3 Cheap Verizon Wireless Plans for Small Business 2024

In October 2020, Verizon launched three new categories of Verizon wireless plans for small business. Verizon keeps the company on track by offering first-rate network coverage to millions of people across the nation. As a result, Verizon’s business unlimited plans are designed to check the client’s priorities with unlimited storage, texting, and mobile hotspots.

Does Verizon have Business Plans?

Verizon has introduced three categories of plans which include unlimited data and security features. Verizon Wireless plans start at $80 a month and include a 15GB mobile hotspot plan and HD video streaming. It will help many small owners in getting an understanding of Verizon Wireless plans for small businesses. In addition, there is an 8% discount for every business account holder in Verizon Wireless.

Does Verizon offer unlimited data for business?

Verizon Wireless Plans for Small Business

Yes, Verizon provides not only unlimited business plans but also wireless packages for your business. Verizon will provide business plans with 4GB and 8GB of storage, which are priced individually—starting from $70 to $95 premium package. This package begins at $75 per line per month. It provides A free 4G LTE network Talk-time. I was texting with a mobile hotspot speed of 600kbps.

The Verizon Wireless plan for small business include offers for families in the military services. With the latest military discount on your company’s wireless plan, plus you’ll get a free year of Amazon Prime! Small business owners who register for a free account and are checked by your Military Veteran ID will get unlimited business plans for as little as $30.

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To be eligible for the military discount, the citizen must be either on active duty or a veteran and must have evidence of service. Verizon’s latest business strategies have several features that are useful for those looking for mobile internet options. Lines on a single account can be merged, you can have your own ‘free data allowance’ per line. Here are some of the packages from one of Verizon’s wireless plans for small business owners.

Business Unlimited StartsBusiness Unlimited PlusBusiness Unlimited Pro
Get started with unlimited talk, text, and data.Perfect for businesses looking for increased productivity with premium data, 5G Ultra-Wideband, and enhanced security features.A full-featured plan offering the best value with premium data, 5G Ultra Wideband speeds, enhanced security features, and half of an unlimited tablet plan of your choice.
Plan features:
1. 5G Nationwide/4G LTE

Plan features:
1. 60GB Premium Network Access
2. 5G Nationwide/4G LTE
3. 5G Ultra-Wideband
4. Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
Plan features:
1. 120GB Premium Network Access
2. 5G Nationwide/4G LTE
3. 5G Ultra-Wideband
4. Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
Price: $70Price: $80Price: $95
Buy Business PhoneBuy Business PhoneBuy Business Phone
Verizon Wireless Plans for Small Business

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1. Business Unlimited Starts

This plan provides customers with unlimited talk time, texting, and unlimited data. Customers can also open a free account as the plan includes a 1 month’s trial for free. The plan provides a 4G LTE network or 5G Nationwide network with call filters included. However, there are no deals about mobile hotspot data.

Plan prices

Let’s start with the obvious question, How much is Verizon’s business unlimited plan? Verizon’s Business Unlimited Start plan is rated at $70 per line for 1 month including additional taxes.

2. Business Unlimited Plus

Verizon Business Unlimited Plus is for businessmen who are looking for a premium membership with increased productivity. This plan will provide you with 5G Ultra Wide-band technology and upgraded security features. The package gives you access to 60GB of Premium network with a 4G LTE network or 5G Nationwide network with unlimited mobile hotspot data.

Plan prices

Verizon’s Business Unlimited Plus is rated at $80 per line for 1 month including additional taxes and fees. Helps to get rid of security threats with the support of Business Mobile Secure with strict security measures.

3. Business Unlimited Pro

With the help of Business Mobile Secure, Business Unlimited Pro offers speed, the latest security features, unlimited talk time, and texting. All of the business plans offer a 4G LTE network or 5G Nationwide network. This plan offers 120GB Premium Network Access with 5G Ultra Wide-band speeds. Business Unlimited Pro also features an unlimited mobile hotspot with Call Filters included. You will also get a 50% discount on Business Unlimited Pro Tablet plans.

Plan prices

Verizon’s Business Unlimited Pro is rated at $95 per line for 1 month including additional taxes. Built in with the latest security features with Business Mobile Secure. This business plan is one of the trusted premium accounts for small business companies in Verizon Wireless.

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Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

Does Verizon have business plans?

Yes. Verizon has introduced three categories of unlimited business plans, Business Unlimited Start, Business Unlimited Plus, Business Unlimited Pro.

How is Verizon helping small businesses?

Verizon offers customers by giving away discounts on the company’s wireless plans and a free account on Amazon Prime for a year. In addition, Verizon Wireless provides business owners with an affordable business plan which includes unlimited data plans and free mobile hotspots.

How to qualify for a Verizon business plan?

The owner has to be on active duty, a retiree, a reservist, a cadet, or a Gold Star Family by showing evidence of their service in the military to be qualified for Verizon business plans.

How much is Verizon Business Unlimited plan?

There are three packages for each business unlimited pack. Business Unlimited Start is priced at $70 per line per month, Business Unlimited Plus is priced at $80 per line per month, and Business Unlimited Pro is priced at around $95 per line per month.


It is not the cheapest unlimited plan on the market, but it is most definitely the best. Compared to other companies, Verizon’s price is slightly higher than most companies. The fact is that you can get unlimited data family plans from different companies for almost the same price as you will pay for 8GB of data on a Verizon family plan.

Verizon Wireless plans for small business owners come down to how much network coverage is essential to them. Verizon is for the clients that want to best coverage money can buy. If the client is a new Verizon user, they will have to pay a $30 one-time activation fee per phone.

Wireless Technology’s success depends on constant development. Verizon stays ahead of the game by investing in technology and constantly upgrading network data. Verizon is known to be the best wireless network available, which is why Verizon Wireless plans for small business companies depend on it.