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How to Fix Verizon Router Red Globe Instantly?

What Does Verizon Router Red Globe Mean? 7 Tested Methods to Fix
How to Fix Verizon Router Red Globe?

When there is a problem with the internet access, the Verizon router red globe glows, and you are maybe wondering how to fix it quickly. It would be best if you ask for technician help. Still, this article includes some details and processes that might help you discover and fix the issue to restore your Verizon Router internet access.

What Does Red Light on Verizon Router Mean?

If your Verizon router’s globe is solid red light, it means that the router is having issues connecting to the internet. If the light flashes slowly, there is an issue with the gateway. Sometimes It can also flash fast, which tells you that the router has overheated and needs to cool down.

The Red Globe on the Verizon router1 means your router no longer has an internet connection. In this circumstance, try to reboot your Verizon router to resolve this, and if that doesn’t help, you will have to reset it.

Generally, the globe light of your Verizon router provides information about the state of its internet connection. So, when the globe light is solid white, it works fine.

Different Types of Verizon Router Red Globe:

You may be wondering why does your Verizon router have a red light? Generally, a Verizon router has few lights, indicating your internet connection status. So, now I’m going to describe different types of Red Globe and help to understand that:

  1. Solid red light: When you see that your Verizon router has a solid red light, you must understand that your router is disconnected from the internet. Solid red light may occur for different types of reasons. For example- maybe poor internet connection, the wires are unsecured or need network maintenance, etc. 
  2. Red light flashing slowly: If you find out that the router’s globe light isn’t solid red but flashing slowly, that means it has gateway issues. This issue may happen when the router has some software or hardware difficulties.
  3. Red light blinking fastly: Generally, when the red light blinks fastly, it means your Verizon router has overheated, and it needs to be cool down.

Now you understand the reasons behind the Red globe FiOS router, and it is time to turn the red globe into white by re-establishing the internet connection. Are you ready? Well, then, let’s get started:

How can I fix the red globe on Verizon router? 

To know “how to fix red globe on Verizon router,” it’s essential to determine whether the globe’s red light is solid, flashing slowly or quickly. Did you find it?

Red Light Blinking Fastly (Solution)

As mentioned earlier, your Verizon router’s red light flashes quickly when your router is overheated. To solve this, follow the below steps:

  1. First, you have to shut the router off and restart it. 
  2. Secondly, place the router farther away from other devices because optimal ventilation is essential. In addition, if there is enough place for your router to cool down, you will get a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Solid and Fast Blinking Red Light (Solution)

If you see that the flashing red light isn’t the result of overheating, there might be connection issues. The steps listed below can help you resolve these problems:

1) Check your wires:

If your wires are damaged, your router won’t work correctly. Hence, you have to check your ethernet cables first to see whether they are properly connected or not. You must contact the service provider or replace the cable if you find any damage.

Besides, you must check the end connectors; if the port is broken or isn’t connected properly, you must replace it. Now, check whether your Verizon router’s red globe turns white or not. If not, follow the next step:

2) Release Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP):

Suppose you have purchased a new Verizon router and replaced the old one. In that case, it may be one possible reason for the red globe issue. You may have only changed the wires and connected to the new router but haven’t disbanded the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on the old router.

So, you have to deactivate it and find the function in your old router’s interface to perform it. Then deactivate the DHCP and renew it on your new router. After performing these steps, your router will usually work and assign new IPs to all gadgets.

3) Reset the Optical Network Terminal (ONT):

Resetting Optical Network Terminal (ONT) will help you solve issues related to the gateway. ONT is a small plastic box connecting your Verizon network to your router. To reset the ONT, perform the following steps:

  1. You have to unplug ONT’s AC power and back up the battery.
  2. Then wait for a minimum of 1 minute.
  3. Afterward, put the backup battery in the right place and plug the ONT with the AC power.

While rebooting the ONT, you may see the globe light is off, but nothing to worry about as the light will return after a few seconds.

4) Restore Verizon Router’s factory settings:

If you still face the issue, you must restore the Verizon router’s factory settings, which will remove all the data from your router. Don’t worry; it will leave the settings needed to establish the internet connection. Still, after resetting, you will have to set it up again. However, to restore, you have to follow the below steps:

  1. The reset button of the Verizon router is located in the back. So, you have to find it first.
  2. Afterward, you have to get something small enough, like a paper clip, to reach the button, as it’s a little more challenging. Then press the button for 10 seconds (at least).
  3. The router will restart.
  4. Now, you must reconfigure Verizon’s router using the interface.

After performing the abovementioned steps, check whether the globe light gets white or remains red again.

6) Correct the router’s incorrect setup:

Sometimes, it may happen that you have just set up your Verizon router, and the globe becomes red. It means that the router’s configuration is not correct. So, to correct the router’s incorrect setup:

  1. Go to the device’s dashboard and have a look at all data.
  2. Afterward, check whether all the data are correct or not. If you find any incorrect data, you will have to rectify it.
  3. Lastly, before saving the router’s configuration, choose the right network.

7) Call your internet service provider:

Unfortunately, if none of these suggestions solves the red globe light on your router, you have to call your internet service provider (Verizon support). As internet service providers have professional experience, they can assist you in finding a solution more quickly.

Sometimes, the issue may be in Verizon’s server. So before performing the steps I mentioned earlier, you can check Verizon’s service outage page or call the Verizon help center.

Final words

Our daily lives now include the internet, and our smart devices depend on it. Therefore, having a reliable router like Verizon is essential.

Generally, Verizon routers provide a robust Wi-Fi network, and you can work or enjoy movies without interruption. Besides, if you face problems like Verizon router red globe, you can troubleshoot and fix it yourself. But, if a power outage causes the issue, then it would be best not to solve it; instead, call a professional. Otherwise, the router could face serious damage. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is it necessary to turn Verizon Red Globe White?

    The solid red globe on the Verizon router indicates that your internet connection is having a problem. As a result, all devices that are connected to your internet will either operate slowly or stop working. So, to restore the internet connection, you must fix the issue. When the problem is fixed, the Verizon red globe will turn white, and you can use the internet.

  2. Can a Power outage cause a red globe on the Verizon router?

    Yes, the Verizon router can have connectivity problems when an unexpected power outage occurs, and it will cause a red globe. So, if you see the red globe, try to recall if a power outage recently happened. If the power outage caused the red globe, you must remove the power source from the router and reconnect it. I hope, within a minute, the router will work normally.

  3. What happens when a router is reset?

    Your router will revert to its default settings after you reset it. Unfortunately, it means all the configuration details (user name and password) shall be gone, and you will have to set it up again.

  4. What does red light on Verizon router mean and can I access the internet when the Verizon Router has a red globe?

    No, you can’t access the internet if the Verizon Router has a red globe. Because the red globe in the router means there is no stable internet, and the router doesn’t have internet access. So, if you see a red globe on a Verizon router, you can’t use the internet, and it would be best if you troubleshoot the problem and solve it. Otherwise, you can take help from a professional internet service provider.

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