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What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

People working in companies have very little time to chill and watch their favorite shows. But there is a TV channel that makes almost every type of popular entertainment, including sports, comedy, drama, news, reality shows, talk shows, award specials, sporting events, theater, and children’s shows. This network has only one name: NBC.

The NBC channel and its regional affiliates show both national and local shows. A common concern among DIRECTV customers is whether or not they’ll be able to get their hands on any of NBC’s regional or local programming.

Don’t worry, my friend. I will make everything transparent with this article. Read till the end to be able to What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV effortlessly.

NBC TV Network Overview

American television and radio network NBC, or the National Broadcasting Company, is well-known for airing some of the top programming and series in the country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re bored and lonely or just need a little time to settle down; NBC has you covered. If you use Xfinity TV, you can expect to see pictures with HD quality.

Comcast NBCUniversal’s NBC Network is one of its flagship brands. It is considered one of the country’s top three television networks. The Peacock Network got its name from the fact that NBC’s logo resembles a peacock. Peacocks were chosen as a symbol of color television since the logo was designed to look like one. The logo was made the official symbol in 1979.

NBC was founded in 1926, making it the country’s first broadcast network. Currently, it has 13 channels and almost 200 affiliates in operation. NBC Network oversees a number of networks, including the following:

Universal KidsTELEMUNDO

Steps to Get NBC on DirecTV

DirecTV has been a long-serving friend of 18 million American people. The credit for attracting this large number of viewers is because of the quality service. People in megacities and rural areas can enjoy DirecTV without any interruption.

But how?

DirecTV uses an AT&T satellite to provide this uninterrupted connection and uniform quality throughout the country. 

The best thing about DirecTV is its assorted number of channels. From movies and tv-series to sports to daily news, DirecTV has many diversified channels to offer.

Now, all that being said let’s dig into what DirecTV has to offer and its subscription plans.

 Here is what DirecTV offers with its subscription plans:

  • NFL live-stream throughout the season.
  • 4K HDR programming.
  • From the DirecTV app, you can enjoy the TV everywhere feature.
  • 200 hours of storage.
  • Advanced AT&T satellite connectivity.

And many more.

Watch NBC on DIRECTV: Plans & Steps

To get the most out of your DIRECTV subscription, you’ll not only have access to more than 330 channels, but you’ll also be able to watch Live TV with 4K programming and pick from a maximum of 65,000 On-Demand movies. A free Genie HD DVR with 1TB of storage is included in all DIRECTV packages, so you’ll never miss your favorite shows again!

DirecTV packages provide you access to a range of American channels, including NBC and ABC on DirecTV as well as MNTV and Fox. I’m sure there are many more.

And that’s not all! Here are the deals where NBC is a part of them:

DIRECTV DealsNumber of ChannelsPrice
DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package18584.99/mo.
DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package250114.99/mo.
DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package330159.99/mo.

What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV

The good news is that if you are a fan of NBC and you have already signed up for DIRECTV, you won’t have any trouble accessing your favorite shows as long as you know the channel number to dial in. Here is a list of NBC channel numbers sorted by city or town to help you out.

DirecTV has given NBC different channel no. for different states. But why this hassle? Actually, DirecTV has no satellite of itself. It uses an AT&T communications satellite to provide a seamless viewing experience. Not just DirecTV, Dish Network uses AT&T satellite to broadcast several channels.

As different networking platforms use AT&T satellites, assigning the same channel no. for a specific channel is impossible.

So, you have subscribed to DirecTV but have difficulty finding NBC on it. Don’t worry. Every problem has a solution. Truth be told, this is not even a problem.

I have made a table of different states for NBC channel no. Here it is:

State NameChannel NumberState NameChannel Number
Alabama13New York4
Arizona12North Carolina36
Arkansas4North Dakota11
Connecticut30 (HD)Oregon8
Florida12 (HD)Rhode Island10 (HD)
Georgia11South Carolina2 (HD)
Idaho7 (HD)South Dakota48 (HD)
Louisiana6West Virginia3
Nevada3 (HD)New Hampshire10
New Jersey4New Mexico4

Top popular shows on the NBC TV channel

You’ve just learned about NBC and now want to check out some of their incredible shows.  There are a lot of great series on NBC that will keep you watching for hours if this is the case. If this is the case, it’s great news. To get you started, here are some of the options:

1) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Nothing beats a night in front of Brooklyn Nine-Nine after a long day at the office for some light entertainment. The quirky squad of detectives led by Ray Holt, a strange but amusing commanding officer, solves crimes in Brooklyn, New York when you turn on your DIRECTV and choose NBC as your channel. 

2) America’s Got Talent

The NBC network’s summer awareness campaign, America Got Talent, is a complete distraction from reality. The program has had 14 seasons of pure joy. Comedians, dancers, magicians, singers, and a slew of other up-and-and-comers compete for the title of America’s favorite and a $1 million prize on America Got Talent.

3) The Office

Based on the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant-created BBC sitcom The Office, Greg Daniels adapted it for American television. With its first few episodes, the Office sets itself apart from its original source and proves that not all American remakes of foreign bestsellers are doomed to fail. The Scranton, Pennsylvania, division of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is the setting for the program, which follows a group of office employees as they have humorous mishaps.

4) The Blacklist

Watching The Blacklist if you’re a fan of thrillers and mysteries is a no-brainer for fans of the action. Red Reddington, a fugitive who turns himself into the FBI and promises to be able to help them catch some of the world’s most wanted criminals, is central to the plot of the film The Blacklist. Elizabeth Keen was the only person he would talk to, despite his position. If you’re up for it? Find out everything NBC has to offer!

FAQs about NBC on DirecTV

What channel is NBC on DirecTV in California?

On DIRECTV in California, you can watch NBC on the following channel numbers:

  • Los Angeles, California – 4
  • San Diego, California – 39
  • San Jose, California – 11
  • San Francisco, California – 11
  • Fresno, California – 24
  • Sacramento, California – 3
  • Oakland, California – 11.
What channel is NBC on DirecTV in Texas?

On DIRECTV in Texas, you can get the NBC channel on the following channel numbers:

  • Houston, Texas – 2
  • San Antonio, Texas – 4
  • Dallas, Texas – 5
  • Austin, Texas – 36
  • Fort Worth, Texas – 5
  • Arlington, Texas – 5.
Does NBC come for free on DirecTV?

All of the DirecTV packages let you watch this channel. So, subscribers don’t have to pay anything to watch this channel.

What channel is NBC on DirecTV in Florida?

NBC is available on channel 12 in Florida.

What channel is NBC on DirecTV in Louisiana?

NBC is available on channel 6 in Louisiana.

What channel is NBC on DirecTV in Georgia?

NBC is available on channel 11 in Georgia.

Summing Up

NBC on DirecTV is a great option if you’re looking for HD programming without breaking the bank.

I hope that this article meets all of your needs and wants by giving you the number of the popular channels listed. The Local Channel Lookup tool will help you discover your town if the above table does not have it listed for you as an NBC fan. Find out what NBC channel is on DIRECTV in your city or town by just entering your ZIP code there. You’ll have a response to your question in a matter of seconds.

DirecTV provides the opportunity to watch NBC, CBS, ABC, and many popular channels. NBC channel no. may differ geographically, but the quality is uniform across every state.

Yeah, there is indeed spending involved to watch NBC on DirecTV. But believe me, every penny is worth the risk. So, have you got your answer? Let me know in the comment section if you have any further queries.