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What Channel is CBS on DIRECTV? Channel Guide 2024

What Channel is CBS on DIRECTV? There are millions of people around the world who watch CBS’s programs and shows every day. The channel always offers something to appreciate, whether you’re in the mood for humor, drama, action, or anything else.

What Channel is CBS on DIRECTV?

The CBS Network is available on DIRECTV, making it the best option for TV viewers. The broadcaster can show you shows and sports that you won’t see anywhere else. DIRECTV now offers you the best of the two: the limitless packages you love, as well as the programs you’ll fall in love with.

Let’s have a look and see, What Channel is CBS on DIRECTV?

A little about CBS TV Channel

CBS is an acronym for the Columbia Broadcasting System, which was founded in 1927 and has been in operation ever since. When it first started, it was merely a radio newscast. Actually, commercial broadcast television was the first kind of television when it was invented. Since it was started, Viacom CBS has owned it, and it has always been owned by them.

In 2017, CBS Radio was bought by Entercom. For more than 80 years, CBS Television Network has produced a wide range of programming genres. On CBS, you can count on a good time. Because of this, CBS is a fantastic cable channel, and many people look for it when deciding on a service provider.  You’ll never be bored with the variety of comedies, reality shows, and dramas available on CBS.

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Sports programming is available on CBS Sports. Pay-TV channel CBS Sports Network is owned by CBS Entertainment, a subsidiary of CBS Corporation. In the beginning, it was called CSTV, an acronym for College Sports Television (College Sports TV). CBS bought it in 2006 and renamed it CBS Sports Network once they took ownership of it. The channel’s coverage of major sports events expanded after this buy. CBS also broadcasts games from some of the nation’s minor leagues and hosts analysis shows to spotlight the top players in the country. Cable consumers in the United States have access to CBS Sports Network, which is available to more than 66% of them.

What channel number is CBS on DIRECTV?

It’s a good thing that CBS is included in all DIRECTV plans. Whether you choose one of the plans or not, you will always get complete access to the network without having to work hard. Each location has a different number for CBS. This table will tell you everything you need to know about the channels on DIRECTV, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own!

City, StateCBS Channel Number DIRECTV
New York, NY2
Los Angeles, CA2
Chicago, IL2
Houston, TX11
Phoenix, AZ5
Seattle, WA7
Boise, ID2
Atlanta, Georgia46
Cleveland, OH19
Kansas City, MO5
Colorado Springs, CO11
El Paso, TX4
Las Vegas, NV2
Miami, FL4
San Antonio, TX5
San Diego, CA8
Tucson, AZ13

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How to get CBS on DIRECTV?

As we learned earlier, what channel is CBS tv on DirecTV? Now we will know, How to get CBS on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV packages have been known for their low prices that don’t skimp just on the entertainment factors. Starting with ENTERTAINMENT, the different channel tiers offer the best entertainment. They go all the way to the top to the PREMIER package.

It’s possible to have even more than 180 channels on your TV. For example, you can have exactly 155 channels on your TV with Directv SELECT. DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT offers 150 channels, and you can get more than 180 channels on your TV with DIRECTV ULTIMATE and DIRECTV CHOICE.

You can avoid the trouble of paying separate internet and TV bills by signing up for a single service. Bundles from DIRECTV and CenturyLink include cutting-edge satellite TV and high-speed internet. A 24-month service agreement is included in the rates.

DIRECTV PlanMonthly Price

CBS Sports Network on DIRECTV

Only the ULTIMATE and PREMIER subscriptions provide access to CBS Sports Network. Because of that, adding this channel to your DIRECTV package will cost you more. CBS Sports Network, on the other hand, maybe seen on channel 221 in all 50 states.

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CBS All Access on DIRECTV

As we all know, CBS All Access is unique news, entertainment, and sports streaming service from the network. Because of this, DIRECTV does not provide it.  In fact, you have to buy the CBS All Access subscription on its own from your DIRECTV bundle.

What Shows Does CBS Offer the Viewers?

CBS has everything you could ever want in a television network. There is a wide variety of programs to choose from, including drama, comedy, game shows, chat shows, and sometimes even non-scripted reality shows. On top of that, CBS provides a wide range of news and information programs.

So, which well-known shows can fans expect from CBS? To that end, we’ve selected a few standouts from each genre.

Keep up with the News

Keeping up with the latest news is easy if you tune in every day to CBS. There’s a program that’ll give you everything you need to know at whichever time works best for you, whether it’s early in the morning when you’re most alert or late at night when you have more time to focus. Shows that may interest you might be found here:

  • CBS Morning News
  • CBS Weekend News
  • CBS News Sunday Morning
  • CBS This Morning
  • CBS Evening News
  • Face the Nation
  • CBS Overnight News
  • 48 Hours

People need a little drama to get through the day

There’s nothing like a good dose of drama to liven things up, which is why CBS offers so much of it to choose from. You won’t be able to stop watching these episodes since they are so suspenseful and action-packed. You should think about incorporating the following songs in your schedule:

  • All Rise (Legal Drama)
  • Blood & Treasure (Action-Adventure)
  • Blue Bloods (Crime-Drama)

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Laughter is the best medicine

CBS has a knack for getting viewers to giggle. It doesn’t matter how much pressure you’re under, CBS programs will always find a way to lighten the mood with their razor-sharp wit and fantastic sense of humor. The greatest medicine out there is laughing, so don’t forget to get your daily dosage! Some of the titles are listed below:

  • Young Sheldon
  • Bob Hearts Abishola
  • Mom
  • The Neighbourhood
  • The Unicorn
  • One Day at a Time

Reality Shows for the People

Reality TV shows are popular among Americans, and there are a number of options to choose from. When you buy from CBS, you know you’re getting a great bargain. Here are a few of the most popular programs:

  • Survivor
  • Big Brother
  • The Amazing Race
  • Undercover Boss
  • Tough as Nails
  • Love Island

Amazing for Sports Lover

CBS has made a name for itself by providing a wide range of well-chosen programs. Other networks haven’t come close to cracking the formula and winning over people’s hearts quite as this service has. Moreover, its capacity to provide a variety of different forms of material lets them stand out from the crowd. With so many sports lovers in America, it’s no wonder that CBS goes the extra mile and launches CBS Sports Network.

You will be able to watch the NCAA March Madness or the NFL games on CBS if you’re a basketball or football enthusiast. There’s no need for any other networks as it also broadcasts college football and basketball games.

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FAQs about CBS DirecTV Channel Number

What channel is CBSS on DIRECTV?

CBS Sports can be seen on channel 221 in the United States.

What channel is CBS on DirecTV in California?

You can watch Direct TV CBS on channels 2, and 8 in California.

What is CBS DirecTV channel in Florida?

You can watch Direct TV CBS on channel 4 in Florida.

How can I watch local CBS?

For free, you can watch this channel on the internet because it doesn’t need a Cable TV login because this is not a part of the system. At http://www.cbs.com/live-tv, you can start watching CBS live online now! As a bonus, some channels have apps for iOS and Android that let you do the same thing.

How do I report a problem with DIRECTV?

DIRECTV Customer Service can help you if you have a technical problem or if you need help using your device. You can call them at 1-866-987-0357.

Parting Words

If we had to name the best TV networks, CBS would have to be at the top. This is why many consumers insist on having CBS as a part of their cable package because the network is so wonderful. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

So, don’t hesitate to contact DIRECTV Customer Service. Getting your cable connection set up is as simple as contacting them, and they look forward to hearing from you.