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What is OAN on Dish Channel Number? Channel Guide 2024

OAN news on Dish TV: The One American News Network is abbreviated as OAN or OANN. OAN is a TV channel which is owned by Herring Networks Inc which also owns other TV channels. Herring Networks is headquartered in San Diego. It also has news bureaus in the capital Washington, D.C., and New York City which is a major source of information. This channel is considered a reliable source for national and international news which are subdivided into several categories for the convenience of the viewers. Some of the popular categories include business, national and international politics, sports, and entertainment.

What is OAN on Dish Channel Number? Channel Guide 2024

OAN on Dish Network

The news headlines are updated daily 24/7. Regular viewers and fans of this news channel will also get additional information about the schedule of the different shows with the exact show time based on the time zone where the viewer is located. Most of the popular cable networks are carrying mainly the liberal news channels and many of the conservative views find that the news stories are biased. Donald Trump fans, conservatives, and many other cable Subscribers who are interested in watching the news from OAN would like to find out the OAN on Dish channel number so that they can switch to their favorite channel.

They are asking their friends, what is OAN on dish channel number. In some cases, they are also wasting time searching for the term OAN on dish network channel number, and not finding any relevant information online. Hence to help these viewers, this guide has been compiled.

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What is OAN on Dish Channel Number?

In 2024, the news channel OANN or OAN is not available on any of the three major cable networks in the United States – Dish Network Corp, Charter Communications, and Comcast Corp. DirecTV is the main distributor for OAN, and OAN mainly relies on DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T to reach more viewers.

However, DirecTV has announced that it will not renew its contract with OAN when it expires in April 2022. The target audience usually watches OAN through the smaller pay channels.

So at present in 2024, subscribers cannot watch OAN news on dish TV. However, fans of OAN have been requesting Dish TV to include OAN as one of their news channels. OAN is also requesting subscribers of Comcast and Charter to request the cable networks to include OAN since it is very affordably priced. OAN claims that it has 150000 viewers, though some media researchers claim that the real number of viewers is far lower.

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How to watch OAN network?

Fans of OAN can Livestream the news channel on their desktop or mobile using KlowdTV at KlowdTV.com. The channel offers OAN live 24/7 feed worldwide at $4.99 and a premium channel at $9.99. There is no contract and interested subscribers who wish to check the channel can also avail of a free trial. Another website that is live streaming the news channel is Vidgo at Vidgo.com. Viewers can also watch OAN anywhere in the world, by subscribing to Roku, FireTV, and Apple TV.

OAN is available on small cable networks in the United States like

Dish Cable NameChannel Number (SD)Channel Number (HD)
Century Prism2081208
Verizon Fios116616

The channel is available through local providers in different states in the United States. Detailed information for a specific state is available using the drop-down menu at the official OAN website. OAN is also available in Puerto Rico and other countries, especially those with a substantial American population. Some of the countries where OAN is available are Canada (Quebec), the Caribbean, Germany, Latvia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom.

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Since most of the mainstream media channels in the United States are liberal, OAN was established as an alternative to Fox news for the conservative audience in the country. The founder wanted the channel to carry accurate fact-based information. The former president of the United States Donald Trump was well known for his dislike for the ‘liberal’ mainstream media and openly supported OAN, endorsing it in his tweets.

OAN was also one of the few TV channels which openly supported the former president, and an interview with Trump is featured prominently on its websites. The hosts of the political shows on the channel have a right-wing conservative bias. It is also known for the conspiracy theories discussed on the shows. Some of the controversial news on the channel has also attracted defamation lawsuits from some of the businesses mentioned on the tv channel.

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Real America

This daily show is now anchored by Dan Ball, an experienced television host. The show features the latest political headlines, news nationally and internationally. The host also interviews the newsmakers of the day, including politicians, lawmakers, experts in different fields, social media influencers, and other celebrities.

Tipping Point

Kara Mckinney is the host for Tipping point which focuses on the rights of citizens, especially the right to freedom. Though all citizens are entitled to their fundamental rights by the constitution, often some citizens are denied their rights by law enforcement agencies and other government officials. In her show, Mckinney discusses civil rights with various well-known experts and celebrities. The show is not available on weekends.

After Hours

The After hours show is hosted by Alex Salvi. This daily one-hour newscast at night was the first broadcast in November 2019. The host features the most important national and international news stories. He also simplifies the news stories, analyzing them so that they are relevant to the user. Viewers are also given an opportunity to voice their comments on any story which is relevant. Additionally, politicians and experts are also interviewed for their views on the news story.


Subscribers of Dish TV cable should be aware that the news channel, OAN is not available on Dish TV at present. However, they can watch their favorite show on OAN and other channels of Herring Networks on their smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV without signing any contract. To check the content quality, many streaming websites are offering a free trial. There is a number of subscription plans available, for greater flexibility which viewers with a limited budget can opt for.

FAQs About One America News on Dish

What is OAN on Dish Channel Number?

The news channel OANN or OAN is not available on Dish Network Corp cable networks in the United States.

What is OAN or OANN?

The One American News Network is abbreviated as OAN or OANN. OAN is a TV channel which is owned by Herring Networks Inc.