What Channel is MeTV on Spectrum?

What Channel is MeTV on Spectrum?

Do you miss the good old days of TV? MeTV brings them back! Get ready for classic comedies, mysteries, westerns, and more. If you have Spectrum, finding MeTV is easy.

MeTV’s channel number on Spectrum varies by location and is sadly unavailable in some areas.

This channel is packed with shows you remember and love. Imagine watching “The Brady Bunch,” “I Love Lucy,” or “Perry Mason” all over again. MeTV makes it possible!

Don’t despair! Use our guide to locate MeTV on your Spectrum cable box quickly. We’ll help you get back to enjoying classic shows like “MAS*H” and “Gunsmoke” in no time.

Let’s get started – we’ll show you exactly how to find MeTV on your Spectrum guide.

MeTV Spectrum Channel List

Spectrum Metv Channel ListChannel Number
Available Location
Anaheim27, 1237
Birmingham178, 365
Corpus Christi1240
Dallas217, 692
San Antonio81, 1240
Long Beach23, 723
Los Angeles27, 1237
San Diego1233
Kansas City1240
New York33, 1239
Buffalo5, 1230

MeTV on Spectrum In California and North Carolina

MeTV is readily available to Spectrum subscribers in both California and North Carolina. In major California cities like Los Angeles and Anaheim, you can find MeTV on channels 27 and 1237.

San Diego and Bakersfield residents can tune in on channel 1233. While channel numbers may vary slightly across the state, Spectrum makes it easy to find your favorite classic TV shows.

In North Carolina, MeTV is broadcast on channel 1250 in the Raleigh and Durham areas. Charlotte viewers can enjoy MeTV on channel 1260.

Spectrum Metv Channels In New York and Ohio

Finding MeTV on Spectrum varies by location, even within states like New York and Ohio. In New York City, MeTV is available on Spectrum channels 33 and 1239.

Albany viewers can find it on channel 1245; in Buffalo, it’s on channels 5 and 1230. Unfortunately, MeTV may be unavailable on Spectrum in certain cities like Cleveland.

Ohio residents seeking MeTV should check with their cable provider in Columbus (Spectrum channel 187) or Cincinnati (Spectrum channel 993).

Where to Watch MeTV in Texas and Alabama

MeTV is a popular choice for retro TV fans, and its availability varies by location. In Texas, Corpus Christi and San Antonio residents can find MeTV on Spectrum channel 1240.

San Antonio viewers also have the option of channel 81. Austinites can tune in on channel 150. Dallas residents have two choices: channels 217 and 692.

Alabama viewers aren’t left out! Find MeTV on channel 194 in Montgomery or channels 178 and 365 in Birmingham.

MeTV Availability Across Various Cities

MeTV’s channel placement varies depending on your location and cable provider. While the network is unavailable on Spectrum in Lexington, Kentucky, you can find it on channel 188 in Louisville.

Reno, Nevada Spectrum customers can tune in to MeTV on channel 186. Unfortunately, MeTV doesn’t currently appear on Indianapolis television guides.

However, Milwaukee residents can enjoy their favorite classic shows on channel 19. Finally, in Kansas City, you’ll find MeTV on channel 1240.

Note: Channel listings are subject to change. To verify the most up-to-date MeTV availability in your area, visit the official MeTV website’s “Where to Watch” section: https://www.metv.com/wheretowatch/

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MeTV is available on Spectrum cable in many areas. To find out if you received it and the exact channel number, you’ll need to check your local Spectrum listings.

It depends on your specific Spectrum TV package. MeTV may be included in basic cable packages in some areas, while it might require a higher-tier subscription in others. Contact Spectrum customer service or check your package details online to confirm.

Yes! Here are a couple of options:

  • Streaming Services: Some live TV streaming services, like Frndly TV or Philo, may offer MeTV, depending on your location.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Antenna: If MeTV broadcasts an over-the-air signal in your area, you can purchase an antenna and tune into the channel for free.

There are a few possible reasons:

  • Location: MeTV might not be available on Spectrum in your area.
  • Subscription: Your Spectrum package might not include MeTV.
  • Technical Issues: Try restarting your cable box or contacting Spectrum customer service for troubleshooting.


MeTV on Spectrum delivers a blast from the past straight to your TV screen. If you love reliving the best of classic television, Spectrum makes it easy. You’ll find iconic shows, hilarious comedies, and thrilling adventures – all at your fingertips. Forget endless scrolling through streaming services; MeTV on Spectrum is your one-stop shop for the shows you grew up with.