What channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum? (Answered)

ESPN is known to be one of the most beloved sports TV channels. No matter which type of sports you want to watch, you can find it on the ESPN channel. It is one of the oldest sports channels and you probably grew up watching all kinds of football and basketball matches on ESPN.

There are several ESPN channels nowadays, including ESPN2 and ESPN3. However, you may have heard about ESPN Plus, which is a new edition to the ESPN family. 

If you are a Spectrum TV subscriber and you are wondering what channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum, keep reading below to find out.

What is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is a new online video streaming platform that is owned by Disney, partnering with ESPN.1 It is not like a traditional cable TV network service, instead, it is like an online streaming service. Think of it as Netflix or Amazon Prime. To avail of ESPN Plus, you have to get a monthly or yearly subscription and watch all types of new and exciting sports content whenever you wish.

ESPN Plus service is available on the ESPN or ESPN+ app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also access it through the ESPN website. 

How is ESPN Plus different from ESPN?

The TV channel ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 are all conventional cable network that airs different kinds of sport-themed content, whether it is highlights, TV shows, or sports news. Everything sports-related is available on ESPN.

ESPN Plus is an even more integrated part of ESPN, as it offers sports shows and content related to that of the original ESPN. not only can you watch MLB, MLS, and NHL live matches, but there are new original shows and documentaries that are exclusive to the ESPN Plus platform

Unfortunately, you cannot watch the ESPN channel content with an ESPN Plus subscription. They also do not offer NFL and NBA live matches. However, you can watch original documentaries and shows such as “30 for 30” or “NFL Primetime”.

What channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum?

What channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum?
ESPN Plus on Spectrum

Spectrum is an American telecommunications company that provides internet, TV, and mobile phone packages to a wide variety of states in America. You can watch all sorts of cable TV channels as well as enjoy a high-speed internet connection using Spectrum.

There is no channel for ESPN Plus on Spectrum, mainly because ESPN Plus is not a cable network. ESPN Plus is an online video streaming service, that you need to access online, either through a mobile app or by visiting their website online.

Spectrum TV provides the main ESPN channel, where you can watch different types of sports shows, matches, highlights, and sports news. However, you cannot access ESPN Plus on Spectrum on Spectrum TV App.

How can I get ESPN Plus?

As ESPN Plus is available online, the best way for you to get an ESPN Plus subscription is through their app. You can either download the ESPN app or the ESPN Plus app from the app store. The app is available virtually on many platforms such as smartphones, tablets, Roku TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, and Chromecast. You can also subscribe by visiting the ESPN+ website and creating an account.

Once downloaded, you can purchase their basic plan subscription to enjoy all the ESPN Plus original content.

How much does ESPN Plus cost?

What channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum?

ESPN Plus offers a basic plan package for $6.99 a month or a yearly subscription of $69.99 per year. You can save up to $14 a year by opting for the 12-month plan.

Since Disney owns ESPN Plus, they have allowed for a special package, where you can subscribe to ESPN Plus, Hulu, and Disney Plus subscription for only $14 per month. This is a great opportunity to watch sports and other Disney TV shows and movies, all at once.

How to watch ESPN Plus on Spectrum?

We have tackled the question, of what channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum, which is that there is no channel for ESPN Plus on Spectrum TV. however, there is a way where you can watch ESPN Plus using your Spectrum cable.

  • First, you have to download the ESPN app on your smartphone or visit the ESPN+ website.
  • Create an account, and subscribe to the basic plan package.
  • Once you have been subscribed you have to authorize Spectrum to use the subscription. In order to do so, enter your Spectrum credentials, your username, and your password.
  • Connect your phone to your TV, and watch the ESPN Plus network using your phone. Since ESPN Plus is not available on the Spectrum TV app yet, so you cannot directly watch ESPN Plus on Spectrum.

What can you watch on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus offers a wide variety of sports-related content and original shows. It is mostly focused on airing live matches of the MLB, MLS, and NHL during the season, but you can also watch highlights and replays of other games such as NHL and BHL leagues as well. Any type of sports you want to watch, for example, tennis, cricket, WWE, MMA, golf, everything can be found on one platform.

Some of the most remarkable shows on ESPN Plus include:

  1. 30 for 30 docuseries
  2. NBA: The Jump
  3. Ariel and the Bad Guy
  4. Lacrosse Weekly
  5. Daily Wager

Frequently asked questions

How to get ESPN+ on Spectrum?

You cannot get ESPN+ on Spectrum. You can subscribe to ESPN+ using their mobile app or their website. You can also look out for pay-per-view matches or shows on the ESPN+ platform that you can purchase to watch on Spectrum.

Does Spectrum have ESPN+?

No, you cannot watch ESPN+ on Spectrum, since it is an online network and therefore you have to subscribe to it. Spectrum has other ESPN channels where you can watch all kinds of sports-related content.


ESPN is a relatively new contender to the online video streaming family. It can be described as the Netflix of sports videos. Since it is an online service, there is no channel for ESPN Plus on Spectrum TV. however, you can download the app on your phone and connect the phone with your Spectrum TV to enjoy the new and exclusive sports shows.

ESPN Plus is worth subscribing to for only $7 per month as you can watch original shows and live NHL matches using ESPN Plus. If you are a Spectrum user, you can also watch the other ESPN cable tv channels so you don’t miss anything.

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