What Channel Is USA Network On Spectrum? TV Guide 2024

What Channel Is USA Network On Spectrum? TV Guide 2023

USA Network is a cable television network that is available on Spectrum, a cable television provider. It offers a variety of programming, including dramas, comedies, and reality shows. Some of its popular shows include “Suits”, “The Blacklist,” and “Manifest.”

You can watch USA Network on Spectrum channel 101. You can also watch it on demand with Spectrum On Demand.

If you are a USA Network show fan, you can easily watch them on Spectrum. With its wide range of programming and convenient features, Spectrum is the perfect way to watch USA Network.

What Channel Is USA on Spectrum?

The USA Network is available on channel 101 in most areas. However, the channel number may vary depending on your location. You can check the Spectrum USA Channel lineup in the list below:

Los Angeles58, 101San Diego34, 101
Anaheim67, 101Long Beach60, 760
Bakersfield34, 202, 1202Reno56, 756
Corpus Christi47, 101San Antonio31, 101
Austin66, 101El Paso38, 101
Dallas61, 761Birmingham25, 139, 1139
Montgomery23, 782Lexington26, 106, 938
Louisville33, 106, 938Durham25, 101
Charlotte28, 101Raleigh25, 101
Indianapolis39, 139, 1139Milwaukee34, 201, 1201
Kansas City39, 101Columbus5, 106, 938
Cincinnati33, 201, 1201Cleveland60, 201, 1201
New York16, 101Albany28, 101
Buffalo55, 101

USA Channel on Spectrum (NC/KC)

Spectrum TV subscribers in North Carolina can watch the USA Network on channel 101. In Durham and Raleigh, you can also watch it on channel 25. And in Charlotte, the channel number is 28.

In Kentucky, the USA Network can be found on channels 106 and 938. In Lexington, you can also watch it on channel 26. And in Louisville, the channel number is 33.

Spectrum TV customers in Kansas City can watch the USA Network on channels 39 and 101. And in Milwaukee, the channel numbers are 34, 201, and 1201.

USA Network on Spectrum (TX/NY)

The USA Network is on Spectrum Channel 101 for most of Texas, except for Dallas, which is on Channels 61 and 761.

In Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso, you can watch the USA Network on Channels 47, 31, 66, and 38, respectively.

In New York, the USA Network is on Channel 101, and in Manhattan, it is on Channel 16.

In Albany, it is on Channel 28, and in Buffalo, it is on Channel 55.

California Spectrum USA Channel

Most Spectrum subscribers in California can watch the USA Network on channel 101.

In Los Angeles, the channel number is 58; in San Diego, it is 34; and in Anaheim, it is 67.

Long Beach and Bakersfield have different channel numbers for the USA Network. In Long Beach, it is on channels 60 and 760. In Bakersfield, it is on channels 34, 202, and 1202.

Other Places To Watch USA Network

Spectrum customers in Ohio can watch the USA Network on channel 201 or 1201 in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

In addition to these two channels, USA Network can also be found on channel 33 in Cincinnati and channel 60 in Cleveland.

For Spectrum customers in Columbia, Ohio, the channels to watch are 5, 106, and 938.

Here are some other cities where Spectrum customers can watch the USA Network:

  • Reno: Channels 56 and 756
  • Indianapolis: Channels 39, 139, and 1139
  • Birmingham: Channels 25, 139, and 1139
  • Montgomery: Channels 23 and 782

Please note that these channel numbers may vary depending on your location and the Spectrum package you subscribe to. You can always contact Spectrum customer service to confirm the channel number for the USA Network in your area.