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What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV 2024?

Television is a gadget available nearly in every house. With the evolution of the satellite and television industry, channels have increased extensively. There are millions of channels being telecasted in our world. But to be honest, we have a list of channels we enjoy.

Lifetime is one of the most-watched channels around the world. People have been asking many questions about the Lifetime channel or DirecTV Lifetime channel number.

People have grown so interested in the channel that they don’t want to miss a second of their favorite TV program on Lifetime.

The world can now be seen through television in our homes. Everything is connected by satellite from Europe to Asia, Antarctica to Australia. Over time, the story of television has changed a lot. It is no longer a connection via cable. We can now watch any world channel from home with a satellite receiver.

What is The Lifetime Channel?

This section might be helpful for ‌new viewers who are not well informed about the Lifetime channel. Lifetime is a primary cable channel in the United States and is part of Lifetime Entertainment Services. The leading company, Lifetime Entertainment Services, is a subsidiary of A&E Networks. Hearst Communications and Walt Disney jointly own A&E Networks.

Lifetime has entertained ‌viewers for 37 years, creating distinctiveness from thousands of other channels. The date was 1st February of 1968, when the channel was launched. Its headquarter is situated in New York City, New Your.

Though they don’t broadcast worldwide, instead of in a few countries, it is still so popular that it has reached 93.8 million households in the US (2016).

Their program genre has created a difference from others. Lifetime provides entertainment that is a little bit more unconventional than that of others.

How to Get Lifetime Channel on DirecTV?

DirectTV has a couple of different lineups for its service. The channel amount and channel list are different from one another. The number of channels one will get in a package will be less or more than the other. So, users might question which package they are going to get Lifetime.

But the great thing is that viewers will get the Lifetime Channel of DirecTV irrespective of differences in lineups.

Whether you are a user of a standard or entry-level tier with 160 channels or enjoying the high-end tier with more than 330 channels, you will have a Lifetime channel in every tier. Having this benefit allows users not to spend more on the Lifetime channel. Costing less gives you freedom and enhances your quality of life.

What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV

DIRECTV subscribers, take note! Lifetime Channel is at your fingertips on Channel 252.

Craving for a binge-watch on Lifetime Movies? Head over to Channel 253. It’s that simple – browse and watch.

These two precisely defined channels, 252 and 253, are your go-to destinations for Lifetime and Lifetime Movies, regardless of whether you are a DIRECTV customer.

Directv Lifetime Channels in 2024

The channel number of Lifetime on DirecTV is 252 and 253.

LocationChannel NoLocationChannel No
San Diego252New York252
New Orleans252Las Vegas252
St. Louis252Orlando252
Charlotte252Washington DC252
Albuquerque252San Francisco252
Sacramento252Los Angeles252
Columbus252San Antonio252
El Paso252Dallas252
Portland252Kansas City252
Oklahoma City252Chicago252

Hold on; we are not done yet. There is plenty of information coming for you in this article.

You might think that DirecTv has several packages, then what will be the channel number in different packages? Yes, this is a necessary question to be asked and answered. There are 6 different packages available on DirecTV, which are-

  • DirecTV Ultimate
  • DirecTV Choice
  • DirecTV XTRA
  • DirecTV Premier
  • DirecTV Select
  • DirecTV Entertainment

But despite having several packages for the convenience of the viewers. The channel number is going to be #252 in all packages. This should relieve viewers because they don’t need to worry about the channel number.

What Channel is LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) on DirecTV?

Lifetime Movie channel on DirecTV is a subscription-based video service. They offer many new and classic movies. New movies are always being added to their site. So if you want to enjoy great movies and shows from the past to the present, LMN is an excellent choice. Hundreds of blockbusters and commercial movies will make your leisure time wonderful. Paying a small buck is nothing compared to its services and joy.

Channel NameChannel Number
Lifetime Movie Network on DirecTV253

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) can be watched on their site or by downloading the app, which is available on most platforms.

In the above, it has been written that Lifetime offers something different from others. So what is the key dissimilarity in the Lifetime channel? The key difference between their programs mainly lies in female-based programs.

We see programs created on the men and from the men’s perspective. This is a prevalent scenario as men dominate the world. But Lifetime channel gives a chance to growing female influence in the entertainment business. It can be described as women’s empowerment.

From a socio-political perspective, the Lifetime channel is a great work, more than just entertainment. In the next threads, a small discussion will be made on some of the most popular shows on the Lifetime channel so the viewers can understand what they will watch.

1) Marrying Millions

Marrying Millions is an American reality show that first premiered on July 10, 2019. The show is based on six loving couples expecting to be married. They face scrutiny from their family and friends. The couple, which is made of totally different socio-economic classes and their whisked lives, is the main plot of this series.

2) Bring It!

It is a top-rated show on Lifetime. Bring It is a dance reality show focusing on the dance team, The Dancing Dolls, from Mississippi. This show is produced by Lifetime. The special thing about this show is that it will change our experience with the dance show because the dance form is different. So one must give it a try. It debuted on the 5th of March, 2014.

3) Dance Moms 

This is a reality dance competition where Abby Lee Miller and her students try to win the glorious National Dance Title and the best dancer award from among their peers. The show is a combination of passion, struggle, and reality. It also indicates that art is more than we think. It’s a lifelong journey and takes years of practice to be good. Parents of the participants are very engaged with their children’s journey. Parents put exertion on their children’s passion.

4) Black Love 

Hearing the title “Black Love,” one might think it’s about loving Black people. But this is not exactly like that. But it indeed has something to do with Black people. Black Love is a docu-series based on the love life of the black community. The show has a profound emotional impact. The show debuted as one of the most viewed unscripted series on the Oprah Winfrey Network on August 29, 2017.

It shows the reality of love, joy, challenges, and struggle in the Black community. The show must get credit for opening up about this beautiful subject.

Lifetime Channel on DirecTV Schedule

Viewers will enjoy their favorite show on the Lifetime channel at the scheduled time. If you are a viewer of the Lifetime channel and are interested in knowing about the program schedule so that you do not miss any part, you need to visit the Lifetime Channel website. To help viewers with one less Google search, the Lifetime channel website address is attached to this article.

Lifetime Channel Website: https://www.mylifetime.com/ 

Lifetime Channel Programme Schedule Site: https://www.mylifetime.com/schedule 

How to Watch Lifetime Channel For Free?

Though you don’t need to pay much to watch the Lifetime channel on DirecTV, wanting to watch for free is legit sometimes. Free things taste good. In numerous ways, one can enjoy the Lifetime channel for free.

  • Enjoy watching it on the Lifetime App.
  • By streaming Lifetime shows and movies.
  • Enjoy watching Lifetime shows on its website.
  • Watch the channel on Roku.
  • Watch the Lifetime channel on Fire TV.
  • Watching the Lifetime channel on Apple TV.

How To Download Lifetime Channel on Firestick?

You can get the Lifetime channel on Amazon Fire Stick. Open Amazon Fire App on your television and navigate to the entertainment category. There you will find the Lifetime app. Just download and install the Lifetime app and enjoy watching popular tv shows and series.

How To Watch Lifetime on Apple TV?

For watching Lifetime on Apple TV, one needs to ensure that Apple TV is on its most recent version. From the home screen, browse the apps. If you don’t find the app by browsing, search for “Lifetime.” Download and enjoy all the content from the Lifetime channel. The app is a new way of accessing Lifetime on Apple TV. Contents are updated regularly.

How To Get Lifetime on Roku?

If the device you use with your tv is Roku, you can get Lifetime on your tv. Many people got confused about having Lifetime on Roku. But there is nothing to be worried about. It is also very easy to have the Lifetime app on your Roku. Go to your Roku home screen and navigate “Roku Channel Store.” Search for the Lifetime app, and you will probably find it in the “Movies and TV” section. Download the app and go to “My Channels.” Choose Lifetime and enjoy all the available content.

There is no hassle while getting this Lifetime app on your Roku.

How Can I Download Lifetime App on Smart Android TV?

Most of us these days use Smart TV operated by Android. So, if there were no options for watching the Lifetime channel on Android TV, many viewers would be excluded from enjoying the shows and series on the Lifetime channel. But Lifetime allows all kinds of users to get their services.

First, click “Get More Apps” and search for “Lifetime.” Tap on install, and it will start downloading. After installation, open the app from the Play Store or app list and keep enjoying your favorite Lifetime app.

Can I Watch Lifetime on iPhone, iPad & Android?

Smartphones are in everyone’s hands. The world is becoming smaller and now fits in our hands. Entertainment becomes easily accessible from anywhere. Lifetime can be watched on any smartphone, including iPhone, iPad, and Android. Have your best companion in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What number channel is Lifetime?

Lifetime on DirecTV is channel 252 for both SD and HD.

Is Lifetime Movie Network on DirecTV?

Get the LMN Lifetime Movie Network on DirecTV via channel number 253.

What Kind of Programs Does The Lifetime Telecast?

Lifetime telecasts various programs, but many programs are based on women. Women also create many programs. Comedy, tragedy, love, etc., different kinds of stories are shown in their program.

How Much Does The Lifetime Channel Cost? 

The channel does not cost at all when you are watching it online. If you are a cable connection user, you still don’t need to pay extra for this DirecTV channel.

Can I Watch Lifetime Without Cable Connection? 

Yes, there are numerous ways to watch Lifetime without any cable connection. Users can use smart TVs, TV boxes, and smartphones to be entertained with the Lifetime channel. You need to have the internet and nothing else.

What is The Lifetime Customer Service Number? 

For any queries, help or complaints, you can contact me at 1-866-966-2797.

What Channel is Lifetime Movies Network (LMN) on DirecTV?

The Lifetime Movie Network is available on DirecTV. In any package, you will get your chosen LMN channel. The channel number is 253 on DirecTV.


With the fantastic entertainment services available on all platforms Lifetime channel is a good companion. It is very cost-efficient, or it can be accessed for free, giving users the freedom to watch the channel. The women-led program is a feature that makes all the difference. Women are very fond of programs based on women because that gives them a sense of self-worth.

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