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What Channel is VH1 Channel on FiOS? VH1 FiOS Guide 2024

None of the things that make you feel better after a long day at work are better than sitting on the couch and watching a movie or TV show while you eat your favorite food! Coming back to a boring channel selection with lousy image quality and low-grade sound, on the other hand, might completely derail your binge-watching intentions. The only thing that will never let you down is music and reality-TV-based TV shows.

Lots of music and reality TV shows are on cable and satellite TV. Their growing number shows that people in the United States like the flavoring and entertainment that gets with this kind of TV channel. VH1 and a lot of other channels can be found on Fios. 

This article is all about VH1 Channel on Fios and how to watch it.

About Verizon VH1 Channel

VH1 is an abbreviation for Video Hits One,1 which is a basic cable Television network in the United States. It is owned by ViacomCBS and is based in New York City. A company called Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, which was part of Warner Communications and owned MTV back in the day, started it. It was the first company to start it. Cable Music Channel (CMC)2, a Turner Broadcasting System-owned short-lived network, had held the spot before the network’s launch on January 1, 1985.

What Channel is VH1 Channel on FiOS?

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There were a lot of good things about its sister channel, MTV. Older people who like the music they like were the first group it tried to reach. As time went on, all of the attention went away from music videos and toward reality TV shows.

There was a deliberate effort to target well-known personalities and bands from all around the United States. TV channels change a lot when it comes to what they show. The idea is to keep playing around with different types of content until you find a market that resonates with the people who see it. After a few years, the channel decided to focus most of its attention on classic rock and mainstream pop. To make money off the music, this was done. One hour of the channel was set aside to show country music videos, which were very popular then. The channel also tried to promote country music. Hip-hop music was big in the early 2000s.

Today, VH1 channel on FiOS focuses mostly on artists and genres from the urban music world. Like BET, there are shows about African-American people.

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What Channel is VH1 on Fios?

If you like pop culture and entertainment shows, there are many ways to watch VH1 FiOS on Verizon Fios, and they all work on your TV. You can watch it live on TV, record it, or watch it on the go with all of the unique online streams that are out there. You can also watch it on your computer or smartphone.

FIOS has a channel guide that shows where the VH1 channel is on its TV:

Channel NameChannel Number
VH1 TV Channel (High Definition)717
VH1 TV Channel (Standard Definition)217

On Television What channel is VH1?

On Television From there, you can go to channel 217 or 717 to watch VH1 fios.

VH1 can be streamed on FIOS

One of the best things about having FIOS cable is that you can stream VH1 through the FIOS TV app. Users would never have to stress about not being able to watch their favorite show again because they will be able to stream while on the go.

Using DVR

If you can’t watch your VH1 show live or you want to watch it later, you can use the DVR option to record it. 

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How much does Verizon Fios cost?

People in your family will always have something to watch thanks to Verizon. Among other things, the Your Fios TV program offers you a recommended tv package of more than 125 channels, and it’s based on what you want.

More Fios TV, as well As most Fios TV plans, don’t let you personalize your TV show, but you’ll get 300 or 425 channels! That’s one of the most channels in the TV business.

For a reasonable price, you can get a TV plan, internet service, and a home phone line so that you get what you want. A single bill would be nice for everyone.

For how much do Verizon Fios TV’s plan prices run?

Verizon FiOS PlanPriceChannels
Fios TV Test Drive$70.00/mo425+
Your Fios TV$70.00/mo125+
More Fios TV$90.00/mo300+
The Most Fios TV$110.00/mo425+

Your Fios TV: You can pick 5 of your favorite channels from more than 200 and pay $70 a month for them. 

More Fios TV: For only $90, you can get 300 channels and watch them all. It costs $8 a month to get 100 HD hours or $18 a month to get 200 HD hours for the whole family.

Most Fios TV: Here’s a big deal now. No other TV provider gives you 425 channels for just $110 from the same company. Everybody in the family has something to watch.

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Where is Verizon Fios available?

This fiber-optic network covers only nine states. That means Verizon Fios will not be an option for anyone outside of the East Coast.

Check whether Fios is available in your area if you reside in one of the following states:

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC

FAQs about VH1 on FiOS TV

  1. How do I add channels to Fios?

    Here’s how to do it:
    1. Press the Menu button on your Fios remote to get to the main menu.
    2. Go to Settings, then System and Favorite Channels to choose your favorite channels.
    3. Then, choose Favorite 1 or Favorite 2. Then, Add or Remove.
    Make sure you follow the instructions to finish setting up a favorite list.

  2. What is Fios Stream TV?

    Fios Stream TV is a device that lets you watch videos over your Wi-Fi. It lets you watch exclusive Verizon content and the most popular video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube TV, and Disney+. Visit the Stream TV page to learn about all the features you can use.

Final Thoughts

Fiber-optic TV is worth it if you want a great deal on many channels for your household. You wouldn’t have to sign a long-term contract to get TV service, and the fees aren’t that bad. To watch VH1 on Fios TV, you must live from one of the states where this service is available.

Still, these days, VH1 is the heart of popular culture. This is by far the most popular TV channel for pop culture enthusiasts. If you like reality shows, this is the best one for you. Now, all you have to do is turn on your Fios TV and watch VH1 on Verizon.

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