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Sonic Internet Vs Xfinity: Which Provider is Better for you?

In the present era, the fastest internet speed is like oxygen, which is crucial for every person to lead an easy and comfortable life. But, the markets have various networks, and it is challenging to choose the best one for your demands. Here, we see a battle between Sonic Internet Vs Xfinity internet.

As Sonic and Xfinity is both the fastest & best internet service provider, you need to know the comparison between them to pick one for your specific internet needs. In this regard, my article is about Sonic Internet vs Xfinity.

So, don’t skip and study more to find the stark differences and similarities between Sonic Internet vs Xfinity.

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Sonic Internet vs Xfinity Comcast: ISP’s Overview

Sonic Internet

Sonic is a telecommunication company and one of the fastest internet service providers (ISP) in the US, founded in 1994, serving the people of California. It delivers a fiber optic network and promises to provide the best internet connectivity to the users over the latest technology available.

Sonic Internet is an available option in California. It conducts its network in San Francisco and 19 other bay location communities. It is an affordable internet service provider with fast download & upload speeds and provides the best local customer service. Sonic not only delivers lightning-fast internet speed but also ensures the protection of network signals.

With Sonic Internet, you will also get unlimited data, free installation, and member-focused privacy policies. Consumers subscribing under Sonic’s primary fiber service can get 15 email accounts (1GB storage each), spam call blocking, free VPN, and so on. If you are a first-time subscriber, you can get a free 30-day trial without commitments or any charge.

Xfinity Comcast Internet

Xfinity is the most popular and fastest internet service provider in the US, founded in 1981 as Comcast cables. It serves the people with its different internet services all over the United States of America.

In 2010, Xfinity modified its various services and provided high-speed Internet through Comcast Xfinity’s internet connection. It is now one of the most outstanding internet service providers in the US, facing many ups and downs.

Xfinity has about 26.5 million consumers spontaneously using their high-speed internet connection. It is a more reliable internet service provider for the customer. Xfinity offers bundle services that make them the leading service provider in the US.

How to Compare Sonic Internet Vs Xfinity Internet?

Sonic and Xfinity have both top priorities for choosing an internet service provider as they provide fast speeds, unlimited data, and reasonable monthly pricing. So, you need to know the significant comparing issues between them to pick the right one for your needs.

 Here, I will provide some comparative issues of Sonic vs. Xfinity that can assist you in choosing a better one. Let’s find out what the comparison issues are between them.

Sonic Internet vs Xfinity: Basic Features

When comparing sonic vs Xfinity, the essential features come first, which is below. Let’s introduce the features between them through a chart.

  Basic FeaturesSonic InternetComcast Xfinity
Network typeDSL, FiberCable, Fiber
Range of Upload speed1.5-1000 Mbps3-35 Mbps
Range of Download speed20-1000 Mbps25-1000 Mbps
Beginning Price$39.99/month$29.99/month
Contract termsContract requisite for internet serviceContract requisite for the lowest price

Sonic Internet Vs Xfinity: Location Coverage

Sonic Internet

The coverage area of Sonic Internet connection is found chiefly within many parts of the US. It is mainly California-based Internet and delivers better coverage all over the city. Therefore, the Californian people get more benefits through the Sonic Internet connection.


Compared with Sonic, Comcast Xfinity has a larger field of communication. It covers most regional locations of the US & delivers its internet privilege to more of the US population. Using their cable lines, Xfinity can reach a better coverage location than Sonic.

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Sonic Internet Vs Xfinity: Policies of Data Usage

In California, many internet providers use the data caps option to conduct their network, which means if you cross a certain amount of data, you have to pay an extra charge on top of your monthly bill.

Sonic has no data caps in California, but Xfinity has data caps on some plans. The standard data limit of Xfinity plans is 1.2 TB. Sonic provides internet plans with unlimited data, one of the best-selling points for Sonic, whereas Comcast Xfinity places data caps with their plans.

Sonic Vs Xfinity: Speed

The speed of network connectivity is the bandwidth that describes the higher data transfer rate. Speed level is a crucial point When comparing Sonic Fiber vs Xfinity. Sonic fiber-optic internet average speed is 50Mbps-10Gbps, whereas the average speed of Comcast Xfinity is 75Mbps-6Gbps.

As Sonic cable internet uses cables for internet signals, they can deliver their consumers a reasonable & reliable internet speed. On the other side, Comcast Xfinity successfully provides better bandwidth and a high-speed internet network for their customers using high technology of cable & wireless connections.

Sonic Vs Xfinity: Plans and Pricing

The plans and pricing of Sonic Vs Xfinity are essential when comparing them. Here, I will provide the plans and pricing of Xfinity Vs Sonic with a chart below.

Sonic Internet Plans

Sonic Internet has three different network packages depending on your location in California. The three networks are Fusion (DSL/LAN), FTTN (Fiber-To-The-Node), and Fiber (Fiber-To-The-Home). Sonic Internet plans are as follows:

Sonic Internet PlansSpeedsStarting PriceFinal Price
Fusion X120 Mbps$39.99/month$49.99
Fusion X240 Mbps$59/month$69.99
Fusion Fiber1000 Mbps$40/month$50

Sonic Fusion X1 internet plan starting price is $39.99 for the first twelve months with 20 Mbps speed. But, it rises 25% to $49.99 in the final price, meaning you pay an internet price of $49.99/month, averaging over two years. It is remarkable to note that the Fusion X1 internet plan includes the following fees:

  • You have to pay per monthly fee of $9.50 for Wi-Fi equipment
  • If you break the contract, you have to pay an early termination fee

With the Sonic Fusion X2 internet plan, you will get an average of 40 Mbps speed with a starting price of $59.99 and a final price of $69.99. And Sonic Fusion Fiber internet plan offers 1000Mbps speed with a beginning price of $40/month, and the final price is $50

Xfinity Internet Plans

Xfinity PlanSpeedsFinal Price
Connect50 Mbps$50
Connect More100 Mbps$60
Fast300 Mbps$70
Superfast600 Mbps$80
Ultrafast900 Mbps$90
Gigabit1200 Mbps$100

Compared with Sonic Internet plans, the cost of the Comcast Xfinity fast plan is $50 per month for the first year. Here, the price rises 40% to $70 after that introductory period. So, the per month cost of the Xfinity internet plan is $60, averaged over two years. It includes some fees as well:

  • You will pay $14/month for Wi-Fi equipment
  • You need to pay fees for using more than 1.2TB

When comparing Sonic Fiber vs Xfinity plans, you need to check if you are in a sonic fiber service location. If you are in Sonic 1000 Mbps fiber service, arrive on time and sign up. It is the best fiber offer and provides many multiple upload speeds of what Xfinity offers.

The Xfinity internet plan with 1000 Mbps upload speed is almost $300/month, and they provide a Gigabit plan that goes up to 35 Mbps upload. However, the Xfinity plans are comparatively consistent with California, whereas Sonic Internet plans are widely spread when it comes to speed & network type.

Sonic vs Xfinity: Installation

Sonic Internet Installation

Sonic installation depends on which service you buy off their Fiber or IPB/DSL. If you are in IPBB service, you are using AT & T lines. Most times, an AT&T tech may show the installation process, which can be confusing for you.

Sonic installation is the best experience for fiber consumers. You will find 100% of Sonic equipment used for fiber installation. Moreover, it has a good reputation for showing up and placing the equipment on time.

Xfinity Installation

You have to purchase or lease Xfinity equipment for Xfinity internet installation. If your house is not prewiring, then Xfinity delivers a cable line. It also provides a cable modem if you still need to own it. 

Xfinity also provides the xFi Gateway router and modem combo device, where you will pay $14 for the router as a monthly rental fee. You can use your router or other equipment like Xfinity service, but you may lose tech-specific support or Wi-Fi features.

Sonic vs Xfinity: Data Allowance

Data allowance measures the total size and quantity of data information that can be sent through the Internet using any available network. It changes your daily internet surfing with the brand and packages that you are using.

Sonic provides a good deal of data allowance, whereas Comcast Xfinity comes with different plans & packages for its consumers to choose from.

Sonic vs Xfinity: Bundled Service

As a small industry and DSL/ Fiber operator, Sonic has no TV bundle service at this time but has home phone services, whereas Comcast Xfinity has widespread cable TV service. The bundle plans of Xfinity often offer perks such as a discount on the network or free Wi-Fi and free installation. Therefore, most people can save their wallet money.

Sonic vs Xfinity: Additional Fees and Contracts

With Sonic Internet, you need to have a one-year service agreement. And if you cut it before the deadline, you will have to pay an ETF. On the other hand, Xfinity allows you to sign a contract to take the benefits of recent promos or free from contract. So, you don’t have to worry about early termination fees.

Sonic Internet vs Xfinity: Pros and Cons

Merits & demerits of Sonic Internet vs Comcast Xfinity will assist you in choosing the perfect one quickly. Let’s know what the pros and cons are between them.

Sonic Internet Pros Cons
  • Fiber optic internet lines with reliable speeds
  • Good balance between download and upload speeds
  • Free installation and no data caps
  • Reasonable monthly rate
  • Unlimited data
  • Not good responsive customer service
  • Available only in California
  • Limited service area
  • Slow speed
  • 12-month contract
Comcast Xfinity Pros Cons
  • Whole nation coverage
  • Super-fast gigabit speeds
  • Nice customer service
  • A difference in Internet with reliable speeds
  • Wide bundle options
  • Contracts needed for best deals
  • Costly fiber plan
  • Data caps and a lot of secret charges
  • Price may vary from area to area

How much is Sonic Internet?

Price is the primary concern & usually a critical point for choosing an internet service provider or making and breaking any decision. Sonic Internet offers three types of packages that depend on your area: Fusion (X1, X2), FTTN (X1, X2), and Fiber.

Sonic’s fiber optic internet price is $49.99/month for the first year. And its Fusion package price is at least $59.99/month, depending on which download speed you choose.

Is Sonic Internet Good?

Sonic Internet’s mission is simple as an internet service provider that offers the best internet speed and better customer service for the most reasonable price. Sonic Internet lines use the most recent technology that remains the network continuously running at high speed.

Sonic Internet provides download speeds up to 20Mbps with average data speeds of 1000Mbps and has no data caps. You will get up to 10Gbps with Sonic if you stay in a location where Sonic has set up its fiber-optic network.

Final Thought

From the above discussion of Sonic vs Xfinity Internet, it is crystal clear that both are famous and fast internet service providers in the US. Sonic offers its customers fiber-optic Internet with unlimited data, and it has a good reputation even though small.

Comcast Xfinity is the largest cable provider with a more significant network connection and provides higher speed with better coverage in most parts of the US. It is obviously better, but sonic is comparatively cheaper regarding price.

 However, if you want to choose between Sonic and Xfinity as your demand, you have to know how to compare them, which you will find in our above discussion.

So, follow our above discussion to pick the right one from Sonic vs. Xfinity that can fulfill your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Sonic Internet offer unlimited data like Xfinity?

    Yes, Sonic Internet offers unlimited data with their internet plans, similar to Xfinity. This means that there are no restrictions or limitations on the amount of data you can use, so you can use the internet as much as you want without worrying about going over a data cap or facing additional charges.

  2. Does Sonic Internet offer TV packages like Xfinity?

    No, Sonic Internet does not offer TV packages like Xfinity. Sonic Internet is an internet service provider (ISP) that provides high-speed internet. At the same time, Xfinity is a larger company that offers a wide range of services, including internet, TV, and home phone.

    If you’re looking for a TV package in addition to the internet, Xfinity may be a better option. Xfinity offers a variety of TV packages with hundreds of channels, as well as premium channels like HBO and Showtime. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more focused, internet-only service, Sonic Internet may be the better choice for you.

    It’s important to keep in mind that the availability of TV packages can vary depending on your location, so it’s best to check the specific offerings in your area to determine which provider is the best fit for your needs.