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Google Fiber vs Xfinity: Which Provider is Best For You?

Google Fiber and Xfinity are the fastest internet service providers (ISPs) competing closely. Therefore, you need to identify which is best for you and would suit your needs.

Though Google Fiber claims to ensure a super-fast speed fiber optic network, on the other option, you will find that Xfinity expediently spreads over remote areas in the US.

However, you may need clarification about which option is right for you. On this consideration, my writing topic is Google Fiber vs Xfinity, which can assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.

So, read more to discover the stark differences and comparisons between Google Fiber & Xfinity!

Quick Comparison Between Google Fiber vs Xfinity

FeatureGoogle FiberXfinity Comcast
Internet speedUp to 2,000 MbpsUp to 2,000 Mbps
Data capsNoNo
Contract lengthNo contracts1-year contract
Installation fee$10 deposit$75
Equipment rental fee$10 per month$14 per month
Customer service rating4.5 out of 53.5 out of 5
AvailabilityLimited to select citiesWidely available

About Xfinity and Google Fiber


Xfinity is one of the famous internet service providers in the US market. It is also known as Comcast Xfinity. The Xfinity internet service is the brand name of Comcast. It also has bundled services that include Telephone & Cable TV.

The bundled service of Xfinity is a genuine reason to make them the leading internet service provider in the entire US. It is the more reliable and fastest internet service provider for the customer.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is a new ISP in the US market and officially launched in 2010. It has gained more popularity despite being relatively unknown. It is mainly known as a technology giant, but no one hopes it will enter into internet service.

Google Fiber provides more reliable, fastest, and cheaper internet, which is hopeful news for all. It is more famous for its affordable internet service.

Are Google Fiber and Xfinity for Whom?

For choosing an internet service provider, price is only sometimes an issue in the present day. When deciding, knowing where you get services available, speeds package, contract terms, and monthly fees are necessary.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber provides services in a smaller area covering about 1% of US households. But it may be a better way for you if you live in significant metro areas like Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Orange County, Salt Lake City, and Provo. You may have even good luck if you stay in Huntsville or Kansas City, where Google Fiber has a much bigger footprint.

Recently, Google Fiber has provided two plans. One is 1000Mbps, which starts at $70/month, and the other is 2000Mbps, which starts at $100/month. The plans of Google Fiber include unlimited data; they have no contract option or equipment fee.


You will find Xfinity has a larger footprint and services covering about 35% of households in the US. But now, less than 1% of homes can get their fastest fiber speeds. Despite this, you will still find many internet plans to choose from.

You can choose one package between five or six packages though prices vary as to which region/market you’re in. You will get up to 500Mbps Xfinity’s lowest package offers for $20-$25/month, which is perfect for email checkers and web surfers. 

And the Xfinity fastest package offers 1200Mbps for $70-$89.99/month. If your household needs more internet usage, like streaming videos with more devices, online gaming, and multiple intelligent devices running simultaneously, then you can choose the 1200Mbps package.

Google Fiber vs Xfinity: Comparing issues

Google Fiber vs Xfinity: Which Provider is Best For You?
Google Fiber vs Xfinity

In Google Fiber vs Xfinity internet, it is essential to provide speeds & plans and whether they are budget-friendly.

Here, I will provide you with some comparing issues between them that can assist you in making a judgment or selecting the best one for your needs. Let’s find out what the comparison problems are.


When discussing Xfinity vs Google Fiber, the price issue comes first. While an internet service provider must provide a better speed, it is also vital to ask about the service price so that it doesn’t leave your wallet money empty at the end of the month. 

In Google Fiber vs Xfinity internet, the Google Fiber monthly plans range from $70 to $100, and the Xfinity monthly plans range from $24.99 to 84.99.

#Internet Plans

Xfinity provides a few plans like Performance Pro Plus, Performance Starter, Extreme Pro, and more. The Xfinity plans range from $20 to $299.99 monthly, offering 25Mbps to 2000Mbps.

On the other hand, Google Fiber has only two plans: Google Fiber 1 Gig and Google Fiber 2 Gig. The plan range of Google Fiber is from $70 to $100 and offers 1000Mbps to 2000Mbps.

#Speed Level

One of the crucial things to search for when comparing internet service providers is the speed they claim to offer. So, you need to know Google Fiber vs Xfinity speed to choose between them.

With Xfinity internet, you can get a speed of 15-1000Mbps, and Google Fiber offers a rate of 1Gbps which is 1000Mbps.

#Internet Type

Talking about Comcast Xfinity vs Google Fiber, the one will catch your attention that is the internet type. Xfinity offers a cable internet connection, whereas Google Fiber provides a Fiber optic connection that is more reliable and aims to ensure high speed.

Data Caps ensures whether an internet service provider provides limited data or not. Xfinity offers a 1200 GB data cap, while Google Fiber has no.

#Installation Fees

To get professional installationyou must pay Xfinity charges of $89.99. But you can self-install, which means you have no installation fees. 

On the other hand, google fiber has no installation fee. But, when you sign up, you must pay a $10 deposit. The hopeful news is this deposit may be applied to your bill later.

#Data Overage Fees

If you choose Xfinity service, which imposes a data cap, you have to pay $10 for each extra 50GB of data that you use each month with a cap of $100. You can give off to upgrade any Xfinity internet plan to unlimited data for an extra $30/month.

Google Fiber, on the other side, has no data caps. So, do not worry about fees of data overage.

#Equipment Fees

You must pay $14/month as an equipment rental fee for all Xfinity internet plans and $20 for the Gigabit pro plan. On the other hand, Google Fiber has no monthly equipment charge.

#Early Termination fees

You must require a contract if you want an Xfinity plan. And, for each unfulfilled month of your agreement, you will have to pay $10/month. 

Google Fiber has no monthly contract system. So, with Google Fiber, you have no early termination fee.

Xfinity vs Google Fiber: Pros and Cons

If you want to go with Xfinity or Google Fiber as your internet service provider, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of Comcast Xfinity vs. Google Fiber. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Xfinity vs. Google Fiber.



  • Available internet service in most parts of the United States
  • A diversity of bundle options
  • Rapid & reliable internet speeds
  • A difference in internet


  • The prices tend to switch with the areas
  • Not good responsive customer service
  • Price hikes with the promotional period
  • A lot of secret charges
  • Lower upload speeds
  • Data caps option



  • Unlimited data and has no data caps
  • A fast fiber-optic internet network
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy monthly contracts
  • No secret fees and casual price hikes
  • Genuine internet plans
  • Has no early termination fee
  • Have a chance to free professional installation
  • The company provides a free installation kit that adds all the required equipment


  • Concise coverage is available in only 18 states in the US.
  • No more variety of internet plan options
  • No more bundle options
  • Low-speed internet for easy tasks
  • The customer service reps are not friendly in providing changeable solutions to the customers

Which is Faster? Google Fiber or Xfinity?

If you search for higher speeds on Google Fiber vs Comcast, you will find that Google Fiber provides more speed for the monthly cost though Xfinity delivers a wide range of plan options than Google Fiber.

With Xfinity, you will get an average of 1200 Mbps cable internet plans, whereas Fiber internet plans are 2000Mbps, the fastest internet speed available in most locations. With a one-gig plan, Google Fiber ensures up to 1000 gigabits per second and up to 2000 gigabits with two gigs.

Google Fiber Vs Xfinity: Plans and Pricing

You need to know Google Fiber vs. Xfinity plans & pricing to choose the best one. Here, I will provide you the plans & pricing of Google Fiber and Xfinity Comcast with a chart below.

Google Fiber Plans & Pricing

        Internet  PackagePriceSpeed
Google Fiber 1 Gig$70/month1Gbps (1000Mbps)
Google Fiber 2 Gig$100/month2Gbps (2000Mbps)

Google Fiber provides unbelievably fast speeds for a very affordable price. Though Google Fiber has limited availability, it has had a significant effect nationwide, popularizing as home internet and ideal for other ISPs to improve & keep up their services.

Google Fiber offers two plan options, but both have direct pricing and offer a high value. The 2Gbs plan of Google Fiber has limited availability in all areas, but as the 1Gbs plan, its popularity & availability is growing gradually.

Xfinity Plans and Pricing

Internet PackagePriceSpeeds
Connect More$40/month200Mbps
Gigabit Extra$80/month1200Mbps

 Xfinity provides a wide range of plans, and every project is available in each area. But, most sites offer a variety of methods, from basic but reasonable to reasonably robust. Though the Xfinity plans provide higher speeds, these plans tend to be more expensive than the Google fiber offered plans.

The biggest benefit of Xfinity is its wide range of availability. It is the greatest ISPs in the United States, and as its complete network basis on cable connections, it can provide higher speeds and reliable connections than the ISPs that conduct DSL networks.

Google Fiber Vs Xfinity: Is it Worth the Money?

When searching for a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider), you first need to check whether it is worth the money. Xfinity provides the guarantee of a price lock that lasts for 12 months. If you wish to get this benefit, you must sign a one-year contract. 

The Xfinity price lock system for your internet plan is sound because your monthly bills will remain constant for 12 months. It is imperative to note that after finishing the lock period, you will face price hikes.

On the other hand, Google Fiber is excellent and offers large money-saving offers for new consumers. Here, you can avoid paying any hidden charges and have no chance of price hikes like Xfinity. The prices of the Fiber internet plans are lucid and determined for the customer.

Moreover, Google Fiber offers free equipment and installation for its customers unless additional work is required. If the value for money and monthly costs are an issue, then Google Fiber will be an excellent option for you, without any doubt.

Is Google Fiber Better than Xfinity?

Though Google Fiber and Xfinity are both famous internet service providers, the Xfinity cable internet plans provide 1200Mbps, and the Google Fiber optic internet plans provide 2000Mbps. Google fiber is faster than Xfinity and is a more money-saving option.

Xfinity has hidden charges, installation fees, & data caps, whereas Google Fiber has no hidden pay, installation charge, and data caps. So, if you have money or a monthly cost issue, you can choose Google Fiber, which will be a better option for you.

Final Words

Google Fiber and Xfinity are renowned internet service providers in the United States. Therefore, you may have hesitation to choose one of these two brands. In this concern, we discussed Google Fiber vs. Xfinity in our above discussion to remove your confusion.

And studying Xfinity vs. Google Fiber will assist you in choosing the one you need. You will also know which brand is the most reliable, fastest, cheapest, and best option for you.

So, follow our discussion to select the perfect one from Google Fiber vs Xfinity!

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