What Channel is HBO on ATT Uverse? TV Guide 2024

People often ask- What channel is HBO on ATT Uverse? You might be from the same end.  Alright, this post will give you an overview of AT&T U-verse. Besides, you will learn to activate HBO Max with AT&T. Fair enough?

Okay, let’s go!

An Overview of AT&T U-verse

As a streaming service, AT&T U-verse is a top-notch service in the telecommunications industry. It can be an apt platform for those who seek more Video-On-Demand content and live TV channels.

Service Area and Ownership

Its services comprise Phone, Television, and Broadband Internet. DirecTV is the parent body of AT&T U-verse and the ownership belongs to AT&T and TPG Capital Corporation. 

How to Activate HBO on ATT Uverse?

What Channel is HBO on ATT Uverse? TV Guide 2024
HBO on ATT Uverse

What channel is HBO on Uverse is a common query. So let’s show you the processes to activate HBO Max with AT&T. You will learn to activate it from a tablet or phone, from a web browser, and from a streaming device.

Activating from An  Android®/Apple® phone or Tablet

  • Before all, download the HBO Max app and open it.
  • Play a show/movie or tap the person icon.
  • Tap Sign In.
  • Afterward, sign in through TV or mobile.
  • Tap “Allow” if you have an Apple iPhone® or iPad or TV service with AT&T.  
  • Go for AT&T to enter your AT&T ID along with the password.
  • Choose Sign In.
  • Are you singing for the first time? Then come up with an HBO Max profile.
  • Please note that per account you can make five profiles max. So finally select a profile to enjoy streaming!

Activating From a Web Browser:

  • Reach out to hbomax.com
  • Choose Sign In.
  • Then go for “sign in through TV or mobile provider”.
  • Select AT&T and input the AT&T user ID and password.
  • Again, choose Sign In.
  • Create an HBO Max profile of your own within a minute if you are signing in for the first time.
  • Then go for streaming.

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Activating from DIRECTV STREAM, Apple TV®, Smart TV, or a compatible streaming device

  • First of all, download the HBO Max app and open it.
  • Start playing a show or movie. And if you are new, choose Sign In. A six-digit code will appear on your screen. 
  • Now from the web browser you use, move up to hbomax.com/tvsignin.
  • When prompted, insert the six-digit code.
  • Select “Next”. 
  • Then select SIGN IN THROUGH TV OR MOBILE PROVIDER after reentering the app. 
  • Tap “Allow” if you are using  Apple TV  or having free HBO Max access with AT&T. Otherwise, tap “Don’t Allow”.
  • Insert your  AT&T user ID and password.  
  • Go for Sign In. On your DIRECTV STREAM, you will find HBO Max load.
  • Make an HBO Max profile of your own. 
  • You are done! It’s time to start streaming.

ATT Uverse Subscription Plans

AT&T U-verse has four subscription plans. Please move on to get them one by one!

AT&T U-verse TV U200AT&T U-verse TV U100AT&T U-verse TV U-family
This plan features 190+ live TV channels with a DVR. Let us have a look at its internet service costs:
=> $89/month for Elite
=> $79/month for Pro
=> $74/month for Express
In this plan, you will have 100+ live TV channels with a DVR. The internet service costs are as follows:
=> $74/month for Elite
=> $64/month for Pro
=> $59/month for Express
The family plan includes 50+ live TV channels with a DVR. You have to pay-
=> $74/month for Elite
=> $64/month for Pro
=> $59/month for Express

Is HBO free on ATT Uverse?

You can enjoy HBO MaxTM with different subscription plans such as U-verse TV U-family, U100, U200, U400, etc.

What channel is HBO on demand?

You have two options. The easiest one is to go to Channel 310 and click on the ‘’HBO On Demand’’ channel. On the other hand, you may go to the menu of HBO On Demand and do channel-wise browsing. Thus, you will find HBO On Demand.

Final Thoughts

HBO on ATT UVERS is simply amazing. It’s high time to embrace it. Have a good day!