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What Channel is TBS on DirecTV?

Who can forget the nostalgia of watching our favorite sitcoms like Friends and The Big Bang Theory? It is TBS that brought us this beautiful opportunity to binge-watch those series.

Fortunately, TBS didn’t stop at Friends and TBBT. They have Conan, 2 Broke Girls, and some fantastic other series in their locker. But the sad thing is that some people find watching TBS on DirecTV hard. Are you one of them?

If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you what channel is TBS on DirecTV and how to watch TBS not just on DirecTV but on every other possible network. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

TBS Channel Overview

TBS (Turner Broadcasting System)1 is a pay-tv network owned by Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. networks. Starting its journey in 1967 with the banner of WJRJ-TV, TBS was a terrestrial television station in Atlanta, Georgia.

TBS was broadcasted on UHF channel 17 after a series of patent-related issues. But once the problems were solved, there was no looking back.

Rice Broadcasting Inc., a billboard advertising network, proposed a partnership with TBS in July 1969. Rice Broadcasting Inc. had the highest self-supporting transmission tower in Atlanta at 1031m.

So, once the partnership between TBS and Rice happened, the authenticity and popularity of TBS started to fly.

In 1986, TBS acquired Metro-Goldwyn Mayor production to expand its business. The deal was a revolution for TBS as MGM had cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Gillian’s Island, and many more.

In September 1995, Warner Bros. network purchased TBS for $7.5 billion.

The best thing about TBS is its versatility. Previously, viewers only knew TBS for its fantastic T.V. series. But now, popular sporting events, movies, and even selective national programs are shown live on TBS.

In a survey in 2018, it was reported that almost 90.31 million households have subscribed to TBS.  

How to get TBS channel on DIRECTV?

What Channel is TBS on DirecTV

You must subscribe to the DirecTV subscription plan to get the TBS DirecTV channel. The subscription scheme ranges from $64.99 to $134.99, and you will have access to 160-330 channels. In some states, you can get DirecTV from cable operators and the rest from satellite providers.

DirecTV is a multichannel cable and satellite channel provider across the United States of America. The best thing about DirecTV is that all the popular channels are available on the DirecTV library. Name any entertainment genre, movie, T.V. series, sports, or reality show; TBS never disappoints in delivering quality content.

DirecTV has active viewers of almost 14.3 million. It is a savior for rural area viewers. Whether you live in Newyork, Daytona, or Alabama, DirecTV has uninterrupted coverage.

DirecTV uses satellites to allow geographically-challenged people to watch channels like TBS. It has a partnership with CenturyLink Internet. The partnership was done to provide smooth connectivity with the satellites.

How do I watch TBS Channel?

Along with a cable connection, you can watch TBS on OTA (Over the Air) or OTT (Over the Top) platforms. TBS is available on Hulu, AT&T Tv, DirecTV, Youtube T.V., Sling, and Sling Orange. 

There is nothing called a free lunch. So, you would have to splash some money to watch the direct tv tbs channel. If you are using a cable connection, you must pay monthly rent. As far as OTA and OTT are concerned, you may have to subscribe to a monthly or yearly scheme.

Here is the list of where you can watch TBS and how much you have to spend:

PlatformFree Trial (Days)Subscription Plan ($)No. of Channels
Sling Blue33538+ Top Channels
Sling Orange33832+ Top Channels
DirecTV Stream569.99130+ Top Channels
Hulu764.99100+ Top Channels
YouTube TV3064.99170+ Top Channels

What Channel is TBS On DirecTV?

You must first subscribe to the DirecTV stream to watch TBS on DirecTV. Every scheme includes TBS, from the Entertainment package to the Premier package. The DirecTV tbs channel number varies from location to location if the platform changes.

But the good thing is, you can watch TBS on channel no. 247 on DirecTV stream, and it’s universal across the country.

Channel NameChannel Number

Remember the number, subscribe to DirecTV and watch your favorite shows or sporting events.

TBS Original Shows

If you already know what station is tbs on DirecTV and turn on TBS, you will enter an ocean of movies and T.V. series. You will be confused about deciding which one to watch. So, to ease your confusion, I will enlist some of the famous and critically acclaimed content.

Here are the TBS original shows:

Animated1. American Dad
2. 2 Stupid Dogs/ Super Secret Squirrel
3. Final Space
4. Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Comedy1. The Last O.G.
2. Miracle Workers
Documentaries1. Lincoln’s Dilemma
2. AEW Dynamite (Wrestling)
Sports1. MLB (Major League Basketball)
2. AEW Dynamite (Wrestling)
TV Series1. Conan
2. Chad
3. The Detour
Reality Show1. Last Resort
2. Celebrity Show-Off
3. The Misery Index
4. Go-Big Show
5. Tournament of Laughs

FAQs about Direct TV TBS Channel

How much is TBS on DirecTV?

TBS has several subscription plans to watch it on DirecTV. For the DirecTV entertainment package, you will have access to 160 channels for $64.99. That’s the entry-level scheme. For the DirecTV Premier package, you can watch as many as 330 channels at $134.99.

Is TBS Free on Directv?

With any subscription, you can watch TBS on DirecTV for free.

What channel is TBS on DirecTV in Florida?

You can watch TBS on channel 247 in Florida.

What channel is TBS on DirecTV in Los Angeles?

You can watch TBS on channel 247 in Los Angeles.

Bottom Line

TBS is arguably a second-to-no choice in the entertainment genre. Yeah, the subscription plan is a bit steep, but the variety of channels TBS provides will cover every entertainment area, from sports to movies to T.V. series.

247 is the signature household channel number for the Americans. And this number is assigned to none other than TBS.

Happy Watching!

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