier offers bundles with services like digital TV, home phone, or even security services.

Frontier Vs GoNetspeed Fiber: Customer Service

Customer service is a critical factor in any service-based industry. Frontier’s customer service reputation has been more varied due to its larger size and extensive coverage area.

Some customers report positive experiences with Frontier’s support, while others have expressed concerns about long wait times. They recommend live chat over online phone calls, which is unfortunately not available 24/7.

Therefore, they received a low score of 57 out of 100 in ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) ratings. On the other hand, GoNetspeed has garnered praise for its responsive and customer-oriented approach.

As a relatively new player in the market, they focus on building strong relationships with users by providing personalized support. Also, being a small ISP allows GoNetspeed to address customer issues with greater attention and care.

Who is GoNetspeed Best for?

GoNetspeed is best suited for individuals and businesses prioritizing high-speed, reliable, and symmetrical fiber-optic internet service. Here are some specific groups for whom GoNetspeed is an excellent choice:

  • Online gamers and streaming enthusiasts
  • Remote workers and video conferencing users
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Content creators and influencers
  • Tech-Savvy users and early adopters
  • Families and households with multiple devices

Who is Frontier Internet Best for?

Frontier is a versatile internet service provider that caters to a broad range of users with varying needs and preferences. Here are individuals and households for whom Frontier might be the best choice:

  • Users in rural or suburban areas
  • Users require various services like digital TV and home phone.
  • Families and households with multiple devices
  • Users interested in symmetrical speeds
  • Budget-conscious consumers

Final Words

Choosing between GoNetspeed vs Frontier ultimately depends on individual preferences. GoNetspeed stands out for its top-tier fiber-optic internet with symmetric speeds and excellent customer service.

However, its coverage area may be limited compared to Frontier. Frontier offers a wider coverage but may not match the consistent speed and reliability of GoNetspeed fiber-optic connections.

Before deciding, we suggest researching the coverage, plans, and customer reviews for both ISPs in your location. Note that your internet needs to rely on factors like usage patterns, budget, and the number of connected devices.

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