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What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum? Channel Guide 2024

What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum? Channel Guide 2024

Lifetime is a well-known channel in the U.S. When people sign up for a TV plan, people in the U.S. often check to see if their favorite Lifetime is on the list of channels. And many people can decide whether or not to go, and that’s a good thing. If you look at Lifetime, you can see how the entertainment industry is now more supportive of women’s issues.

So, do you want to know what channel is Lifetime on Spectrum tv? We can’t stress enough that you came to the right place. Then, let’s find out.

A Little About Lifetime Channel

Since its inception in 1984, the network has seen an eventful journey in the world of television entertainment. Women’s programming and shows with female leads have always been a priority for Lifetime. To be honest, the channel didn’t start getting credit for “losing its low-rent image” until the mid-1990s.

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Instead of portraying strong female protagonists in solo roles, Lifetime’s programming began to focus on the husbands and partners of the channel’s female viewers in the 1990s. There was a little amount of female sports coverage on the channel. In addition, it deepened its ties with a number of women’s groups, resulting in public service announcements regarding women’s problems including breast cancer awareness.

Since it has stood up to Hollywood’s long-buried misogynistic practices, Lifetime (LMN TV) has become enormously popular with women in that demographic.

What does Lifetime Real Women have to Offer on Spectrum?

When it comes to Lifetime Real Women, most folks have no idea what they’re getting into. Although it was initially intended to compete with Oxygen TV as well as WE TV, it is a complementary channel. Game shows, how-to information, drama and comedy, and reality programs will keep you engrossed in what’s on the channel.

Because the channel is only available in SD, some cable providers have used this as an excuse not to include that in their channel lineups—and because the channel is a Lifetime offshoot with no original content, which is also made to weigh against its distribution by certain cable TV companies.

What Channel is Lifetime Movie Network on Spectrum?

Lifetime Movies, or simply LMN, is another name for the Lifetime Movie Network. A&E owns the American cable channel. Various genres and new and old albums are available on LMN, making it a popular option for many American families.

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The number of subscribers to a cable package that excludes movie channels such as LMN is often low. LMN’s enormous popularity may be attributed in part to the fact that it largely appeals to a female demographic. As a result of its well-written stories with strong female heroines, it has amassed a wide national audience.

Which Plans Offer Lifetime on Spectrum?

The first thing new customers often have trouble with is finding a station on their new TV service list. It takes a long time to go through the channels to find one. You also risk not finding the channel you want and repeatedly starting the search process.

Because Lifetime is so important to so many American women, Spectrum TV ensures that no matter which package you choose, you can access Lifetime’s programming. Whether you have Spectrum Gold, Spectrum Silver, or Spectrum Select doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to watch Lifetime with the comfort Spectrum brings to your TV watching.

However, to view Lifetime Real Women’s programming, you must at least subscribe to their silver package. Lifetime Movie Network is the same way (LMN). However, considering the value of Spectrum’s TV package, you can be guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed.

Many people don’t know what Lifetime covers are since they offer you a little bit of everything. Oxygen TV and WE TV are direct competitors. Therefore, it’s more of a complementary channel now. The channel offers a wide variety of programming, from game programs to how-to videos to drama and comedy specials, as well as a slew of compelling reality series.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum?

You’ll be able to stay up to date on your favorite programs if you find and remember the channel number. Lifetime’s Spectrum TV channel number has been found for your comfort.

City/StateChannel Number
Knoxville, Tennessee96/864
Los Angeles, California630
Carson City, Nevada59/731
Sheboygan, Wisconsin79/638
Allendale, Michigan44/812
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey79
El Paso, Texas77
Avon, Indiana89
Great Falls, Montana90/590
Orlando, Florida55
Athens, Georgia87/864
Wapato, Washington85/864
Lincoln, Nebraska53
St Louis, Missouri67/864
Albertville, Alabama90/864
Staten Island, New York80
Dayton, Ohio61
Alexandria, Kentucky87
Belleville, Illinois67/864
Jacksonville, North Carolina37
Greenville, South Carolina168/750
Grand Junction, Colorado90/590
Bristol, Virginia96/864

New cable subscriptions are always fascinating. In addition to your favorite channels, you’ll be able to find new ones to discover.

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The availability of Lifetime Real Women channels varies by region. The only way to know for sure whether that channel is accessible in your area is to reach out to Spectrum Customer Service and ask them. You’ll be able to get answers to your problems quickly thanks to their round-the-clock help.

What to Watch on Lifetime on Spectrum?

Channels like Lifetime have been making great shows for women for a long time now. You’re going to add a lot of new shows to your list of things you like to watch in one sitting. Here are the things you want to see on Lifetime:

1. Bring It!

New reality program Bring It on Lifetime TV channel. Focuses on a dance team and their performances. The ‘Dancing Dolls’, a dance company led by Coach Dianna Williams, compete against other groups in Jackson, Mississippi, to be crowned the best. You get a taste of competition dancing by seeing some of the best routines in the world.

2. Child Genius

It’s a reality competition show based in the United States on Spectrum Lifetime Channel. Twenty youngsters from throughout the nation are featured in the presentation. Their goal is to win a $100,000 college scholarship and the honor of being called a “child genius.

This group of students is subjected to a series of tests designed to gauge their mastery in a variety of subject areas, such as geography, arithmetic, spelling, anatomy, astronomy, current events, and vocabulary. This program is sure to broaden your horizons.

3. Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces has become a household name in the world of home renovation shows. Many people are obsessed with all things relating to interior design. Sure, we’ll use the IKEA catalog to design our own rooms, but it doesn’t take away from the novelty of the experience. It’s also calming to the eyes to look at something lovely. Having a reality program devoted just to this is no surprise. This presentation demonstrates the skills of great decorators and craftspeople, allowing you to take inspiration from their work and apply it to your own house.

4. American Princess

Jamie Denbo developed the American comedy-drama series, American Princess. A glimpse into what happened when a bride-to-be realized that her fiance was having an affair may be seen here. In the midst of her wanderings, Amanda stumbled into a Renaissance fair. She is stranded without a phone and unable to find her way back to her house. She ended up at an unexpected location. After a brief waking, she made up her decision to attend the fair. After that, everything changed for her.

5. Unreal

This is yet another high-octane reality program lifetime channel spectrum. It’s one of those programs where the drama takes place behind the scenes rather than in front of it. It goes like this: the executive producer instructs her team to gather compelling visuals for her program. In order to make it to the show’s finale, their producer Rachel is forced to influence the candidates. During filming, the show’s cast and crew members are grappling with their own personal relationships. Spectrum Double Play’s Lifetime option is a must if you’re like drama.

6. Dance Moms

Dance Moms premiered on Spectrum Lifetime on July 13, 2011, as an American reality tv show. The show is about Abby Lee Miller who is a dance instructor who works with children ages 6 to 14. Dance contests are arranged for the candidates. The show’s popularity may be attributed to the friction and drama between Coach Miller and the mothers. Observing the girls’ growth and development as dancers are equally fascinating. Miller is stern, but she’s a tremendous motivator for the girls, helping them achieve their full potential and pursue their passion for dancing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I access Lifetime Movie Network on Spectrum?

Spectrum Cable TV has a channel called LMN that you can watch. This has become the main way that most American women get their stories.

How can I contact Spectrum for the Lifetime subscription?

To get in touch with them, their hotline number is 1-855-223-0918. 1-844-487-210 is the phone number for Spectrum’s customer service for people who speak Spanish.

Where can I get the Lifetime Channel?

On Hulu, DIRECTV STREAM, and Sling TV you can watch Lifetime. You can also watch Lifetime on Vidgo, Vidgo, DIRECTV Stream, and more. It’s a shame that YouTube TV as well as FuboTV don’t show the Lifetime Channel. Lifetime is the same channel you’d see on cable TV when you watch it on these streaming platforms.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum in North Carolina?

The Lifetime channel is number 37 on Spectrum in North Carolina.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum in Ohio?

The Lifetime channel is number 61 on Spectrum in Ohio.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum in California?

The Lifetime channel is number 630 on Spectrum in Los Angeles, California.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum in Wisconsin?

The Lifetime channel is number 79 and 638 on Spectrum in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum tv in Texas?

The Lifetime channel is number 77 on Spectrum in El Paso, Texas.

Final Words

There are many educational, inspirational, and motivating reality series on Lifetime. As long as you have this channel on Spectrum, you can forget about getting bored. There aren’t many places where you can watch reality programs that cover such a wide range of topics.

So go ahead and turn on your television. Lifetime on Spectrum isn’t just for people in the United States. Some of the places where Lifetime is offered in the international edition are Canada and the United Kingdom, Israel, Africa, Australia, Turkey, and others. I hope you’ve learned What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum after this article.