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What Channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Have your plans been messed up by the weather? Or, you might always want to know what the weather will be like today, but don’t know how or where to get correct info about the forecast. I think the Weather Channel is ideal for you.

If you have DirecTV, The Weather Channel is the best way to get accurate weather forecasts. So, you can make sure the weather fits with what you have planned.

Since DirecTV only has a few channels, many people have forgotten the channel number as well as the category of the Weather Channel. Are you by chance one of those people? So we’ll show you what channel is the Weather channel on DirecTV?

The Weather Channel: Overview

The Weather Channel is really a pay-TV network that was started in 1980 by a meteorologist called John Coleman. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the time, the channel shows weather forecasts, news about the weather, and analysis reports. Along with shows that are just for fun, also there are documentaries about the weather.

In most families, there’s at least one person who never misses the weather report. Fortunately, we have the Weather Channel to help us out here. There are many folks that tune in to this station. In fact, about 79 million homes in the United States get the Weather Channel.

The station uses its own specialized equipment to know more about the present and forecast weather conditions. It also has information from the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center so that viewers can stay up to date on everything.

How to get the Weather Channel on DirecTV?

What Channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV

DirecTV is an excellent satellite Television channel provider with access to the Weather Channel. Users could get Regional, local, as well as premium channels, so it is available at a price that is easy on the wallet. Satellite is how most Americans get weather channel on DirecTV, and it is the best provider in this category.

DirecTV Subscription Plans

The DirecTV subscription, on the other hand, has 5 distinct packages. You can choose the plan that works best for you and gives you the most fun.

DirecTV PlanMonthly Price
DirecTV Price list updated at 2024

What Channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Everyone should get The Weather Channel on their TV sets because of its broad coverage, including news and documentaries. All DIRECTV plans except the ENTERTAINMENT package include this channel. Here’s the number of the channel on DIRECTV that you really can push on your remote to get to The Weather Channel:

Channel NameChannel Number
The Weather Channel362

Did DirecTV remove the Weather Channel?

In January 2014, the weather channels were taken off of DirecTV. All of this happened because of a fight over an agreement. DirecTV was asked by the people in charge of the weather channel to give them a raise. The weather channel had a 13 percent month-to-month subscriber growth rate at that time. But DirecTV turned down the pay raise and took away the weather channel.

It has been replaced by AccuWeather, which is on channel 361. Both people haven’t said why they did what they did yet. Most people liked to watch news and weather channels. Right now, DirecTV has a bad reputation. In 2019, DirecTV was called AT&T TV, but in 2021, it got a new name: DirecTV Stream. Those DirecTV customers who rely on the channel for news and weather would most likely stop tuning in if this occurs.

Programs to watch on the Weather Channel

There is a documentary feel to the Weather Channel on DirecTV; you may learn about predictions while having fun watching it. This channel shows weather news, analysis, entertainment, documentary films, and live studio shows.

Let’s check out some of the Weather Channel’s interesting shows:

1) Weather Center Live

Weather Center Lives makes you stay up to date with all the recent weather updates. This channel gives you insightful and outstanding opinions of the weather of the day. The weather center lives forecast from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET) on the weekdays.

2) Top Ten

As long as you have Weather Center Lives installed, you’ll always be aware of the latest weather developments. Insightful and enlightening commentary on the day’s weather is provided by this channel. During the weekdays, the weather station provides a live forecast from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (ET).

3) Storm Stories

The program Storm Stories would be a fantastic option for weather forecasts. The Weather Channel is the home of this reality show. People who have experienced harsh weather or natural catastrophes share their stories in this book.

4) Strangest Weather on Earth

There are times when the weather may be a little bizarre. If you don’t believe me, check out the Weather Channel’s Strangest Weather on Earth. Rare and uncommon weather throughout the world is featured in Derek Muller’s and Mike Theiss’ presentation. Volcano smoke rings and pouring frogs, for example, are only two of the odd weather phenomena explored in the series.

So You Think You’d Survive?

Nobody likes it, yet people have to deal with life-or-death scenarios on a regular basis. If someone learns what to do in specific circumstances, their chances of survival might be increased. This hour-long program features specialists who argue the best course of action in the case of an emergency.

FAQs about Weather Channel on DirecTV

What happened to The Weather Channel?

In January 2016, IBM bought the website weather.com and most of the Weather Channel’s digital content. Weloveweather. TV is now used by The Weather Channel for its TV business.

How to change the zip code for the weather channel on DirecTV?

Here’s how to change your zip code on DirecTV to get the weather channel:

  1. Select Antenna
  2. To get to the setup menu, click “Select.”
  3. Now you can move down to “Zip Code”
  4. Whenever you type in a zip code, the new one will automatically replace the previous one.
What is the local weather channel on DirecTV?

DirecTV has two weather channels that cover the whole country. Channel 361 is number one, and channel 362 is number two. Both channels give enough information about the weather in the area.


The Weather Channel has a wide range of weather-related shows. This is why people who are interested in weather find it to be a popular channel. You can find this weather channel on DirecTV. We hope that this channel will always be on DirecTV.

I hope this article helped you find out which or what channel is the weather channel on DirecTV!