What Channel is ESPN Plus on DIRECTV? Channel Guide 2024

It’s quite hard to find a sports channel that seems to be consistently entertaining. As long as there’s a sport going on and it’s in season, you’re likely to be able to watch it online. This is when ESPN Plus enters the picture!

ESPN+ is a separate streaming service for sports.1 It has live sports games as well as original programming and documentaries all of its own. It is part of the ESPN app,2 which also includes content from their cable networks and website. You can almost always watch live sports on ESPN plus on DirecTV if the sport is in season and if the sport is available.

To watch ESPN+ material on your TV, you must first learn how to access the channel’s specialized content menu. What Channel is ESPN Plus on DIRECTV? Let’s have a look.

What is ESPN Plus?

One of ESPN’s newest Disney offerings is a subscription service called ESPN+ that provides access to a wide range of sports programs. The service broadcasts a wide range of sporting events, including NCAA football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more.

Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, and a slew of other high-profile athletes are among the stars who have contributed to the ESPN Insider program, which is available on the ESPN website.

The return of NFL PrimeTime, a classic NFL highlight program, will be exclusively available on ESPN+ this season.

You will not be able to watch live sports or programming from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, or ESPN News using this service. Subscribers to ESPN+ may do so right here, giving them access to all the service’s premium content.

Because ESPN Plus isn’t a broadcast network, you’ll need to use the ESPN mobile app to get it. You may use a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other streaming device to access the service.

A smart television app seems to be your best chance for watching on TV if you have one.

What channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

What Channel is ESPN Plus on DIRECTV

You can watch ESPN on channels 206 and 1206. ESPN Plus isn’t a DIRECTV channel. The interactive ESPN app allows DIRECTV customers to view live ESPN programming, select ESPN3 streaming video, and ESPN On Demand content. On your television, you may use the ESPN sports app. Any ESPN channel would work for this (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN NEWS, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, Longhorn Network, & SEC Network).

Because ESPN Plus is a direct-to-consumer service, cable and satellite providers like DirecTV do not include it in their bundles. You’ll really need a cable login to watch those channels.

The Best ESPN Plus Channel List

Channel NameChannel Number
ESPN Classic614
ESPN Deportes466
ESPN on ABC206
Longhorn Network407
SEC Network611
ACC Network612

How to watch ESPN Plus on your TV?

First, go to the ESPN App on your streaming device. Make sure to download it from your device’s app or channel store if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Select the settings gear icon, which may be found in the top right-hand area of the display.
  2. To get to the settings menu, click on the button on the right.
  3. Open the Account Information page to learn more about your account.
  4. If you choose Login to your ESPN account, you can see your activation code.
  5. Make sure that you go to espn activate on your phone, tablet, or PC to get started.
  6. Find out how to use your ESPN+ account on the site.
  7. When you link your account to your TV, it will let you know.
  8. On the main screen of the ESPN TV App, choose ESPN+ again to get to the ESPN+ app.

What’s there to watch on ESPN Plus?

There are more than 1,000 collegiate sporting events, as well as live boxing, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, and mixed martial arts (MMA), as well as MLB and the British Hockey League (BHL) regular-season games that you can watch with this service’s membership.

A peek at ESPN+ is highly recommended if you’re not just interested in watching NBA or NFL games. All right, let’s have a look at everything. 

There are a number of on-demand documentaries and TV shows like Details and 30 or 30 Movies that are available. Saturday evenings are theirs. On-demand archives are perfect for sports nerds who want to go deeper into past games. Docuseries like 30 for 30 are an excellent example. 

Daily Wager

ESPN now has a program devoted just to sports betting odds, thanks to the development of sports betting. Six days a week, Daily Wager picks the greatest bets for the day’s sporting events.

O.J.: Made in America

The narrative of O.J. Simpson’s murder trial captivated the nation and led to an Oscar-winning documentary. “O.J.: Made in America,” a five-episode 30-for-30 series, is now accessible on ESPN+. Race and fame are examined via O.J. Simpson’s life in the documentary.

Best of all, there are no reruns from the network’s other sports channels available. It has its own unique material. Some of the most well-known ones are:

Ariel & the Bad Guy

Chael Sonnen and award-winning MMA writer Ariel Helwani co-host this weekly show. The program premiered exclusively on ESPN+ in the United States today.

FAQs about ESPN Plus on DIRECTV

What is ESPN plus on DirecTV?

ESPN Plus isn’t a DIRECTV channel. ESPN+ is a streaming subscription service that’s considered a complement to existing ESPN content. You can subscribe to ESPN Plus via the ESPN App.

Do I get ESPN+ with my cable subscription?

ESPN Plus is a service that lets you watch sports online, but your cable company doesn’t offer it.

Does ESPN+ offer a free trial?

No, ESPN+ no longer gives you a free trial. The service used to have a free trial, but as ESPN+ grew, the free trial was scrapped. However, ESPN+ allows you to cancel your monthly subscription at any time, making the cost of ESPN+ about as cheap as it can be, too.

Is ESPN+ on Disney plus?

ESPN+ is a streaming service that Disney owns, so it makes sense that it’s part of the Disney Plus package, too. It has a lot of unique sporting events and programs. You’ll like ESPN+ Gas if you enjoy the Ultimate Fighting Championship and international football.

On DirecTV what channel is ESPN plus?

ESPN Plus isn’t a DIRECTV channel. You can watch ESPN HD on channel 206.

How much is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

ESPN Plus costs $6.99 a month (you can cancel at any time). You can also purchase the service a year-long subscription for $69.99.

Can I Get ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

No, because cable and satellite packages from DirecTV companies don’t offer ESPN Plus because the service is a direct-to-consumer platform.

How do you get ESPN plus on DirecTV?

You can subscribe to ESPN Plus via the ESPN App.

How to watch ESPN plus on DirecTV?

You can watch ESPN on channels 206 and 1206. ESPN+ isn’t a DIRECTV channel. You can subscribe to ESPN Plus via the ESPN App.

Where is ESPN plus on DirecTV?

ESPN Plus is in the ESPN App, you can subscribe to this package for $6.99 a month.

What Number is ESPN+ on DirecTV?

You can watch ESPN on channels 206 and 1206. ESPN+ isn’t a DIRECTV channel. You can subscribe to ESPN Plus via the ESPN App.

Final Words

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the DirecTV channel number for ESPN Plus. Make use of the 1-844-813-5886 to speak with a representative about the availability of Pay-Per-View events from the streaming service.

No PPV event currently exists, so don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of sports channels to choose from in the DirecTV TV guide, so you’re sure to have a great time with your family this weekend.

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