GoNetspeed Vs Optimum: Who Has Better Internet Service?

Let’s get this straight. Brace yourself for a showdown between GoNetspeed vs Optimum – undisputed titans of the Internet world. Both offer high-speed and reliable internet connectivity for personal and professional usage.

Before addressing the differences, it is worth mentioning that both are the best ISPs in Fairfield. Optimum is best because it offers cable and fiber internet with up to 8Gbps download speeds.

On the other hand, GoNetspeed offers fast download speeds at a price you won’t believe. This article will take you through an epic clash of speed, plans, costs, availability, and customer satisfaction between two ISPs.

GoNetspeed Vs Optimum: An Overview

GoNetspeed Vs Optimum: Who Has Better Internet Service?
GoNetspeed Vs Optimum: Who Has Better Internet Service?

Choosing the right ISP in today’s fast-paced digital age is crucial to ensure a seamless online experience. With many options available, customers often face the challenge of choosing the most suitable one for their needs.

Hence, it is essential to compare two ISPs to find the best one that suits your particular needs. That’s what we are going to do below in this article. This article will conduct a comprehensive comparison between GoNetspeed and Optimum.

Keep on reading to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways Based on Our Research

  • GoNetspeed provides high-speed internet through a fiber-optic network. 
  • Optimum provides diverse internet speed plans to cater to different user needs.
  • GoNetspeed offers faster and more reliable connections than traditional cable or DSL services.
  • Optimum is known for its bundling options, allowing customers to combine internet services with cable TV and phone services.
  • GoNetspeed offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, low latency, and more consistent performance.
  • Optimum offers internet services to various locations, primarily concentrated in the Northeastern United States. 
  • GoNetspeed focuses on providing services to specific neighborhoods or communities.
  • Optimum offers access to a vast network of WiFi hotspots so that customers can connect to the internet on the go in public locations.
  • GoNetspeed customers can access high-speed internet without facing excessive costs. 
  • Optimum and GoNetspeed both offer no-contract options.

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Optimum Vs GoNetspeed: A Brief Comparison

TechnologyLatest fiber optic technologyCable or cable hybrid network
Connection TypeFiberHFC (Hybrid fiber-coaxial) and FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
Release DateApril 27, 2022 September 5, 2019
Download Speeds200Mbps – 1Gbps10 Mbps – 940 Mbps (HFC)
300 Mbps – 5 Gbps (FTTH)
Upload Speeds10Mbps – 35Mbps1Mbps – 35Mbps (HFC)
20Mbps – 5Gbps (FTTH)
Latency (Ping)LowA bit high
Contracts TypeNo contract and hidden chargesNo contract
Data CapsNo No
Package Prices$49.95/mo. – $75.95/mo.$24.95/mo. – $180/mo.

Optimum Vs GoNetspeed: Speed Comparison

The internet speed of an ISP directly impacts browsing, streaming, gaming, and downloading experiences. Both Optimum and GoNetspeed offer competitive speed packages. However, their maximum attainable speeds might differ.

Optimum boasts impressive plans with download speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 5Gbps, ideal for heavy internet users. Also, it offers decent upload speeds that match their download speeds.

Optimum provides the best value in upload speed ranging from 20Mbps to 5Gbps, ideal for creators and remote workers. GoNetspeed, while it may have lower speed options, focuses on providing consistent and reliable performance.

They offer what they advertise. GoNetspeed offers internet speeds ranging from 250Mbps to 1Gbps, with an average speed of 500Mbps and a maximum speed of 1Gbps. It is suitable for smaller households and regular internet activities.

GoNetspeed provides symmetrical download and upload speeds with a fiber optic line. The upload speed might be limited in comparison, making it less ideal for content creators.

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GoNetspeed Internet Vs Optimum: Internet Plans and Pricing

GoNetspeed and Optimum both offer various plans catering to different budgets. GoNetspeed has a limited number of packages, but the pricing structure might be more competitive for lower-tier packages.

They are mostly appealing to budget-conscious customers. GoNetspeed comes with three internet plans for customers. You need to pay between $54.99 to $69.99 per month. Besides, you will get a free router with installation in all plans.

Conversely, Optimum offers extensive plans, giving customers greater flexibility to choose what suits them best. They have five plans to feed cable users’ demand and six plans for fiber users.

The cherry on the top is they recently launched an 8Gbps plan for avid internet users. The price is slightly higher than other internet plans, but it’s worth it. However, their internet price increases after 24 months.

The price remains the same for two years, and after that, prices increase by $10/month. Since Optimum’s website is not user-friendly, navigating some of their plans might be challenging. So, we have mentioned their plans and pricing below.

GoNetspeed Internet Plans and Pricing

PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPromotional PriceData Caps

Optimum Cable Plans and Pricing

PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPriceData Caps
Optimum 1010 Mbps1 Mbps$24.95/mo.No
Optimum 2020 Mbps2 Mbps$25/mo.No
Optimum 300300 Mbps20 Mbps$40.00/mo.No
Optimum 500500 Mbps20 Mbps$60.00/mo.No
Optimum 1 Gig 940 Mbps35 Mbps$80.00/mo.No

Optimum Fiber Plans and Pricing

PlansDownload speedUpload SpeedPromotional price for 24 monthsData Caps
Optimum 300300 Mbps20 Mbps$40.00/mo.No
Optimum 500500 Mbps20 Mbps$60.00/mo.No
Optimum 1 Gig 940 Mbps35 Mbps$80.00/mo.No
Optimum 2 Gig2Gbps2Gbps$120/mo.No
Optimum 5 Gig5Gbps5Gbps$180/mo.No

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Optimum Internet Vs GoNetspeed: Coverage

Coverage plays an essential role in determining the accessibility of the ISP. Optimum and GoNetspeed both has widespread coverage in their respective regions. However, their presence might vary significantly.

As a regional ISP, Optimum offers internet service to more than 20.6 million people across 21 states. It covers New York areas, South and 19 West states. The internet provider has the most coverage in New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

GoNetspeed, on the other hand, is available in only two states in the US, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. The maximum coverage of GoNetspeed is in Massachusetts and Fairfield, their largest coverage area.

Moreover, GoNetspeed is available in urban and suburban areas. Around 269,000+ people in more than 30,000 families and businesses use the GoNetspeed service. It is ranked 34th among fiber optic internet providers.

Internet ProviderCoverage Area
OptimumArizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Fairfield, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio.
GoNetspeedConnecticut, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maine, Vermont, Alabama, Massachusetts, West Virginia, New Haven, West Hartford, Hartford, Arab.

Optimum Vs GoNetspeed Internet: Latency

Optimum and GoNetspeed, both claim to have lower latency. Though Optimum claims to have less seamless streaming and gaming lag, the reality says differently. It has a bit higher latency than GoNetspeed, as users claimed.

GoNetspeed, on the other hand, is more stable than Optimum. It has lower latency, which makes it incredibly stable. GoNetspeed lower latency is expected since it’s a 100% fiber network.

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GoNetspeed Vs Optimum Internet: Equipment & Installation Fee

Thankfully, GoNetspeed doesn’t cost a penny for the services they provide to your home. On top of that, they offer free installation with a free router if you subscribe to their plan. GoNetspeed billing is as clear as it could be.

Conversely, Optimum has hidden costs included. They charge $100 to install their service to your home by a professional. Then, you have to pay $10/month for a WiFi router or modem rental.

However, they currently offer their gateway for free to new customers. We suggest purchasing your own WiFi router or cable modem. Moreover, some plans offer a free WiFi extender to get coverage on WiFi dead spots in your home.

If your plan doesn’t qualify, you must rent it for $3/month. Optimum also charges $3.50/month for network enhancement. Lastly, they charge $10 for late payment of their internet plans.

Optimum Hidden Costs

Service NameCost
WiFi router/modem rentalFree or $10.00/mo.
WiFi extender rentalFree or $3.00/mo.
Network Enhancement Fee$3.50/mo.
Late payment$10

GoNetspeed Vs Optimum: Bundle Offers

GoNetspeed offers 100% fiber internet with bundle services such as cable TV, internet, Mobile phone service, and online security. Depending on your location, you might have high-speed fiber internet bundling with phone, TV, and phone &TV.

However, Optimum is extraordinary when it comes to bundle offerings. They have some exciting extras combined with their internet service. Optimum makes sure there is a deal for you no matter what speed you need. 

Check out a few of the popular internet bundle deals below.

Bundle namesPromotional pricesOffers
Optimum Complete
(Optimum Internet and Mobile)
$45/month> Save up to $15 per month on the internet
> Up to $500 on a Visa Prepaid Card
> Up to 5 mobile lines with unlimited data
> Free Optimum Extender
> Free Optimum Fiber Gateway 6
Optimum Internet and TV$75/month> Up to $500 on a Visa Prepaid Card
> Access 340+ channels
> Free Optimum Extender
> Free Optimum Fiber Gateway 6
> The first set-top box included
Optimum Internet and Phone$60/month> Up to $500 on a Visa Prepaid Card
> Over 20 useful calling features
> Unlimited local and long-distance calling anytime
> Free Optimum Extender
> Free Optimum Fiber Gateway 6

Optimum Vs GoNetspeed Fiber: Customer Service

Needless to say, both Optimum and GoNetspeed have invested in their customer service. Depending on the availability, their experiences might be different. Optimum has a well-established support infrastructure with 24/7 phone, email, and chat options available.

GoNetspeed, being a smaller provider, might offer a more personalized and local support experience. Since the company has rebranded as GoNetspeed, there have been hardly any noticeable customer complaints about their service.

Thanks to their 100% fiber network infrastructure. They are currently serving new and old customers with their best customer support. They aim to extend their reach to residential, commercial, and rural areas.

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GoNetspeed Vs Optimum: A Brief Overview

GoNetspeed Internet Overview

Gonetspeed Internet - TheISPFamily
Gonetspeed Internet

GoNetspeed is a telecommunication holding company based in Oneonta, Alabama. It was founded in 2019 as OTELCO and rebranded as GoNetspeed on April 27, 2022. This newly established ISP provides reliable and high-speed internet to customers.

They have recently launched fiber optic technology to ensure the fastest internet. Moreover, GoNetspeed offers internet access, local and long-distance telephone service, and cable access to customers.

Optimum Fiber Internet Overview

Optimum Internet

Optimum is an American telecommunication brand operated by Altice USA. It is the 4th largest ISP in the US. It offers internet service with fiber optic lines. Optimum basically provides two types of internet; Optimum cable and Optimum fiber.

They offer cable TV, voice, and mobile phone service, in addition to the internet. All in all, Optimum has everything you expect, including high-speed internet, affordable prices, no data caps, and no contracts. 

Wrap Up!

Ultimately, the choice between GoNetspeed vs Optimum boils down to your specific requirements. Optimum is an old player and well-established ISP with broader coverage and a wider range of plans. 

It is suitable for those seeking higher speeds and more extensive service areas. In contrast, GoNetspeed might appeal to customers looking for competitive pricing and consistent performance in select regions.

Before making your decision, thoroughly research the available plans, compare internet speeds, and check service availability. Choosing the right ISP will ensure a satisfying online experience for your daily activities and entertainment needs.

Best of luck!