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What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum? TV Channels 2024

If you look at the channels that people usually watch, you’ll see that there are a lot of different types of people. Some of them are mostly sports channels. You can watch all kinds of sports on one channel. FS1 (Fox Sports 1) is the name of it.

You can be sure that Spectrum TV has a well-chosen channel lineup, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy a good TV show or movie. Simply decide which channel number FOX Sports 1 will be on and you’ll be all set. Even so, it can be a little difficult to figure out how many channels there are in different parts of the world.

But, don’t worry. We’re here just to help you figure out this problem and make sure users can watch your favorite show without having to find it.

What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum?

What is FS1 on Spectrum?

FS1 was the first broadcast in 2013,1 and it has since become the go-to station for sports enthusiasts everywhere.

It has all the sports you could want. It shows live sporting events from all over the world, as well as college sports, MLB, UFC mixed martial arts, Formula E, NASCAR, ARCA, and IMSA. That’s not all.

For example, it keeps you up to date on all the gossip that goes on between coaches and players. You’re sure to hear it first on FS1 if there is a big change in their lives. What’s more, there are a lot of talk shows on FS1 that go into great detail about the playoffs. This makes sports coverage even better.

If you are interested in sports more than anything, check out DirecTV TLC Channel.

What channel is FS1 on Spectrum?

Whether you like soccer, boxing, golf, baseball, or even WWE, Fox Sports 1 Spectrum channel will keep you up to speed on all of these sports and more. These are die-hard fans who never get sick of watching this channel.

Good news for Spectrum customers: FS1 is included in select, silver, and gold plans. If FS1 isn’t available on your television, and you’d like to watch a sporting event or a program on sports news and chat, try another channel. Because you only need to know which Spectrum channel number FS1 is on in your state or city to enjoy it, you won’t have any trouble.

Use the table below to find the FS1 channel number on Spectrum.

Channel NameNorth CarolinaMaineFloridaNew YorkCalifornia
FS136/ 400 HD923240095

How much does Spectrum TV cost?

Spectrum TV won’t break your budget, and you’ll get a good number of channels with each of the three plans. You just have to pick the channels that are the most important to you, then.

When you buy TV Silver, you’ll get HBO, HBO Max, and SHOWTIME with your package.

With TV Gold, you can watch HBO and more. You can also watch Showtime, Starz, and EPIX.

We should tell you that these prices are only for the first year of your service. It’s not clear how much your monthly bill will be after the first year.

PlanPriceTV channel countTV service type
Spectrum TV® Select$49.99/mo. for 12 months.*125+Cable
Spectrum TV® Silver$99.99/mo. for 12 months.*175+Cable
Spectrum TV® Gold$99.99/mo. for 12 month.*200+Cable

You can get Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV at the same time, and you only have to pay one bill for both. A 200 Mbps download speed for your home will cost you an extra $50 per month.

Also, take a look at Charter Internet Outage for watching sports around the world.

FS1 Shows That Make It All Worth It

Surely, any sports fan would be interested in such information as they watched the game unfold. There are so many shows on FS1, you won’t be bored. This is a list of the most popular things people want to see in FS1 on Spectrum.

TMZ Sports

As a TV show, TMZ is for people who don’t have time for the gossip mill. Among the things that people talk about are things about the sports stars that you like and admire. Isn’t it nice to know what is going on in their lives? Anyone who wants to talk about LeBron James or Michael Jordan, we’re here for it.

First Things First

First Things First is all about sports. People talk about the day’s top stories as well as debate what’s making the news on First Things First every day. A show format gives us your point of view. We’ve come to love this format because it’s so interesting. A well-known sports personality is in charge of the show, and Jenna Wolfe, who has worked in broadcasting for a long time, co-hosts it with him.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

FS1 has a lot of different show formats, and each one is fun. If you host a radio show with Colin Cowherd, it can be the best ever. Morning shows are wonderful, gossip shows even better, and gossip shows are even better. Every day, the FOX Sports Radio show with Colin Cowherd is aired on FS1, and it contains Cowherd’s often controversial, but always forthright, opinion on the latest events in sports and beyond.

WWE Backstage

WWE Backstage is a professional wrestling studio show that started airing live every Tuesday night. It tells you about what happens behind the scenes, the hottest news, and the most interesting stories that are going on in the WWE world. 

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

The daily two-and-a-half-hour series gets you into a spirited discussion with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, and Jenny Taft, along with a few other people. The pair’s sharp wit and honest opinions on major sports topics are sure to get you hooked.

Also, look out for LMN on Spectrum if watching movies is a must for you.

FAQs About Fox Sports 1 Channel on Spectrum

Does the spectrum carry FX?

Spectrum on Demand lets you watch FX’s lineup of hit dramas, hilarious comedies, and big movies whenever you want.

Are Fox and FX the same?

FX is a brand name used by a lot of different TV channels around the world that are owned by Fox Networks Group, which is a part of The Walt Disney Company. FX was first started in the United States as a standard premium cable TV channel. Since then, it has grown to become a popular channel all over the world.

What channel is FS1 on the spectrum in California?

FS1 on the spectrum in California is at channel 95.

What channel is FS1 on Spectrum in NC?

FS1 on the spectrum in North Carolina is at channel no 36 or 400 with HD streaming.

What channel is FS1 on Spectrum in Ohio?

The FS1 channel no is 122 on Spectrum in Ohio state.

Parting words

There are several reasons why FS1 is regarded to be one of the top sports networks around. It has news, events, discussions, analysis, and other programs about sports on one platform. It covers a lot of different sports.

When you finally get your hands on the FS1 on Spectrum, it will get easy for you to watch a wide range of sporting events, as well as the news and discussion that surrounds them – all on one platform.

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