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How to finance Straight Talk Phones Payment Plan?

Smartphone has become a part of our everyday life. You will barely see anyone who does not have a smartphone in their hands. While there are new phones being introduced daily with better features and models, we tend to lose interest in our old phones and want to buy the latest ones.

However, the latest ones are always too expensive, and financing them every one year or so can be very difficult for a lot of us. Therefore we can either be satisfied with our old smartphones or try to find a way to finance a new one.

A lot of cell carrier companies sell smartphones in their stores. Some cell carriers have specific cell phones that tend to their specific network. This means that you will need their specific mobile phone model in order to be able to use their cell phone network services.

One such telecommunications company is Straight Talk. Not only can you buy all the latest models of smartphones from them, but they also provide excellent payment plans that will help you pay for your phone easily.

Let us look at some of the Straight Talk phones payment plans and how to apply for one.

What is Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that operates in the United States. This means that it is a prepaid cell phone carrier that does not own any wireless network. Instead, it uses networks from other towers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile to give mobile networks to its customers.

Straight Talk provides affordable plans on the LTE network to its prepaid customers. You can also use the smartphones you bought from the AT&T store to use a Straight Talk mobile phone plan. All you need to do is buy a Straight Talk SIM card for $6.99.

How to use Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a wireless carrier that is brought by in partnership with Tracfone and Walmart. To start using Straight Talk’s services is simple. They sell smartphones in their store and online, at a reasonable price. You can mostly get older, or mid-range cell phones when you buy from Straight Talk.

You can also bring your own smartphone to Straight Talk. you just have to make sure that it is SIM unlocked and that the phone is compatible with Straight Talk’s network carriers.

You can buy the SIM card online, or you can also go to Walmart and directly buy a Straight Talk SIM card as well. There are a lot of data plans to choose from and Straight Talk provides unlimited data plans that are less expensive than other bigger network carriers.

What network does Straight Talk work on?

Straight Talk works on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. This means that they use these big carrier towers to provide coverage almost anywhere in the US. therefore, if you have a smartphone compatible with these networks, then you can use a Straight Talk SIM on your smartphone. Make sure that your phone is SIM unlocked.

What are the payment plans for Straight Talk phones?

How to finance Straight Talk Phones Payment Plan?
How to finance Straight Talk Phones Payment Plan?

If you don’t have the money to buy the latest smartphone on the market, then an affordable solution is financing. Straight Talk phone payment plans provide the best financing plans to buy a phone in installments or on lease.

Some of the options to buy a Straight Talk phone are listed below:

1) Installments

This type of payment method is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to pay for a smartphone. A monthly installment is when you don’t pay the full price of a product at once. The price is broken down into smaller installments that you have to pay over a period of time (usually 24 months).

The amount of money you have to pay per month depends on the price of the smartphone and the carrier you are buying from. Straight Talk offers monthly installment plans for its phones and the installments usually range from $20 to $50 per month, according to the phone you purchase. 

The best part is that there are no additional fees when you purchase a phone from Straight Talk plans. All you have to do is pay an initial deposit, and then pay the rest of the price in monthly installments, while you use the phone.

Moreover, to get a monthly installment plan you have to pass a credit check. A credit check is an inquiry by a company to understand your credit history and your ability to pay for a loan.  

However, the Straight Talk phone payment plan also offers a way to pay for installments without any credit check if you pay using Smartpay.

2) Financing

Financing, also known as Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) is almost like monthly installments, where you buy a phone by paying a small amount of money every month over a period of time. However, unlike installments, you cannot use the phone until you have finished paying the full price of the phone.

There is no initial deposit if you choose to pay by EIP, but you only get the device in your hand when you pay the full amount in installments.

3) Leasing

A lease is almost like renting a phone. In this payment method, you can lease a phone and start using it straight away while you pay a specific amount of fee every month. In this case, you are not the owner of the phone but you can keep using the phone until you finish paying the monthly fees. 

You can pay an extra amount to own the phone completely or change to a new device when your leasing period is over. This option is a bit cheaper than financing and monthly installments, and the best part is you can switch to a new phone after your leasing period ends.

4) Early Upgrade

The early upgrade is a unique Straight Talk phone payment plan that allows you to upgrade to a new device while you are already paying for one of Straight Talk’s monthly payments. However, upgrading to a new phone will extend the contract and the installment price may rise accordingly.

Which companies offer Straight Talk phone financing?

Straight Talk phone financing is an affordable and convenient alternative for people who want to buy a phone without paying the full price in cash. Straight Talk has partnered with a lot of financial institutions that provide financing for Straight Talk Phones payment plans.

Some of the best ones that offer no-contract smartphone agreements are Smartpay, Paypal, and Affirm. There are other firms that give lease-to-own offers such as Afterpay, Visible, United Customer Financial Services, and Snap Finance. All of these financial plans can be registered online as the application process is easy.

1) Smartpay

Smartpay is a leasing company that has partnered with Straight Talk to lease you new smartphones from Straight Talk in affordable monthly installments. Wondering how does Smartpay work with Straight Talk? Here’s how.

Smartpay allows you to buy any compatible device from Straight Talk and they will finance the phone for you. You will therefore make an agreement with Smartpay and pay your monthly installments or fees directly to them. Straight Talk is not liable for any of your transactions with Smartpay.

You can buy a Straight Talk smartphone with no money in your bank as they do not do any credit checks, as long as you are paying with Smartpay. There is also no activation or cancellation fee, thus making the phones even more affordable.

Follow the following steps to buy a Straight Talk phone from Smartpay:

  1. Go to straighttalksmartpay.com
  2. Select your desirable device that is compatible with Straight Talk
  3. Add the phone to the cart
  4. Click on “Checkout” and enter your billing address, your name, and the shipping method. Choose Smartpay as your payment method.
  5. Verify your credentials and then press continue. You will be taken to the SMartpay website where you have to fill up your application form. The application form will ask for your financial details and check your eligibility to take a lease. Once the application form is approved (which should be instant), you can proceed with your purchase.
  6. You can also directly go to the Smartpay website and fill up the application form. After your application for a lease has been approved, you can go to Straight Talk’s website or buy a phone in-store.

To be eligible to apply for a lease with Smartpay, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a monthly income of $1000. You need a US checking account with a credit or debit card to apply.

Smartpay does not charge an interest rate on their lease. However, you can save some money if you want to pay out of your lease early (90-day Buyout option). The number of payments and how much you have to pay depends on the frequency you choose (monthly or twice a month) and the full price of the phone.

2) Paypal Credit

You can also buy a phone similarly without having to pay any deposit using PayPal credit. If you don’t have a PayPal credit account, then you can go to their website and apply for one. The application process is short and you will get your credit account in a few days. Then you can pay straight talk with PayPal.

Unlike Smartpay, Paypal credit does a credit check to check your eligibility to take a lease. However, PayPal does not charge any interest on their financing plans.

The process to buy a Straight Talk phone with Paypal is

  1. Go to iconvertwireless.com or Straight Talk’s website
  2. Choose the phone you want to buy
  3. As your payment method, choose Paypal
  4. If you have Paypal credit, then you can buy a smartphone with the Straight Talk phone payment plan online

3) Affirm

Affirm also provides financing options to buy a Straight Talk phone. Although you can only buy some specific models of smartphones using Affirm. Affirm has no hidden fees with a 0% APR interest.

To buy a Straight Talk phone from Affirm,

  • visit affirm.straighttalk.com 
  • Check your eligibility by clicking on “Learn More” and then the “See you qualify” tab
  • You can put your personal information and banking details to check your eligibility
  • Once you know you are eligible, you can then buy a phone using Affirm from their website

4) Walmart

Walmart has partnered with Affirm to provide you with Straight Talk phones on lease. You can go to Walmart’s website choose your desirable smartphone, and then select Affirm as the payment method. If you are eligible, you will be able to apply for a loan to buy the phone you want.

There is also an option for buying in-store. Go to affirm.com/Walmart, apply for an Affirm loan, and select a payment plan (monthly installments or lease). You will be given a barcode which you can go to any Walmart store and scan, and then buy the smartphone directly from the store.

Which phones are available on Straight Talk?

Straight Talk offers a wide range of smartphones from all the top companies such as the iPhone 13 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, your Straight Talk phone payment plan and payment method will determine which phones you can buy. For example, you can buy more than 70 models of smartphones using Smartpay, but there are only a few limited options if you finance with Affirm.

To find out which phones can be bought currently, visit their website.

The best cell phone plans on Straight Talk

Straight Talk offers two affordable data plans, the Ultimate and the Ultimate Unlimited plans.

UnlimitedUltimate Unlimited
5GB hotspot data15GB hotspot data
Unlimited calls to Canada and MexicoUnlimited calls and data to Canada and Mexico
No free cloud storage100GB Cloud storage

Bottom line

Financing is a great option if you don’t want to pay the full price of a product at once. The Straight Talk phones payment plans provide the best payment plans such as monthly installments, leasing, or financing as an affordable way to enjoy a smartphone.

Straight Talk has partnered with many leasing companies such as Smartpay, Affirm, Walmart, and Paypal to offer financing solutions for a new Straight Talk device.

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy iPhone 12 with Straight Talk payment plans?

Yes, Straight Talk phone payment plans allow you to buy the latest versions of iPhones such as iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, using Smartpay and Affirm.

How to pay with Smartpay at Walmart?

You cannot buy a Straight Talk phone using SMartpay at Walmart. Walmart has partnered with Affirm to provide financing on Straight Talk phones. Go to Walmart.com or affirm.com/Walmart, to apply for a loan.

Will Straight Talk phone financing build credit?

Since most Straight Talk phone financing does not do a credit check, such as Amrtpay and Affirm, therefore you won’t be able to build a credit score using these payment methods. Paypal credit does credit checks so you can build credit using Paypal credit to buy a Straight Talk phone.