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What Channel Is HBO Max On DirecTV?

Even though the cable is one of the most popular ways to have fun in the world at the moment, streaming services have been trying out new strategies to compete. But this couldn’t have happened without mentioning HBO’s HBO Max, which is part of why people pay for entertainment.

The interesting thing is that you can watch HBO Max if you have DirecTV. DirecTV is one of the most popular TV provider networks in the Country. This is because it has attractive pricing packages that make it easy for users to deal with.

To learn what channel is HBO max on DirecTV? And more about HBO Max’s DirecTV channel, continue reading!

An Overview of HBO Max Channel

HBO’s app is now sleek and packed with popular TV episodes and movies, a separate streaming service from HBO that houses all of the network’s programming two years after launching its foray into the streaming battles.

Superheroes, mythological creatures, and comic book characters coexist peacefully in this world of cuddly animal characters and comedians. HBO’s full library includes Emmy winners Mare of Easttown and Hacks, classics like Friends, Rick and Morty, Sesame Street, the Lord of the Rings movies, and practically every Studio Ghibli picture is available on this service. Some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic treasures are also here, such as Citizen Kane and The Wizard of Oz. This will not be the end of it. It also covers you if you have children at home. Quite a few service providers provide HBO as two independent options.

You can also add it to your subscription for a small monthly fee. With HBO Max, you get the best of HBO and some exciting new programs from Warner Bros. and DC, all in one place. Over 10,000 hours of programming are available for your enjoyment.

How to Watch HBO Max on Directv?

What Channel Is HBO Max On DirecTV

If you sign up for a new DirecTV package, you’ll get a year of HBO Max free. Even while DirecTV’s base or “Entertainment” plan does not contain the HBO Max special offer, customers may choose from various additional packages.

New customers who subscribe to DirecTV’s Choice, Ultimate, Mas Ultra, or Optimo Mas plans receive HBO Max for a year for free if they’re new customers. When your DirecTV contract ends, you’ll be billed yearly for the service. It’s free for a year with the DirecTV Choice and Ultimate plans; it’s free as long as you’re paying with the Premier plan.

If you already have a subscription to HBO, though, you may enjoy three months of HBO Max for free. Except for DirecTV’s lowest-cost packages, this applies to most paid plans. A one-month free trial of HBO Max is now available to AT&T customers who subscribe to their home internet or other cellular plans.

Last but not least, if you have a DirecTV plan that does not include HBO as an add-on, but you have paid for the add-on, you will also have access to HBO Max for free.

Service providerPlanFree HBO Max
AT&T TVEntertainmentNo
AT&T TVChoiceYes
AT&T TVUltimateYes
AT&T TVPremier Yes
DIRECTV EntertainmentNo

How to get HBO Max through DirecTV?

Here are the steps to get HBO Max:

  1. Choose your TV package from the DirecTV site and add it to your shopping cart only with HBO Max special offer.
  2. Tap “Add” to verify the subscription and make sure you want the special offer for HBO Max on DirecTV.
  3. Try clicking “continue” before you get to the final moment of the checkout process. And then, you will set up an account and add your payment details.
  4. Click “sign in with a provider” and choose DirecTV to get started.
  5. Sign in with your DirecTV information, and you can stream HBO Max. 

What channel is HBO Max on DirecTV?

HBO Max is on DirecTV, but you should check to see if it comes with your package. Most of the time, you can add it as an extra, but you’ll have to upgrade your plan. You can also sign up directly from the website, but that will be a separate service for which you will be billed separately.

Look down below for the channel listing for HBO Max:

Channel NameChannel Number

Popular Shows on HBO MAX

Here are some shows on HBO Max:

1) Strike

The Cormoran Strike detective books inspired the TV show Strike by J. K. Rowling under the alias Robert Galbraith, popular in the United Kingdom. The show features Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke), a war veteran turned private detective working out of a modest office on London’s Denmark Street who utilizes his unique perspective and expertise as a Special Investigation Branch investigator to solve complicated crimes that have escaped the police together with his assistant, then business partner, Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger).

2) Love Life

Sam Boyd is the creator of the American anthology series Love Life, which is a collection of short stories about love and relationships. The plot follows Darby Carter through her twenties as she navigates New York City’s job and love scenes. She battled with some of the early anxieties of being a teenager. Following Darby’s love life through time, you’ll see how many people she met while searching for her “person.” 

3) Prodigal Son

Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver developed the American procedural drama television series, Prodigal Son. The Surgeon is the moniker given to Martin Whitley, the father of Malcolm Bright, the series’ central character. Malcolm’s father was arrested as a youngster, and Malcolm hasn’t seen him in 10 years. In the wake of a copycat serial murderer, Malcolm is compelled to meet his father as an FBI profiler working for the New York City police. He has to rely on Whitly’s knowledge to solve terrible crimes while dealing with his internal conflicts.

4) Euphoria

“Euphoria” portrays many high school kids as they deal with love and friendships in the context of their high school experience. Teen drama TV series developed by Sam Levinson and adapted from the Israeli series of the same name made by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin for HBO.

As Rue Bennett (Zendaya) fails to find her position in the global after her recovery from addiction, the series follows a group of students as they navigate issues of identity, trauma, drugs, and self-harm, as well as relationships with family and friends and romantic relationships and sex.

FAQs about HBO Max on DirecTV

How do I watch HBO Max on my TV?

Search for HBO Max in the Play Store on the Android TV. Then, click on HBO Max and pick: Sign up and install: Installs the HBO Max app and opens a new HBO Max subscription. Install: Just get the HBO Max app and run it.

Do you automatically get HBO Max If you have HBO?

If you already pay for HBO Now or HBO through a provider that takes part, you have already entered HBO Max at little or no extra cost. If you have an HBO Now subscription, the app will be overtaken by HBO Max, if that hasn’t been done already.

The Final Say

If you bundle your DirecTV service with CenturyLink’s high-speed internet, it will be more fun. This will not only let you watch TV shows and movies online, but it will also let you download stuff as well as play online games without even any lag.

HBO Max on DirecTV is a must-have if you want to watch box-office hits all the time. Just get it today through your DirecTV service. Hopefully, this article has helped you to get HBO Max on DirecTV.