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What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV? Channel Guide 2024

Digging through many poor TV services that don’t seem to fit your needs can be very frustrating. There are over 400 cable providers, so it’s not easy to find a TV service that meets your needs to watch movies and TV shows.

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?

However, Americans have DIRECTV, the country’s best satellite TV service so that you can enjoy a few minutes of peace‌. We also look for channels we can find and stream good movies or TV shows. There is no doubt about it: Peacock is one of the most popular choices for things like that.

The Peacock network is on DirecTV; if you ‌have cable, you might want to know more about it. Next, we’ll go over what you need to understand about the Peacock channel on DirecTV and some things you need to know.

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?

Peacock is not a channel on DirecTV. It is a streaming service that can be accessed through the DirecTV app. To watch Peacock on DirecTV, you will need to sign in to your Peacock account and then select the “DirecTV” option. You can then watch your favourite Peacock shows and movies on your TV.

Peacock is a streaming service from NBCUniversal that offers a variety of TV shows, movies, and original content. It is free with ads, or you can subscribe to Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month without ads.

If you are a DirecTV customer, you can add Peacock Premium to your account for $2.99 monthly. This is a special offer that is only available to DirecTV customers.

Even though Peacock is still a relatively young streaming service, it is quickly making a name for itself across various devices and platforms. Some countries, including the US, UK, and Ireland, can access it because of NBCUniversal’s dominance.

You can watch several originals and popular TV series on the service’s streaming platform. It also features a number of high-profile films and documentaries. In this case, the Peacock DirecTV Premium edition may be available to current Spectrum customers.

Peacock became a household name in the United States when the popular television show The Office began streaming on it. Many people love the show and signed up to watch it on the streaming service.

In addition, there are a few other excellent choices now. The modest but constant rise in the quality of the streaming site’s material has made it a viable choice.

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How to Get Peacock TV on DirecTV?

All other streaming services, DirecTV offers you the peacock application to download on smart devices like smartphones and Smart TV.

Follow these steps to get the peacock on DirecTV:

1) Log into your DIRECTV account.

2) Select Manage My TV Package.

3) Select TV.

4) Select Add on Peacock and agree to disclosures.

5) Search for the Peacock app on your DirecTV.

6) Click on the download button.

7) The Peacock app is now successfully installed on your DirecTV.

8) Now watch your favourite shows with DirecTV Peacock.

How to Get Peacock with DirecTV Stream?

1) Log into the DIRECTV STREAM account.

2) Select Manage My TV Package

3) Scroll down to Premium Networks and Select Peacock TV

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How to Get Peacock on Old TV?

But it can be frustrating; if you want to watch some of the great content on peacock tv and find that your tv cannot download this app. Maybe you have an older tv that can’t download any streaming apps, or your tv cannot connect to the internet.

To get this app, I will show you how to install it. The peacock tv will be able to work on any model tv of any year of tv. You have to have an HDMI port on your tv for the plugin.

Now the way to give your tv the ability to install peacock tv is to get a streaming device to plug into your tv.

I recommend getting a Roku stick or an Amazon Firestick; both media streaming players can download peacock tv. You would then use your Roku or Fire Stick. As your mainstreaming player, which bypasses the operating system on your TV, both devices plug into the HDMI port on your TV.

No matter how old or what model it is, I’ve had great luck with both of these streaming players, and I’ll put links below to where you can get one.

So long as you can stream your favorite shows and movies for free, Peacock could be worth the trip.

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How is Peacock Different from Peacock Premium?

To serve as a one-stop store for lovers of NBC dramas, sitcoms, and sports, Peacock’s plan includes many Universal Studios films and a substantial amount of original material.

Moreover, unlike many other new streaming services, Peacock is debuting as a free, ad-supported tier. Because of its license agreement expired in 2021, The Office’s new streaming home is a major deal. Peacock has two versions: the TV Free version and the Premium version.

Television Free is an advertising-supported, limited version of the network’s TV network. You receive around half the stuff you get with Peacock Premium since it is free in many respects. Despite this, there is a price associated with accessing the network’s extensive programming collection, including original programming, old NBC series and movies, and more.

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Peacock Plans & Pricing

People can join the Peacock in three ways:

peacock on directv
Peacock Premium Pricing

1) Peacock TV is free of charge: This lets people see at least 40,000+ hours of content and enjoy 50+ always-on channels. This app lets you watch live sports for free, but you might not be allowed to see live sports like Sunday night football or the Premier League with it. You can create a new free peacock account form here.

2) Premium with ADs: you can get Peacock Premium with no ads for $4.99 monthly or $50 for a whole year. Full access to Peacock’s content: about 60,000+ hours of movies, TV shows, and live sports can be found on this service. However, there are commercial breaks in it.

3) Premium Plus: You can get Peacock Premium Plus for free for a year or $9.99 monthly. Paid consumers will always get complete access to Peacock with no ads when they choose this plan.

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How Can You Upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus?

It’s as simple as signing into your account, selecting “Plans and Payments,” and selecting an already updated plan to upgrade from a Peacock Premium Plan to a Peacock Premium Plus. If you’re looking for the best material available, Peacock Premium Plus is the best option for your needs.

Peacock Premium Plus costs $9.99 a month or $100 a year, depending on how long you want to keep it. Instead of a monthly payment, a yearly plan often offers more savings. For just $49,99, you can get a full year of Peacock Premium and save $10. Conversely, paying $99.99 a year for a Peacock Premium Plus subscription will save at least $20.

Since the summer of 2021, both Premium levels no longer feature a 7-day free trial, unlike previously. It’s also possible to unsubscribe and continue watching Peacock’s normally free content.

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Best Shows to watch on Peacock TV

We’ve put together three of the best TV shows you can watch right now on Peacock. 

1. Battlestar Galactica 

Battlestar Galactica is a brilliant, suspenseful, and surprisingly relatable sci-fi story. It is full of religious allusions, political commentary, and human psychology. Many shows can’t match Battlestar’s level of satisfying plot twists and gut-wrenching cliffhangers while still being true to real people. 

2. 30 Rock

It is a wacky, fast-paced satire with jokes that are as funny now as they were when it first aired in 2006. A prudish know-it-all, Tina Fey plays Liz Lemon on The Girlie Show, a satirical spoof of Saturday Night Live. Liz is the show’s chief writer.

3. The Office

The Office, which popularised the mockumentary in the United States, will never go out of vogue. It was the most streamed program on all platforms in 2020, 7 years after the last episode aired. For people that love The Office, this isn’t a surprise.

Is Peacock Free With Directv?

DIRECTV STREAM users can now add a Peacock Premium membership to their account for $2.99 (retail $4.99/mo). Peacock Premium customers who sign up for DIRECTV will get the new $2.99 monthly pricing in the coming weeks.

In addition to savings, users will receive one simplified monthly payment with the subscription and any additional DIRECTV purchases merged.

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How do you get Peacock Channel on DirecTV?

To get the Peacock channel on Directv, Buy an Amazon Fire stick or Roku stick to get Peacock on direct tv. And then install it on your TV or monitor. Then Download the Peacock APP from the Play Store and login into your Peacock TV account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the peacock channel on DirecTV?

Peacock Originals are not included with the streaming option provided by DIRECTV STREAM.

Can you sign into Peacock with DirecTV?

Yes. However, since Peacock is a streaming service, it is not required to have a DirecTV subscription.

 How do I download Peacock Videos?

Some Premium Plus videos can be downloaded to our mobile or tablet apps. This means you’ll see a download icon next to the content if the show or movie can be saved. If you want to see the content you’ve already downloaded, click the Download icon next to the channels on the Trending screen.

How to access peacock on DirecTV?

DIRECTV STREAM customers can get Peacock streaming service at a discounted price of $2.99 (retail value $4.99). Log in to your DIRECTV account to get it now.

  1. Log into DIRECTV account.
  2. Select Manage My TV Package
  3. Select TV
  4. Select Add on Peacock and agree to disclosures
Does DirecTV Have Peacock?

You must buy Roku or Amazon Fire Stick to access the Peacock TV.


I hope this article will show you how to get Peacock on DirecTV and what channel it is on so you can watch it. However, there aren’t any specific channels for Peacock.

Just download the Peacock app from DirecTV’s App Store to access your favorite programs, movies, and NBC Originals on the Peacock channel. Remember that even while the TV-Free edition provides you with free material, there will still be a lot of advertisements coming up from time to time. Yet, in my opinion, the best option is to upgrade your existing subscription to Premium Plus.

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