What Channel is ABC on Antenna TV?

With the growing popularity of tv series, people are inclined to watch TV more than ever. As a result, people tend to search for channels like ABC more frequently. But the divergent time it takes to search for ABC channel results in losing the beginning of an episode or the starting part of a baseball match.

So, in this article, I will help you to find what channel is ABC on Antenna or Regular TV?. Not just that, I will also unveil a secret to watching regular TV for free. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the article.

Can I Watch ABC Channel on Antenna?

You can watch the ABC antenna channel free of cost. All you have to do is to purchase a quality antenna.1 The latest antennas are so digitized that you won’t have to use cables to see some of your favorite channels.

At the beginning of this century, people had a hard time watching ABC on an antenna. There was no other option than to be dependent on cables. But the evolution of the antenna has changed the scenario. Modern antennas are pre-equipped with the latest technology.

This mechanism has unlocked some of the critical features of an antenna that were previously missing. But now, you can watch the ABC channel on the antenna lying on your sofa and don’t have to take the hassle of running around your room to find the appropriate signals.

How to Watch ABC on a Regular TV for Free?

Watching ABC on a regular TV for free was far from imagination once. But those days are long gone. With the exponential use of the internet, TV channels have chosen OTT (Over the Top) platforms to broadcast their programs.

Fortunately, OTA (Over the Air) service enables us to watch free channels through the antenna. You can watch as many as 48 free channels on a regular TV.

Now that you know you can watch ABC on a regular TV for free, let me explain them in detail. So, don’t throw your eyes anywhere. Just be my guest to the rest of the article to know what channel is ABC on regular TV and how to watch ABC on a regular TV.

1) Watch ABC with Antenna

Technological evolution has blessed us with satellites2 and OTT platforms. Despite all this, who can forget the big horn-sized antenna?

Antennas’ functionality may seem obsolete, but if you properly know how to use it, you won’t feel the necessity to use dish TV cables and OTT platforms.

With that being said, ABC is one of the top three most popular watched channels in the USA. Cable providers take advantage of this popularity and charge higher than usual. But there is a hack to watch ABC without the cable connection.

TVs that are manufactured after 2007 are integrated with a digital antenna. Digital antennas provide better quality and can catch a broader range of frequencies. Additionally, digital antennas have a digital tuner mode.

If you don’t know how to check for digital antenna presence, look for the HDTV, HD, or ATSC sign. Don’t feel undone if there is an HDTV, HD, or ATSCC sign. You can use a converter to make your analog antenna into a digital one.

You will be able to see ABC on a regular TV by tuning to VHF/UHF channel no. 12. If you cannot adjust it somehow, set the channel frequency at 226.5MHz. But you have to tune in this respect manually.

Your cable provider will provoke you to rent their services. You don’t have to fall into their trap if you have the latest television version. Why waste extra cash when is an uncut gem inside your machine?

2) Watch ABC without Antenna

OTT3 platforms have revolutionized the entertainment genre to a whole new level. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+ have made their way through almost everyone’s device. Streaming platforms like Disney+ and Roku have almost every fan-favorite Channel.

You can easily stream ABC on Roku. All you have to do is install Roku apps4 on your smart or Android TV. You can also get the same privilege if you have Apple TV or Fire TV.

Not just ABC, you can watch CBS, Fox, and NBS from your Roku app too.

What Channel is ABC on Antenna?

What Channel is ABC on Antenna

Ideally, the ABC channel has a fixed frequency concerning any antenna you are using. But Channel no. changes the difference of the axis from the satellites. Satellite channels use VHF and UHF technology to send the frequencies from the studio.

Previously, UHF (Ultra High Frequency)5 technology was used. UHF means to send frequencies over a long distance. As there were fewer stations, there were no alternatives to UHF.

Nowadays, with the invention of VHF (Very High Frequency)6, the frequencies don’t have to travel a longer distance. The frequencies do get interfered with by radio frequencies, but the quality is top-notch. With 214 available channels, it isn’t enjoyable to find the desired one.

But you don’t have to worry much. I have enlisted some of the cities’ VHF/UHF channel numbers so that you can easily watch ABC on the antenna.

State/cityChannel NameFrequency (MHz)VHF/UHF Channel (Band)

ABC has expanded its domain to popular TV shows too. Arguably, TV shows have replaced the popularity of movies in recent years. So, ABC hasn’t escaped this wave.

Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max may have more TV series to offer, but ABC is not trailing too far. Here are the popular TV shows on ABC:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Good Doctor
  • Shark Tank
  • The Story of God
  • A Million Little Things
  • Modern Family
  • Bless this Mess
  • Lost

How to Fix ABC channel not Working on Antenna?

So you have the latest TV with a digital antenna integrated but cannot watch the ABC channel. Pretty horrible feelings, right? Don’t lose your heart. I will fix your problem within an instant.

Here are the steps to fix the ABC channel not working on the antenna:

1) Hold the Antenna at a Different Angle

One of the most orthodox methods to fix an antenna is not showing any channels. So, I would suggest you should also implement this method on your first attempt. I believe you won’t have to make much of a movement if this solution works.

2) Retune all the Channels

Sometimes, new channels take over the older ones. So, your ABC would get lost in this tide. The best technique is to retune all the channels to solve this uncalled problem.

3) Take to the Manufacturers Service Center

This is the last resort to be able to watch ABC on the antenna. Generally, manufacturers provide 3-5 years of service warranty. There is no reason not to be able to watch ABC on a digital television antenna. I believe any of these three methods will solve this irritating issue.

FAQs about ABC on Antenna

  1. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in Houston?

    You can tune to 13.9 or 19.5 digital channels to watch ABC on the antenna in Houston.

  2. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in Oklahoma?

    Tune to the 7.3 digital channel to watch ABC on the antenna in Oklahoma.

  3. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in Florida?

    You have to tune to the 7.1 digital channel to watch ABC on the antenna in Florida.

  4. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in NC?

    You have to tune to the 9.1 digital channel to watch ABC solve this uncalled problem antenna in NC.

  5. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in Texas?

    Tune to the 19.5 digital channel to watch ABC on the antenna in Texas.

  6. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in California?

    Tune to the 7.0 digital channel for watching ABC on the antenna in California.

  7. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in Dallas?

    You can tune the 8.1 digital channels on the antenna to watch ABC in Dallas.

  8. What Channel is ABC on Antenna in New York?

    You can tune the ABC 7 digital channels on the antenna to watch ABC in New York.

Final Words

Cable operators will tell you that you cannot watch ABC without their service. If you have read this article thoroughly, you can relate to how manipulated they are. Undoubtedly, OTT and OTA are blessings for allowing us to watch ABC and other channels for free. Has this article helped you? If there is any confusion or questions, shoot them in the comment section.

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