How to Download & Install WYA TV On FireStick?

A tiny Amazon FireStick can fetch the whole world at your fingertip, as they say. Like other live TV channels, FireStick gives access to more than 500 HD channels through WYA TV. But how to install WYA TV on FireStick?

Well, it’s not like you just plugged in your FireStick and can play WYA TV on it. The process is somewhat convoluted but doable. There are specific steps to do the installation successfully.

Have you already tried to install WYA TV on FireStick but failed? Maybe you tried to do it wrongly. This article will inform you how to install and watch WYA TV on FireStick.

Why Watch WYA TV on FireStick?

As a subscription-based IPTV, WYA TV broadcasts more than 500 HD channels. WYA TV allows you to watch over 1000 movies, TV series, talk shows, news, and more. All these come at a budget-friendly price.

This allows you to cut hefty cable bills and enjoy a wide range of home entertainment without breaking the bank. However, watching WYA TV on FireStick is like the cherry on the cake. It can revolutionize home entertainment.

Unlike a cable or dish, it allows you to watch your favorite TV channels at a reasonable price. Thus, you can decide to cut the cord a lot easier. This plug-and-play technology gives access to a great deal of on-demand entertainment choices.

All in all, it ensures absolute fun and all-around entertainment for the whole family. To watch WYA TV on Amazon FireStick, you don’t need cancellation fees, activation fees, and long-term commitments.

All it takes is an Amazon FireStick streaming device and a valid subscription. You can watch almost any item you want when you get these two items. There are a few ways you can watch WYA TV on FireStick, which we’ll discuss below.

How to Install WYA TV on FireStick?

How to Download & Install WYA TV On FireStick?

Following the correct method can successfully install WYA TV on FireStick. Not to mention that you must have a valid subscription before you start watching WYA TV on FireStick. Buy a subscription from

If you have a subscription to WYA TV, you can watch it on FireStick. And you don’t have to worry about cable subscriptions to watch WYA TV on FireStick. You can enjoy WYA TV without having to pay a penny.

If you want to watch WYA TV on FireStick, you need the Nora Go app. It is available on FireStick. So, you can just download and enjoy watching WYA TV. But you also need another thing to watch WYA TV on FireStick, which is SoPlayer.

Why You Need SoPlayer to Stream WYA TV on FireStick? 

Nowadays, people are more interested in IPTV services than in buying video streaming devices. This is because IPTV services offer hundreds of live TV channels at an incredibly reasonable price.

WYA TV is an IPTV provider. To stream an IPTV provider on FireStick, you must need the correct IPTV player, such as SoPlayer. With this player, you can quickly load your favorite playlists.

How to Install SoPlayer on FireStick?

SoPlayer makes streaming live TV channels far easier. You can stream your favorite shows in different audio and video formats. However, SoPlayer doesn’t come with any content in it. 

You must integrate a dedicated IPTV service with the IPTV player to import its content. You need a valid login ID from the IPTV provider to integrate an IPTV service into the IPTV player. 

However, SoPlayer isn’t available on Amazon App Store. Hence, you cannot install it directly. Don’t worry; you can sideload the SoPlayer using the Downloader app. It isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Here is the step-by-step process to install SoPlayer.

Step 1: Sideload the SoPlayer

  • From the home screen, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Go to the “My Fire TV” or “Device & Software” option
  • Choose “Developer Options
  • Go to the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option and turn it on.

Now your FireStick is ready to install SoPlayer. 

Step 2: Download the Downloader App

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Tap on the Search bar and write “Downloader.”
  • Install the Downloader and return to the home screen to open the Downloader.
  • Go to “Settings” on the Downloader app.
  • Click on “Enable JavaScript.”
  • Type and click on “Go.”

Step 3: Sideloading the SoPlayer App on FireStick

Since you have Downloader installed in your FireStick, you can sideload SoPlayer on FireStick. The downloader won’t be available on the home screen. You need to access it from the Apps menu.

  • Launch the Downloader app
  • Click “Allow” to grant read and write permissions.
  • In the URL or Search Term box, type:
  • Click “Go” to install the latest SoPlayer APK file
  • Click “Install” to install the SoPlayer APK file
  • Once the installation is successfully done, delete the APK file
  • To launch the SoPlayer, navigate to “Your Apps & Channels” and tap on “See All.”

Now your SoPlayer is ready to play your favorite channels from WYA TV. 

How to Login SoPlayer on FireStick?

  • Launch the SoPlayer from the FireStick home screen
  • Select the PIN code option from the login screen
  • Enter the PIN code provided by the WYA TV provider
  • Tap on “Next” to log in to SoPlayer

How to Watch WYA TV on FireStick?

Here is the step-by-step guide to watching WYA TV on Amazon FireStick.

  • Navigate to the home screen of FireStick and tap on the Search bar.
  • Type “Nora Go” in the search bar.
  • Download and install the Nora Go app.
  • Launch the Nora Go app.
  • Input your username, password, and provider ID 455

This provider ID is provided by the SoPlayer. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite channels on WYA TV.

Final Words

And, voila – that’s how you can get WYA TV on FireStick. It may sound complicated. However, if you follow the steps consecutively, it will be a piece of cake for you. Now, you are all set to enjoy round-the-clock entertainment through WYA TV on FireStick.