What Channel is CW On Dish Network 2024? DISH Channel Guide

Are you looking for the finest entertainment options to cure your boredom blues? There is nothing better than watching a substantial dose of juicy entertainment while munching on your favorite snacks in your weekend leisure time. However, a mundane channel lineup with middling picture quality and mediocre sound can only thwart all your binge-watching plans.

This is where CW comes to your rescue. The CW Network, aka the CW, is a local free-to-air channel that has continued to progress since its inception. CW is undoubtedly among the most-watched networks on Dish at the moment. It isn’t easy to find someone who does not love at least 1 show on this channel.

Now read on for dish viewers asking; What channel is CW on DISH network?

About CW: Overview

The CW Network (also known as the CW) is a free local network owned by Viacom1 and Warner Media2 that debuted in 2006 and has developed through time while maintaining a focus on programs geared towards a younger demographic (35 and under). Gilmore Girls, WWE, and Next Top Model are just some of the series that have been added to the network’s programming after the demise of the WB and UPN. As time passed, it branched out from its female-centric programming to include male characters, but it kept its focus on dramas and story-driven science fiction.

Aside from keeping up with Marvel, the CW has also been hard at work establishing new brands using the vast DC Comics collection. Supergirl, Black Lightning, Dynasty, Archie Comics, Batwoman, and Nancy Drew are notable characters. All DIRECTV and DISH, satellite TV packages provide access to the CW. In reality, all you need is an antenna to get it for free through local over-the-air; if you’re interested, visit antennaweb.org to see whether you’re near enough to a tower to receive it. An HD antenna is required for a clear view. If you don’t have DISH or DIRECTV, you may always watch it in 1080p.

CW Channel on Dish

What Channel is CW On Dish Network? Channel Guide 2024

According to our reviewers, DISH Network is the greatest overall TV service and the finest TV provider for families. You’ll like its low rates, two-year price guarantee, parental controls, and powerful Hopper 3 DVR, which outperforms rival DIRECTV’s Genie in terms of performance and features. No matter whatever dish network bundle you belong to, you’ll be able to get CW once you have access to satellite TV.

America’s direct-broadcast satellite provider Dish Network (also known as DISH or Sling TV), is owned by DISH Network Corporation (also known as DISH or Digital Sky Highway), which also operates the over-the-top IPTV service Sling TV. Dish Cellular, the company’s mobile wireless service, is also available. As of July 1, 2020, Dish has purchased Boost Mobile, which provides prepaid service, and wants to expand to include postpaid service in the future. The corporation employs over 16,000 people and is headquartered in unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado.

Packages featuring the CW on DISH:

PackagesNumber of ChannelsPrice
Flex Pack  50+ Channels$40 per month
America’s TOP 120  190 Channels$69.99 per month
America’s TOP 200  240+ Channels$94.99 per month
America’s TOP 250  290+ Channels$104.99 per month
America’s Everything  290+ Channels (incl. premiums)$127.99 per month

What Channel is CW On Dish Network?

People who sign up for a Dish package can watch CW. The CW is a local station and a local station’s channel number changes depending on where you live and what kind of TV service you have. Visit dish.com to locate the channel number for The CW or any other local station in a certain location with Dish Network.

City, StateCW Channel Number DISH
New York, NY6304, 8104
Los Angeles, CA6310, 8004
Chicago, IL8497
Houston, TX6393, 8374
Seattle, WA8615
Atlanta, Georgia6376, 8305
El Paso, TX7595
Las Vegas, NV9039
Fort Worth, TX6387, 8404
Austin, TX8254
Miami, FL6405, 8834
Detroit, MI8035
Oklahoma City, OK6493, 8894
Louisville, KY9099
Dallas, TX6387
Charlotte, NC6487, 8653
Milwaukee, WI7074
Fresno, CA8969
San Diego, CA8793
New Orleans, LA7692
Arlington, TX6387, 8404

Here is a list of the best programs on the CW that you should never miss.

1) The Flash

The show follows an American crusader based on the DC comic superhero of the same name. Flash is a superhero known for his lightning-fast speed and ability to outrun any criminals in his path. The series is in many ways, an offshoot of Arrow since it is set in the same imaginary world as that show — the Arrowverse. A rare mishap bestows incredible speed to Central City forensic investigator Barry Allen. He chooses to use it be the Flash, a costumed superhero, to battle crime.3

2) Riverdale

This is an American teen drama television show. The show is scheduled for the current day and has a mystery. Being teens in a town full of evil events and blood-thirsty villains might be challenging for Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica. This gang of youngsters investigates a murder in Riverdale when one of its residents, a teenager, is found dead. They want to find the person or persons responsible for this senseless act.4

3) Supernatural

The television series Supernatural, developed by Eric Kripke, is a dark fantasy drama that airs on NBC. It premiered on The WB on September 13, 2005, and later became a part of The CW’s roster when The Disney Channel acquired the network. The series, which stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, follows the Winchester brothers as they go on adventures in search of demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural creatures.5

Parting Words

Some of the best primetime shows in the country will be on CW. You can also watch a lot of other things. And there’s nothing better than watching The CW on Dish!

We love that DISH has clear prices for two years, a powerful DVR, a feature-rich mobile app, good parental controls, many more sports channels than DIRECTV, and many deals and promotions. Sign up now if you want to.

I hope this article has helped you figure out what channel CW is on Dish Network so that you can watch the show.

FAQs about CW on DISH

What does the CW TV channel mean?

It means the CW TV Network, which is run by the CW Network, LLC, a joint venture between CBS Entertainment and AT&T’s Warner Media.

What is the best way to watch the CW channel for free?

To watch new episodes of your favorite shows, use the app. No password is required to use; there is no charge for it.

How much is the CW app?

You may download the CW app for free, and there are no hidden fees. That’s surprising because the app lets you watch full episodes of CW shows.

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