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Xfinity Vs Ziply: Is Ziply Fiber Better Than Xfinity?

Xfinity Vs Ziply: Is Ziply Fiber Better Than Xfinity?
Is Ziply Fiber Better Than Xfinity?

Choosing the wrong internet service provider is like picking an attire that doesn’t suit you. Wearing it will make you uncomfortable. This way, the wrong ISP gives you nothing but frustration. Hence, you can consider one between Xfinity vs Ziply.

When choosing between Ziply Fiber vs Xfinity, it’s tough to understand what may work for you. If you want to avoid issues like slow speeds and unreliable internet connections, it’s better to research beforehand. And that’s where we can help.

Xfinity is a renowned brand, whereas Ziply is relatively new but soon gaining popularity. Among the fiber-optic networks, Ziply has now become a household name in the Northwest division. It is filling the gap that the big providers couldn’t.

Oppositely, Xfinity needs no introduction. It is the best in the world of cable internet. When compared to fiber internet, Xfinity couldn’t outperform Ziply. But Xfinity is a better choice regarding budget and midrange internet plans.

So, there is a trade-off. Let’s find out.

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Xfinity and Ziply Fiber: At a Glance

Xfinity Internet Overview

Xfinity Internet Review: Xfinity Vs Ziply

Xfinity – From the brand of Comcast Corporation, is a popular cable service provider in America headquartered in Philadelphia. It is the leading cable internet provider in the U.S. and offers other services such as cable T.V. and home phones. To know more about Xfinity Comcast, you can read our another Fidium Fiber Vs Comcast comparison post.

Hitherto, it has become a household name to users across 41 states. It provides broadband internet through coaxial cables, which ensures better coverage and extensive availability. Xfinity internet service is not only limited to cable internet.

A selected group of users can connect to the Xfinity fiber internet in the U.S. It offers a hybrid fiber-coax service, meaning that fiber from head to end (somewhere in your city).

Ziply Fiber Overview

Ziply Fiber Review: Xfinity Vs Ziply

Ziply – headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, is a booming American telecommunication company. It is doing business under Northwest Fiber, LLC, a subsidiary of WaveDivision Capital.

The journey began in 2020 when they brought a large portion of Frontier Communications‘ infrastructure. After the operation, they got many customers in the Northwest United States.

Ziply have now around 500 thousand customers across Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. They continue to expand their coverage area. Ziply Fiber offers digital T.V., high-speed internet, and home phone services to their users.


Wide variety of internet plans
Fastest fiber plans
Wider coverage area
Superior customer service
Consistently fast speeds
Reasonable pricing, especially for budget plans
Low-cost and contract-free plans
Excellent fiber internet plans
Free Installation
No data caps


Some plans have data caps
Contracts are required sometimes
Miserable upload speeds
Limited availability of fiber internet
Unbalanced internet speeds of cable internet plans
Limited availability overall
Poor customer service
Some plans have worse quality than Xfinity

Xfinity Vs Ziply: Head-to-Head Comparison

To find the best one between Ziply vs Xfinity, both need to be compared side by side. Here we can help you find the suitable one among Ziply Fiber vs Comcast for your needs. Also, we have shared a hands-on head-to-head ISP comparison between T-Mobile Home Internet Vs Xfinity; you can check it.

Internet Service comparison between Ziply Vs Xfinity

While both Ziply and Xfinity are best on their own, they use different technologies for internet service. Xfinity uses cable connections to deliver the finest internet services. Ziply, on the other hand, utilizes fiber optic cable for reliable internet service.

Internet Speeds comparison between Xfinity Vs Ziply

Xfinity uses cable networks to provide broadband access to its customers. Thus, they deliver asymmetrical speeds with good download speeds ranging from 75Mbps to 6000Mbps. However, the upload speed is slow starting from 10Mbps.

On the other hand, Ziply Fiber offers symmetrical uploads and download speeds. The speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 10,000Mbps are perfect for those looking for faster speeds. So, is Ziply Fiber better than Xfinity when it comes to speeds? Let’s leave that decision up to you.

ISPDownload Speed RangeUpload Speed Rang

Internet Plans and Pricing Comparisons

Ziply and Xfinity are both are packed with various plans with different speeds and pricing. Let’s find out what Ziply vs Comcast offers to their customers.

Overview of the Xfinity Internet Plans

Xfinity offers a range of internet plans for people of all download speed needs and budgets. They have different internet plans based on the West, Central, and Northeast regions. The pricing and plans name may differ, but not the speeds.

Xfinity has internet plans ranging from 75Mbps to 6000Mbps. The pricing for megabit internet plans may be economical, but multi-gig internet plans aren’t cheaper. With the speed increase, you have to pay extra.

Most of the Xfinity internet plans offer promotional prices. As the promotional period ends, the prices tend to go high. It can be a downside if you are looking for long-term consistency. The best part, most of their internet plans have no data caps.

Xfinity Internet Plans and Pricing Table

SpeedsWest RegionCentral RegionNortheast Region
PlansPriceData CapsPlansPriceData CapsPlansPriceData Caps
75 MbpsConnect$24.99/mo.1.2 TBConnect$29.99/mo.1.2 TBPerformance Starter$64.99/mo.N/A
200 MbpsConnect More$39.99/mo.1.2 TBConnect More$44.99/mo.1.2 TBPerformance$83.99/mo.N/A
400 MbpsFast$54.99/mo.N/AFast$54.99/mo.N/APerformance Pro$29.99/mo.N/A
800 MbpsSuperfast$64.99/mo.N/ASuperfast$69.99/mo.N/ABlast!$59.99/mo.N/A
1000 MbpsUltrafast$74.99/mo.N/AUltrafast$74.99/mo.N/AExtreme Pro$69.99/mo.N/A
1200 MbpsGigabit Extra$79.99/mo.N/AGigabit Extra$79.99/mo.N/AGigabit Plus$79.99/mo.N/A
6000 MbpsGigabit Pro$299.95/mo.N/AGigabit Pro$299.95/mo.N/AGigabit Pro$299.95/mo.N/A

Overview of the Ziply Fiber Internet Plans

Like most fiber internet service providers, Ziply comes with fiber internet plans and a DSL plan. Their DSL plan is perfect for those needing internet for basic needs. If your neighborhood has no other internet options available, Ziply DSL is what you can get.

Ziply Fiber Internet has a plan for all ranging from 50Mbps to 10,000Mbps. Their plans cover a wide variety of budgets and speed tiers. Ziply Fiber Internet’s best part is its budget-friendly internet plans.

You can get internet as cheap as $20/month, and multi-gig internet plans are more affordable than Xfinity internet plans. However, Ziply internet plans (here) include no hidden fees and long-term contracts.

Ziply Fiber Plans

PlansSpeedsPromotional PricePrice after 12 months
Fiber 50/5050Mbps$20.00/mo.$40.00/mo.
Fiber 200/200200Mbps$40.00/mo.$60.00/mo.
Fiber Gig1,000Mbps$60.00/mo.$80.00/mo.
Fiber 2 Gig2,000Mbps$80.00/mo.$90.00/mo.
Fiber 5 Gig5,000Mbps$120.00/mo.$120.00/mo.
Fiber 10 Gig10,000Mbps$300.00/mo.$300.00/mo.

Ziply DSL Plan

PlansSpeedsPromotional PricePrice after 12 months
DSL Internet0.5–25Mbps$35/mo.$40/mo.


Thankfully, Xfinity and Ziply both have no contracts on most of their plans. So you can switch between plans whenever needed. But you may need to sign agreements on some Xfinity plans for the best price. The length of the contracts may vary depending on your location.

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Undoubtedly, Xfinity internet has better availability than Ziply, with coverage in more than 40 states. Conversely, Ziply coverage is limited to the Northwestern U.S., especially in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Over 500,000 customers use Ziply fiber service, and the number is growing.

Additional fees

When you choose an ISP based on its monthly price, you will get a shock later. Internet services include more than its monthly price. A range of costs and add-ons may blow up your monthly plans intensely.

Additional costs may include WiFi equipment costs, installation fees, early termination fees, and more. So, it is better to know which one among Ziply vs Xfinity Internet charges you more.

Equipment Fees

Xfinity charges a monthly rental fee of $15/month for xFi Gateway. It comes with several features like full tech support, free security measures, and parental control over WiFi. Some Xfinity plans include this equipment for no additional fee.

Xfinity also offers xFi Complete, which costs you $25/month. You can enjoy unlimited data and get a free gateway upgrade after 3-years. Some Xfinity plans require an additional $10 with xFi Complete.

Ziply, on the other hand, charges an additional $20/month for Whole home WiFi. If you cannot afford to buy your own WiFi, you have to pay $10/month for a WiFi router rental.

Their Whole-home WiFi service offers customized WiFi installation and configuration options. Upgrade to three WiFi extenders to get a better signal throughout your home.

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Installation Fees

When it comes to installation, Ziply saves your buck with its free installation option. Yes, Ziply charges not a single penny for installing its service. Conversely, Xfinity may cost you $100 for professional installation.

Professional installation is certainly expensive. Thankfully, they also have a self-installation option for those who cannot afford professionals. Even if you take the matter into your hand, you’ll still need to pay $15 for a self-installation kit.

Early Termination Fee

Among Comcast vs Ziply, it may be that one or the other is not what you expected. In that case, you may consider early termination of the service. Paying extra bucks is better than being stuck with unsatisfactory internet service.

Regarding early termination, Ziply won’t bother you with unnecessary costs. Since Ziply includes contract-free plans, you don’t have to pay an early termination fee. Also, you can switch between plans without paying an extra penny.

Oppositely, Xfinity has no contract, though, on its plans. Yet, they require you to sign a contract for the best possible price. If you terminate the plan before the end of the term, you have to pay extra bucks as an early termination fee.

Customer Service

As a renowned broadband provider, Xfinity offers better customer service than Ziply. It ranks above average on many surveys conducted by users. Conversely, Ziply could be more customer friendly and transparent with self-help options. Many customers complained about their billing problem, which Ziply has already taken into account.

Additional Features

Ziply and Xfinity have some additional, noteworthy features to offer their customers. With Xfinity, you get a $5-$30 discount on monthly bills with an active Xfinity mobile line. It also saves you a few dollars on bundles.

Ziply also offers some exciting deals to its customers. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, you get free internet for the first month and a free upgrade to whole home WiFi. Is Ziply better than Xfinity in this aspect? Undoubtedly!

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Wrapping Up

Overall, it’s undoubtedly a close call between Xfinity vs Ziply. No matter what, fiber internet wins over cable internet because of its reliability, flexibility, and affordability. Ziply wins by a narrow merging over Xfinity here.

In addition to its reliability and affordability, Ziply offers free installation, contract-free plans, and more special features than Xfinity. They focus on reliable services more than availability. Xfinity is still a better option if Ziply is not available in your area.


1. Is Ziply Fiber Better Than Xfinity?

Ziply Fiber is generally better than Xfinity for internet service. Ziply Fiber offers faster speeds, symmetrical upload and download speeds, and no data caps. Xfinity is cheaper for basic service, but its upload speeds are much slower than Ziply Fiber.

2. Which provider is cheaper, Ziply Fiber or Xfinity?

Ziply Fiber is generally cheaper than Xfinity for internet service. Ziply Fiber’s introductory rates start at $50 monthly, while Xfinity’s introductory rates start at $25 monthly. However, after the promotional period ends, Ziply Fiber’s prices tend to stay lower than Xfinity’s.